Sterling Meadow Rezoning Proposal

Sterling Meadow LLC is proposing to construct a housing development where Countryside Regal Cinema was built in 1996.

A proposed housing development for 184 units and 12 affordable dwelling units in Sterling is under consideration for rezoning.

Located between Route 7 and Tripleseven Road in Sterling, the 11.27-acre property is occupied by a movie theater, Countryside Regal Cinema, which was constructed in 1996.

Sterling Meadow LLC, the owner and applicant, is proposing to rezone the area to develop 184 stacked multifamily residential units and 12 ADUs, according to the developer’s statement of justification. As part of the application, the movie theater will be removed. The adjacent retail uses, which are not part of the application, would remain.

Sterling Meadow representatives said the site will be accessed from the existing Regal Plaza entrance off Pidgeon Hill Drive and two entrances on Tripleseven Road. The existing northern entrance to the cinema will be relocated, and the existing southern entrance to the cinema will remain in place.

The applicant is proffering four recreation spaces combining for a minimum of 35,200 square feet and two pocket parks, sidewalks, a trail along Tripleseven Road and a $1,744 contribution to the county per dwelling unit to address the unmet housing needs.

The applicant said it seeks to provide additional residential units to “bolster the amount of people who can walk to support the proximate commercial uses while taking a small portion of the underutilized commercial space and the associated sea of parking offline.”

Since May, the application has received opposition to the development of new homes and the potential negative impact on local schools and transportation. 

The applicant is scheduled to meet with the Planning Commission Nov. 19.

Algonkian Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R) scheduled a meeting about the project with residents for Tuesday night at the Cascades Library at 7:30 p.m.

Reaction to the proposal via the online project portal

On May 21, Vivian Gutierrez says: “This area cannot accommodate an additional 180 families. Most schools in the vicinity are at capacity and current residents will not allow zoning changes to affect our children’s education. From a transportation perspective, most of our roads can’t handle more vehicles! Traffic in Triple Seven Rd will significantly increase affecting residents of Calvert Glen and Environs. This application if approved will harm our community!”

On June 18, Jerry Charles says: “I am looking forward to the development of this plot of land. Just make sure the units have plenty of space and include a garage. A basement to build a man cave would be appreciated. And a good size backyard space to enjoy outdoor living in the summer.”

On Sept. 13, Michael Sziede says: “We do not need high-density development here. There is no place for these kids to go to school. There is no proffer for school or roads. This place is zoned commercial and needs to remain commercial.”

On Sept. 22, John Lardner says: “I haven't been able to review the traffic impact study for Triple Seven Rd from Loudoun County government nor from VDOT since Sep 2019 meeting to inform an opinion at this time. That being said, I would encourage the developers to reconsider developing the property as an Ice House for the purpose of youth/adult hockey league as well as public skating. The nearest icehouse in the area is in Ashburn, so I believe there could be enough interest in the region to support another icehouse.”

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Democrats cannot figure out which side of the toast to butter.


How about considering the abundance of space a few lights west on Rt 7...Called Loudoun 1. Sounds like a perfect locale for an apartment complex named Loudoun Meadow [wink]


terrible idea[thumbdown]


If the rendering is accurate it doesn't look like alot of extra parking. I live in Countryside and I would be opposed.


What a great idea more housing in a already congested area said no one ever.

John M

I remember when that movie theater was the only one in the area, and my wife and I saw a lot of movies there before and after we had our kids. I knew its time was limited after so many new and better theaters opened and I'm sorry to see it go.


Is there any mystery why both my opponents together have over $1 million in campaign donations most of which is from developers? Can anyone say Pay to Play?


The developers who build more housing should also build more schools, etc. to handle the new residences. Right now, they walk away stuffing their pockets with profits and stick us taxpayers with having to provide services. I hope this is denied.


It would be a bad deal even if the developers literally built the schools. Its running the schools (approx $15k per student/per year) that will bankrupt us in the long run.


What a joke. Shoe horning that many houses with the bait of 12 affordable houses. This needs to be denied


This is yet another pathetic rezoning application to add yet more houses, more cars, more safety issues and worse, more kids in overtaxed schools. If it was zoned for commercial, than it should stay that. We are choking ourselves to death with adding more houses in all sections of the county. Not everybody has to live in Loudoun and this mindless BOS has no clue how to take a stand and protect those here now, not who may want to move here in the future. What is wrong with LoCo so called leaders??? Do you not understand capacity?


The only humanities that Loudoun likes are the kind that result in money (like DUI fines outside vineyards)

John M

LoudounSucks, you got caught huh? Sorry to hear it, but we have to keep the roads safe. Don't drink and drive!


Can't get caught if you don't fall for the craft alcohol meme. Roll smart! 😁

More Cowbell

With this type of housing(Townhouse), there is usualy 2-3 times the number of cars which means the original development can't handle all the cars(not enough parking spaces). Home owners, rent out a bedroom or 2 or 3 to help pay mortgage. So where will the overflow of cars needing to park for this development? If you drive around Northern Va, most cars park on side streets, but that's not an option here.

More Cowbell

What a joke. more housing in an area for business. With all the traffic in and around that area, expect a kid or 2 to get hit. Hopefully BOS says NO. But I know otherwise. Put developer on the hook to pay for expanding all the school affected by this. Make them put up $5-10 million of improvements to that area. It was a poorly planned Business area to begin with.

Doug Glatt

Quality journalism where you take select quotes from the online portal but do not bother posting the link to the portal so we can read what wasn't published.


I really hope this isn’t approved. The last thing we need is to replace a parking lot with more people with cars.

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