Request for Investigation | Man coughs on protesters

A man wearing a Trump pool float around his waist was seen on video coughing on two protesters outside of Trump National Golf Course Nov. 21 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Sterling man charged with assault for blowing on two activists in November outside Trump National Golf Club in Sterling is settling his case by donating $3,000 to the NAACP Loudoun Branch.

Raymond Deskins, 61, of Sterling, provided the check through his attorney Monday to Michelle Thomas, president of the NAACP Loudoun Branch, Thomas said.

She thanked the two defendants in the case for suggesting the idea. The $3,000 will help provide scholarships to a graduating senior at each the 17 high schools in Loudoun.

“I’m grateful for them,” Thomas said. “Helping kids achieve their college dreams is a great way to respond to bad with good.”

Last November, video circulated on social media after Deskins, not wearing a mask, forcefully blew on two women outside the golf course at 20391 Lowes Island Blvd. He wore a then-President Donald Trump shirt and an inflatable pool tube bearing the president’s likeness around his waist.

According to authorities, law enforcement did not witness the incident and the video did not capture the whole interaction, so the LCSO conducted an investigation on the scene, during which both parties were advised to seek a citizen-obtained warrant from a Loudoun County magistrate.

Deputies later served a warrant to Deskins and charged him with misdemeanor assault, and he was later reportedly released on a summons.

“We had to do all the work ourselves. We had to be the victims of the crime. We had to be the law enforcers for the crime. It was it was pretty unpleasant,” said Kathy Beynette, who filed the complaint along with Patricia Razeghi.

The women, wearing masks, were protesting outside Trump National Golf Course two weeks after Joe Biden was elected president over Trump. During the incident, Deskins taunted the protesters, shaking his pool float and walking toward the women before taking a deep breath and blowing on them.

Faced with serving up to a year in jail and paying a $2,500 fine months later, Deskins accepted a recommendation by Beynette and Razeghi to make a donation to the NAACP Loudoun Branch for its scholarship fund.

Beynette and Razeghi said the process to get any justice has been challenging, but they are happy that this will benefit some graduating seniors. The two received support from four members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors requesting an investigation into the incident. Those members included Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) and Vice Chairman Koran Saines (D-Sterling) and supervisors Juli Briskman (D-Algonkian) and Mike Turner (D-Ashburn).

The two women currently have protective orders against Deskins.

“We were really up against it, and it took a lot to get this thing to go to court,” Razeghi said. “It took a lot of pushing, but we did it. So, we figured we got to make something good out of it.”

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Did you find it yet? I haven't! Being these fake sneezers made such a huge outrage display because Deskins exhaled on them you think any money would go into helping with Covid-19 relief but no!


If you have the same attorney Deskins had you better have some bank.

Where was the transparency? It was not wanted because it would of shown that this was shakedown for Thomas and the Race Baiters. These nasty people you are okay with attacking Deskins will be coming for you our yours soon enough as they are never content or truthful.


I find it regrettable that an article that clearly indicated a story to which there were undoubtebly two sides seemingly made no attempt to secure one, a sign of what passes for journalism these days.

Beynette and Razeghi were well known provocateurs “protesting” at Trump Golf Course events, not only in this instance, but throughout the Fall as well. While Tump supporters brought their children to see and cheer on a President of the United Sates, these women, along with others including Supervisor Juli Briskman renown for her “one finger salute”, boldly engaged in outrageous coarse, vulgar behavior. Whether chalk writing in the street, homemade signs, costumes, etc. no depravity was beneath them. It’s seems apparent that it was their instigation that precipitated this incident which would explain law enforcements reluctance to be involved in what was clearly an attempt at intimidation of Trump supporters. I understand Beyette is prohibited from the Trump Golf Course property due to previous egregious activism.

As a supporter of equality of law enforcement in Loudoun County I was shocked to see that a provoked misdemeanor was actually facing a year in jail and a fine of $2,500!!

Elections do have consequences. It explains how we have Juli Briskman, a woman barely able to hold any job for four years, now sitting on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors until 2024. We also now have Buta Biberaj, a defense attorney who never prosecuted a case, as our Soros funded Commonwealth Attorney!

While a $3,000 fine may have gone to a good cause, threat of a jail sentence for a misdemeanor while recently plea bargaining a murderer against his family wishes is an indication that law enforcement in Loudoun County is no longer fair and equitable.


Donate to the NAACP or we will try you in front of a black judge who was a former law partner of the commonwealth attorney, donate she said. Should of been 1 dollar!


We always knew what she is but now we know how much she charges.


Diversity for you but not for me says Thomas.

3, $1000.00 scholarships should of been spilt between Black, Asian and Hispanics communities but NO!

The Lowes Island resident who asked activistKathy to quit writing graffiti on the sidewalk and street who she hurled the f bomb at 5 times called the sheriff and she shut up!

She implies I am am Delguadio's brother in one of her spews on twitter, harmless unless you see she brings up the brother's past history with law enforcement, typical smear job and not very inventive.

There are good charities even though I believe Deskins was railroaded by a corrupt system, the money involved would have been spent wisely if it was any other recipient.

Notice there was no press coverage until this was decided the transparency or lack thereof is telling.

Buta was going to try a misdemeanor assault case oh well at least she was going to prosecute someone.


Go to their respective websites and see which activist has the mental disorder. Deskins is on Facebook and Kathy is on twitter. Ray was going to meet a man across the street from where we were because I said I wanted to meet him because of the way he handled Kathy filming him in close enough proximity that he used his Trump hat to shoo her away. Ray was screeched at unmercifully by Beynette and friend before he reacted. She suffered no pain and would not of been able to visit her mother over Thanksgiving because of Covid 19 restrictions, faux outrage by her and the public. Speaking of outrage why are Board of Supervisors taking sides, why is the commonwealth attorney trying of all cases a misdemeanor assault charge in front of judge who was her former law partner. Speaking of fishy neither of the women is black so how did they chose their charity? Race baiter extraordinaire Thomas. benefits for some unseen reason. Can anyone in their right mind tell me that the choice of Charlie King when 3 weeks before he was arm in arm with Randall and Thomas was a good choice. Suspect Board of Supervisor members, suspect commonwealth attorney, suspect representation and a suspect judge makes you happy that Deskins only had to pay 3K!



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