Jose O. Portillo

Jose O. Portillo

A Sterling man was arrested on Christmas Eve and charged with his second DWI, among other crimes.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office reports that Jose O. Portillo, 32, of Sterling, struck two parked vehicles in Sterling while being pursued by Loudoun County Sheriff's Office deputies. The traffic stop was initiated shortly after 8 p.m. on Dec. 24 in the 400 block of Autumn Olive Way in Sterling.

Portillo fled both by car and on foot before being taken into custody. He was charged with driving while intoxicated (second offense), eluding law enforcement, hit and run, obstruction of justice, unauthorized use of a vehicle, reckless driving and driving while suspended.

He was being held Dec. 26 at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond.

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Not going to lie, don’t give a flip about race, sex, or ethnicity, but if you are sporting a teardrop and neck tattoo, I will be avoiding you.


for sure!


See the white man's racist rules that create a vehicle to prison pipeline for minorities.


This man will get the prison time he desired but I wonderd there is another hit and run incident reported in same newspaper and no one commented over there.Is there anything else about White man ,that we dont know?


There is a white woman from Chantilly arrested for drunk driving but no comments there (12/27)

Chris McHale

Perhaps its the ridiculous neck tattoo and tear drop, but lets ignore those.


great photo


In the interest of impartial justice, this gentleman is entitled to go before the jury with the presumption of innocence, a public defender.....and a turtle neck.


SECOND time needs to be the last time!

Jeanne T

No, the first time needs to be the last.


Interesting tear tattoo. Nothing so see here yet Guv Northam wants to take away our 2nd Amendment.


Your 2nd Amendment won't help you behind the wheel of your car when this guy is coming at you drunk at 60mph.

Count Quackula

Correct. It will help me when he, or a similar piece of filth attempt to assault me one day, and I turn him into a corpse. Hopefully with my mini-14 that will remain unregistered.


Another lie? You know better you can always have a firearm in your home for protection. Stop spreading all those lies and NRA sponsored conspiracy theories.


I musta missed the part in the Second Amendment where it says your right exists only within one's home. Wow. Learn something new everyday.

Jeanne T

"you can always have a firearm in your home for protection."

Now amerigirl, you know better than to say that. You know that if someone is a convicted felon they are not allowed to have a firearm. You know that if someone is "red flagged" they may/may have their firearms taken away from them and they may never get them returned.


Jeanne, do you know something that I don’t? I was replying to tolerentleft and I don’t think he is a convicted felon. Please tell me you don’t ‘know better than that’, he can be scary enough already.


Ace, okay you can carry your firearm for protection just not to every state without following the proper laws of some of them.


[sad] How many more drunk drivers in Loudoun are going to be freed? Every week, some times multiple in one week, we have drunk people arrested and released on bonds. Once beautiful Loudoun County has got ruined because of people like them. Laws should be made tougher for DWI's. I am so glad that we have such a strong police force in Loudoun to arrest these individuals. But we need better laws.


“Once beautiful Loudoun County has got (sic) ruined because of them” means exactly what? If you are referring to drunk drivers do you think it was never a problem “when Loudoun was beautiful”? I suppose you are correct about the police force targeting minorities while well heeled Loudouners get passes on similar crimes.


Who are 'people like them'? Because drunk drivers come in all colors, sexes, and ages so how would you group them?

Chris McHale

I would group them as (A) drunk coupled with (B) driving. That seems to be the qualification to be "them".


Chris Maybe that's 'them', but thinking about how a certain rich person was driving drunk and killed someone it has to make you wonder whose 'them'. Then we have the habitual drunk drivers or those who didn't realize they really can't handle that second glass of wine.


It says this gentleman is held at LCADC without bond. As for the alarming number of DUI’s brought in and released on bond, I question how many people understand 1. how the court system & sentencing works for this type of offense, both for first-timers & those with multiple alcohol related offenses, and 2. Virginia law. We have laws, cosmos~

Anthony Davis

Wow. The police need to cut breaks like this on Christmas Eve. Poor guy was probably just going to see his mom/dad. That is some ink work on his face/neck. He will need need a solid defense team since he has numerous charges against him.


Seriously? this guy is a danger to society behind the wheel


I have a feeling that he is a danger no matter where he is.


They should add a "Crime Against Humanity" charge for that neck tattoo.

Chris McHale

Post of the day!!!



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