Mark Warner visit for Ramadan | Selfie

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), center, posed for photos at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center in Sterling May 17.

Peace, equality and regulatory reform on craft beverages were among the topics faith leaders and business owners shared with U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) during his visit to Loudoun County last Friday.

Following a tour and remarks at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Mosque Center in Sterling – one of the largest mosques in the D.C. region – the senator met with leaders to discuss their concerns about war and relationships with international countries.

Warner joined faith leaders in celebrating Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam, and commended the center’s work in the community and engagement with social issues.

“It’s something we should all celebrate,” Warner said. “You are the face of Virginia, you are the face of America, and I’m proud to call you my fellow Americans. Let us make sure we continue to pray for peace, but continue to be sure that if we want that peace we have to vote and participate and have our voices heard.”

Warner said he is working to restrict graphic content and hate speech on social media platforms. “We need some levels of rules of the road that should say posting a video of massacre in New Zealand should not be revealed,” Warner said. “I don’t want to restrict some people’s rights, but there has to be some rules of the road on social media.”

ADAMS Government Affairs Committee Chair Robert Marro reflected, "I think people were really pleased that he is aware of what's going on, engaged, and he wants to reach out and talk about doing other things we can do to support his efforts and our efforts,"

Warner, during his second stop on the afternoon to Lost Rhino Brewing Company in Ashburn, discussed his effort to aid local craft brewers and distillers that are impacted by the trade war between the U.S. and international countries. President Donald Trump’s decision to hand down tariffs on aluminum and steel last summer has had a harmful impact on the industry, Warner said.

Trump last week lifted recently implemented tariffs on Canada and Mexico, while the U.S. and China continues to spar over economic policies.

Surrounded by local craft brewers and distillers at Lost Rhino, Warner listened to their worries about the economic impact of tariffs and taxes, and he asked for support of the Craft Modernization and Tax Reform Act, which aims to recalibrate federal excise taxes and streamline regulations on alcohol beverage producers.

Mark Warner visit for Ramadan | Craft Beverage Roundtable

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) met with business owners during a craft beverage roundtable focused on tariffs and regulatory reform May 17.

With remarks circulating about tariffs' impact on consumers, Virginia Distillers Association President Gareth H. Moore said he believes the impact is more on the business owners paying higher costs for equipment and raw materials.

“It’s hurting us,” Moore said. “It’s hurting the investment that we are making, the ability to hire more staff or to keep staff on—that’s who's really getting hurt.”

Lost Rhino Brewing Company Founder and CEO Matthew Hagerman added, “We’re just trying to get some certainty so it’s not so sporadic because that does affect our growth.”

Warner has introduced bipartisan legislation to overturn some of the president’s actions on tariffs, hoping to relieve business owners from the rising production costs. Virginia has more than 200 licensed breweries and 70 craft distillers that contribute more than $9.3. billion to the economy annually, according to officials.

"We need to be tough on China's unfair and illegal trade practices. But we need to work with our allies to do it," Warner said earlier this year. "Virginia consumers and industries like craft beer and agriculture are hurting because of the president's steel and aluminum tariffs. This [Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act] would roll them back."

Warner concluded his two-day tour with a visit to Herndon for a five-year anniversary celebration for Dr. Vernon C. Walton. Dr. Walton joined First Baptist Church of Vienna in 2014, becoming just the ninth senior pastor in the church's 146-year history.

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Mr. Warner, if you care about this country you would retire, if you care about VA you would move to Chicago, if you care about Loudoun you would stay away.


Was there a notification to the public about his visit??


"I don’t want to restrict some people’s rights, but there has to be some rules of the road on social media." That's fair. But it's not the *government's* job. Facebook gets to decide the rules for Facebook, and it's Facebook's job to enforce them however they want to.

Personally I err on the side of "more speech is better," even when it's so-called "hate speech." Poisonous, hateful ideologies just grow and fester when they're pushed into the shadows. Get them out in the light so we can see them, condemn them, and speak against them.

But that's just my opinion. It's up to Facebook, Twitter, etc. to decide how to run their platforms. They can allow as much or as little speech as they want. And if users don't like it, they can go to other systems, or create their own, with more or fewer restrictions. But no matter what happens, keep the government out of it. There is no "hate speech" exception to the First Amendment (except in some narrow cases, like incitement, that cause *direct* harms to others, not some nebulous emotion hurt).

As for Warner, yeah, this is pretty much just pandering. What a disappointment he has been. He was a good governor (and I say this as somebody who usually tilts toward the Republican side of the spectrum)...but he turned into a partisan hack when we sent him to Congress [sad].

More Cowbell

Over time, Warner has become one of those corrupt career politicians he originally claimed he wouldn't become. He backs criminals, illegals, terrorists, he knowingly lies about security information to the media about Trump. I liked him when he first ran as an outsider/business man but now he is ignores his constituents and backs the dems 100%.


Did anyone ask him about the 40M dollar witchhunt he was part of....this guy is a conspiracy nut and can't even see the crooked people he associates with...


What a hypocrite. When requested to stand up to the hate espoused within his own party by Omar, Tlaib and Cortez he purposely remained silent. When asked to speak out against the growing anti-semitism in his party he was silent. It is clear that he has no real moral compass and has become another one of the Democratic Party’s lemmings. A shame actually as he used to have a spine and was middle of the road.

Duncan Idaho

Trump has less of a moral compass and will cost the GOP dearly for years to come.


He was never middle of the road. He was always a hack and only looked out for his self interest. He is a. Obama/Clinton/Biden stooge.


Political waste. So disappointed in his lack of ethics and leadership..


Warner the hack. Out pandering to his base I see. Didnt say a word about the great Trump economy.

Duncan Idaho

Riding the coattails of the great Obama economy.


A bunch of hooey. Trump waved the magic wand that Obama spoke of and all of the manufacturing jobs are coming back. Forget about The stagnant Obama economy.


There's a face of Virginia? And of America?

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