Gillermo Herrera mugshot

Gillermo A. Herrera

A man was arrested in Sterling Tuesday evening in connection to multiple thefts from motor vehicles earlier this month, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

An LCSO deputy on patrol May 14 reportedly conducted a traffic stop on a person driving recklessly.

Inside the vehicle, the deputy located a number of items including credit cards, purses and sporting goods.

Authorities later applied for and served an arrest warrant, alleging the driver stole the items in a series of thefts from vehicles between May 8 and 10.

Gillermo A. Herrera, 23, of Sterling, was charged with multiple counts of larceny, entering a vehicle, credit card theft and credit card fraud.

As of Thursday afternoon, Herrera was being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on no bond.

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Give him a firm slap on the wrist and hopefully he can catchup to Mr. 4 DWI’s

More Cowbell

They spelled his name wrong(Guillermo), He has about 20 traffic violations along with other criminal acts in the last 5-6 years throughout Northern VA. The reason some of these criminals fall under police radar is they go by several different names.


No wonder he didn't get bond. What a creep.


That's ok, poor guy might get Corona, so the Governor will let him out. That way he can be safe while he commits more evil crimes. How is it that we are locked down and criminals are let out? Socialism and Communism, welcome ladies and gentlemen to the new Democrapic, party. VOTE VA RED for LIFE!!

Chris McHale

He found all that stuff and want just driving to return it to it's rightful owners


Another outstanding loudoun citizen...

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