Julie Sisson

Julie Sisson

Parent and education advocate Julie Sisson has declared a candidacy for the at-large seat on the Loudoun County School Board.

Sisson, a 22-year Leesburg resident and parent of an LCPS student and LCPS graduate, said in a statement that running for the School Board is a natural extension of the work she’s been doing for years.

During her tenure as a member of her homeowners association board, Sisson helped organize her neighbors to fight against the Tractebel Power Plant that was proposed to be built just east of Leesburg.

“That was the point where I first realized that everyday citizens really can have an impact on their communities. When my children started school, my focus naturally shifted to that arena,” Sisson said in a prepared statement.

Sisson volunteered in her children’s schools for more than 15 years. She has served as an officer of several boards, including president of the Cool Spring Elementary School PTA and Heritage High School Drama Boosters and as the long-time treasurer of the Heritage High Music Boosters. She was honored as Heritage High School’s 2017-18 Volunteer of the Year.

“If I have the time and talent to give, I always ask myself, ‘Why not me?’” she said

After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in accounting, Sisson spent nearly 20 years as a CPA. She feels her financial background will serve her well on the School Board. She said she knows how to analyze a budget, how to read an audit report and how to ask the right questions.

For the past 10 years, Sisson has helped manage her husband’s software services company, and she said she learned a lot about setting priorities and making tough decisions in running a small business. She said she will bring a balanced viewpoint to the School Board.

Sisson said Loudoun has become a leader in STEM programs, particularly with the opening of the new Academies of Loudoun, but liberal arts, fine arts and Monroe Advanced Technical Academy programs must also be preserved and supported.

“Not every child wants to be an engineer or scientist, and many parents whose children have other interests are feeling left behind,” Sisson said in a statement.

A musician herself, Sisson said she is a big supporter of fine arts.

“The band room was home to me when I was in school. I see that same feeling of belonging in today’s fine arts students,” Sisson said. “Everyone is accepted here. And I’ve witnessed firsthand how participating in fine arts can literally save a child.”

Sisson, who also serves on the Standing Residential Traffic Committee for the Town of Leesburg, said she is proud of her track record of service and her ability to work alongside her fellow citizens. 

Sisson lives in Leesburg with her husband of 23 years, John, and their son, Peyton, a junior at Heritage. Their daughter, Madelyn, is a sophomore at William & Mary.

Sisson will be running against challenger Kenya Savage and incumbent Beth Huck.

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Sisson is a CPA and long-time parent advocate. No brainer, got my vote!


The candidates are lining up to challenge Huck for the at-large seat, as they should. Huck's performance on the board, hasn't met expectations. Of the challengers, Sisson is the clear front-runner. She has the financial savvy that is lacking on the board, is a small business owner, volunteers in the community, and has been a staple at the schools for 20 years. She's got my vote!


Julie Sisson is an excellent choice for this position. She's a long time resident & came up through the school system herself. She's hard-working, has a history of volunteering & will be a good fit. We totally support her.


Sisson is definitely a move in the right direction.


FINALLY! A candidate we can all get behind. Sisson is hard-working, self-less, and has the common-sense, instincts, and experience to be a well-rounded advocate for us on the School Board. Her passion for our children, community, and schools are commendable - but adding her financial background to the mix - tells us that she won't take budget/expenditures lightly and sets her apart from every other candidate. I look forward to supporting Julie's campaign and having her as an advocate on our School Board.
Good Luck, Julie!


Sisson is a hardworking, rational thinking person who will be a great addition to the school board. She will be a strong advocate for children! She has my vote!


Ms. Sisson, I honor your volunteerism. This school board could certainly benefit from a ZERO BASED BUDGET PERSPECTIVE rather than the bubble up approval going on now. Although it is not a business there needs to be some challenge to levels of overhead, function of departments and operational metrics. Just saying we want more because the children need it is getting pretty absurd when millions are spent for turf fields which were never financially justified or that not all vendors who earn over $50k per year even have to bid for their contracts. Maybe you can get gymnastics into the curriculum instead of dodge ball and monthly bullying reports by school instead of hiring committees of consultants to find a few good stories to share with taxpayers.


This is why I worry about your continued attempts to get back in with the SB - you are out of touch with current times. Dodge ball has not been allowed in the schools in quite some time

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