Marcie Vadnais

Marcie Vadnais

Gun manufacturer SIG Sauer has settled a personal injury lawsuit with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office deputy who suffered serious injuries after, according to her, a SIG pistol discharged without the trigger being pulled. 

Marcie Vadnais, the sheriff's office deputy, filed the $10 million suit in federal court last year. She said the weapon discharged while she was removing it from her belt. Vadnais suffered a broken femur and major blood loss during the incident in February 2018.

Settlement details and monetary awards were not disclosed. The parties announced the agreement Thursday, according to New Hampshire Public Radio. The settlement came a day after jury selection and opening arguments, according to NHPR.

Vadnais has worked with the LCSO for more than seven years. She's still employed with the agency, working at an office position.

“I think it brings a sense of relief and closure for her,” Jeff Bagnell, Vadnais’s attorney, told NHPR. “No amount of money can fix what happened to her, unfortunately, that’s something you have to take into account.”


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Oh so the "Guns don't kill. People do" mantra was false and the "more guns=More accidents" was true. So now everyone is for gun control, right? Keep those dangerous self-discharging guns out of our community.


Just search google for "Sig p320 drop" and be amazed. There are tons of videos of this handgun discharging when it shouldn't.


Hopefully they’ll settle the other incident of this occurring. In Orange County Det. Jack Won was shot in the groin when his P320 discharged. So far there has been no statement from Det. Do dong Won.


What a silly and insensitive comment. This officer could have died. Best wishes that the officer has a full recovery and return to duty.


ðŸ‘well said


It’s always bad when anyone gets hurt, especially with a gun. I do wonder if in addition to firing minus a trigger pull if the gun also pointed itself in the direction of the officer? Just wondered..,


Sittingon15, what are you trying to start?When you remove a pistol from a hip holster where could it naturally point? Upper thigh. Where was she hit? Femur. "Just wondering..." 🤨 yeah right, you mean just wondering if she pointed it at herself? If you have some anti-gun agenda, just say it and stop putzing around.

John M

Mgolf- she didn't remove the gun from her holster, she says the gun fired while it was in the holster. She was also sitting in her car, trying to take off her gun belt when this happened. Is it wise to be sitting in your car, trying to take off your gun belt?


John M., removing her belt??? Sorry, article doesn’t say that.

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