Oswaldo Lozano mugshot

Oswaldo Lozano

A man was arrested in Sterling Sunday night after a domestic incident in which he allegedly assaulted three people, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

After deputies responded to the 1000 block of South Hoga Road around 10:06 p.m., the victim said the male suspect, whom she knew, had assaulted her and her children and was denying their attempts to leave the residence.

While the authorities and the victim were speaking, the suspect reportedly exited the residence, aggressively approached the deputies and attempted to assault them, per the LCSO.

The deputies reportedly gained control of the suspect and took him into custody, after which they found a handgun in his waistband and another on his ankle.

Oswaldo Lozano, 31, of Sterling, was charged with kidnapping, assault and battery, assault and battery against a family member, public intoxication, possessing a firearm while intoxicated and assault on a law enforcement officer.

Authorities said Lozano was being held without bond at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center as of Tuesday morning.

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He probably lived in Ashburn.


LOL you can't reference something from more than a few hours ago, these people have the working memory of a goldfish. Still, pat yourself on the back you snagged a few.


".. handgun in his waistband and another on his ankle"

If he didn't have a permit to conceal carry, then he should also be charged with having a concealed firearm without a permit.


This is an important detail to this story, yet it wasn't addressed. The suspect was concealing TWO firearms. In the absence of a valid permit from Virginia or a state with reciprocity, these would be crimes in and of themselves.

Journalism is dead. LTM walks over its grave on a daily basis.


No charges for that beard?


My first reaction.


Where did this fine American go wrong? Probably brought up in a nice family, went to good schools, great athlete and plenty of friends. Wonder what steered him wrong.

Poor kid, hope they dont make him pay bail. Just put him back on the street so he can turn his life around.


Notalib--OK, the article SAID that the individual was being held without bond. He is not going to be released until (big if) after the completion of the trial.


Notalib was being sarcastic... thus his name.


It's this new thing called sarcasm.


Notalib--really? What a revolutionary concept! Not. The statement was still incorrect.


Lighten up Volt!!


I don't care about COVID-19. Please keep this guy behind bars before he kills someone.


Springerdad--according to the article, he is being held without bond. I don't think that he will be released anytime soon.


And note the very distinct "v" shaved gang symbol on the eyebrow, likely a Vato. I'm sure Amerigirl will chime in to say there are no gangs in Loudoun , nothing to see here folks, move along.

Loudoun Observer

Nice catch! I was wondering what that was.

NOT a Liberal

How dare you accuse this sought after voter of the Democratic base of being a "GANG" member without knowing the facts! Fear Monger-er! You probably think Nadler is a blatent Liar when he claims that Antifa is Imaginary!


Yea, and Adam Schiff is honest too!!


Notalib--same argument as Not a Liberal. You cannot connect any correlation between a local crime article with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). There is ZERO relevance. [offtopic]


Not a Liberal--how in the world can you connect an article about a local criminal incident with Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY)? There is ZERO correlation between the two. [offtopic]


I worked in Loudoun state probation under the Gangs PO. There a zillion different gangs located in and around Loudoun County. Even tidy little Ashburn has a good share of them. Loudoun County officials work hard to keep gang activity out of the media so as not to discourage people from wanting to live here. Most Loudoners are in denial about their existence here but they should be more alert.


They're too busy worrying about the KKK groups. You know... the ones who were putting up swastikas and other racist marking around Leesburg. Jose Flores was their leader IIRC.

But you're correct. These people elected a soft-on-crime CA and they want to pretend there isn't a massive gang problem from Leesburg all the way to Sterling.


Roundhillguy…..There are more KKK/racists in Loudoun than gang members. Ketchup.


really? where are they? I must have missed all of the crime being associated with all those racists...under every rock. I know? I'll bet they are all in Sterling Park. tell ya what, why don't you take a walk down Sterling Blvd around 1 AM some night... tell us abut all those Klan members you find.

WV resident

Why would you include this irrelevant and unprovable fact within this conversation? Gang affiliation is prevalent in Loudoun and is putting the livelihood of citizens in danger. That’s the only concern here. We readers will no longer stand for your racist input ruining all conversations, within the comment section. Real citizens are gathering for commentary for the betterment of living in the County. There is a gang unit in Loudoun and every surrounding county to control the violence and brutality erupting from people who have chosen to be affiliated, compared to an individual’s thoughts (concerning race) which is legal and protected by the Constitution. Yes, a person has the right to believe in race concerns... Actions taken are against the law, not beliefs or thoughts in America The Land of the Free

Look into history and see where the KKK actually started and you might learn something...Democrats put in place Jim Crowe laws and segregation...


Yea, didnt you know all whites are White supremacist?


@CL - you honestly believe there are more KKK members than gang members in Loudoun? Can you please reference one (1) confirmed and convicted KKK member in Loudoun county?

I’m sorry to say, but you’ve been punk’d. The KK flyers and reported cases of KKK activity have most assuredly been committed by fraudulent leftists — a la Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace, Kelly Carter... and the multitude of other hoax hate crimes promoted by the racist left.

Are there racist people living in Loudoun county, or even the USA for that matter? Of course, yes. There always will be. You can’t cure hate. But it’s a miniscule problem that the left likes to amplify, exaggerate and fabricate in order to divide and control society for political gain. Don’t be such a sheep.


LetFreedomRing--I don't believe that either the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office or the Town of Leesburg Police Department have made any official determination into the "source" of those KKK recruitment flyers. Furthermore, the KKK's lawyer sent a letter to the County stating that they had a right to distribute those flyers. So, I don't think you can make a credible claim that this is an episode of "Punk'd" or that the left is behind it.

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