Loudoun County celebrates graduations

Despite complaints from some Stone Bridge High School families, the Ashburn school’s graduation is set to stay on a Sunday.

Stone Bridge’s graduation was originally scheduled for a Tuesday, but was switched to Sunday, June 9, back in July. Students and parents protested the change at the past two School Board meetings, stating the scheduling change conflicted with church services.

Students who would perform at the graduation with the school’s choir or band said they would likely have to miss the ceremony because of obligations to also perform at church. The graduation ceremony is scheduled for 10 a.m.

Stone Bridge sent out a school-wide survey about the graduation date change earlier this month in response to community concerns, and 80 percent of responses said to keep the ceremony on the Sunday, Loudoun County Public Schools officials said.

The full LCPS graduation schedule is as follows:

June 3

-Academies of Loudoun, 7 p.m., site to be determined

June 9

-Stone Bridge High School, 10 a.m., EagleBank Arena

-Dominion High School, 2 p.m., Dominion High School

-Freedom High School, 2: p.m., EagleBank Arena

-Broad Run High School, 7 p.m., EagleBank Arena

June 10

-Loudoun County High School, 8 a.m., Loudoun County High School

-Loudoun Valley High School, 9 a.m., Loudoun Valley High School

-Potomac Falls High School, 9 a.m., Potomac Falls High School

-Rock Ridge High School, 7 p.m., Rock Ridge High School

-Heritage High School, 7:30 p.m., Heritage High School

June 11

-Riverside High School, 8 a.m., Riverside High School

-Tuscarora High School, 8 a.m., Tuscarora High School

-Woodgrove High School, 8 a.m., Woodgrove High School

-John Champe High School, 9 a.m., John Champe High School

-Briar Woods High School, 10 a.m., EagleBank Arena

-Park View High School, 2 p.m., EagleBank Arena

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More Cowbell, you went to a high school that had over 6,500 students??? I wasn't aware that any high school in the Country was that big. Loudoun has high schools that have well over 2,000 students. On a side note, the new ice skating place under construction in leesburg is supposed to have a 3,500+ seat arena around one of the two ice rinks and the ability to cover the ice for non ice events. So maybe that will help.

More Cowbell

Most Loudoun HS only have about 300-350 HS seniors. If those schools were that size they'd be playing up with the big boys in Fairfax, so Know your numbers are way off. My graduating class had over 700 and that was 35 years ago. They are over 850 today. Of course are football field sat over 10K, We had gym that sat 8k. By the way, some schools in Loudoun do hold the graduation outdoors so it can be done.


It can be, but for most Loudoun high schools it's not a good idea. I remember at one of my kids graduation a pregnant teacher and 2 seniors passed out from the heat. Getting to a football field and climbing bleachers can be very hard on the elderly and handicapped.

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

When I consider how many of these church goers turn a blind eye to the excesses of the Trump administration--well, I could care less if they say "Sunday's special." The wages of hypocrisy are to be ignored...


And Trump personally, over 80 million on golfing alone.

More Cowbell

I don't understand why Loudoun wastes money on renting out GM for graduation? They all have nice football fields, no reason it can't be held outdoors? An out of touch, out of control spending School Board.


I've been to quite a few of them and it is such a weather dependent event. It may be sunny but the heat can be too much for grandparents or pregnant moms that want to attend. Still it seems that there should be some sort of venue in Loudoun for these type of events.

More Cowbell

Hold in early evening when it's not that hot. My HS was 3 times the size of any Loudoun county school. Never rained out. back up day is next day. And you can hold it on any day/time, unlike holding it at GM and making that hour drive in traffic.

John M

I've thought about this too, but schools like Broad Run and Loudoun County do not have room to move the ceremony indoors if the weather is bad. Also, you have a lot of elderly relatives who attend the ceremonies and the heat/humidity could be bad in early June.

More Cowbell

Hold it early evening, use the lights at the field. Can't believe how many people lack common sense in this county.

John M

It rains and thunderstorms in the "early evening" too, or didn't you know that? Jeez. Some people.


Missing (1) church service will not ruin your standing in Heaven.

Virginia SGP

This one is pretty cut and dry. The arrogance of the school board knows no bounds.

June 9 is a Sunday. It is the only service scheduled on Sunday morning. In fact, it is the only service scheduled on a Saturday (Sabbath) or Friday night (mosque). It is very disrespectful to put any graduation in that period.

But the bigger question is why reschedule it from a Tuesday night when parents don't even have to take off from work? Well, that would be the arrogant school board who has a board meeting that night at 6:30pm. This meeting will be right in the middle of political season. But rather than simply miss a SB meeting to attend one's district's graduation, the instigating board member(s) (Hornberger) believe it is about them all the time. This may be the last time he attends a graduation as a member of the school board.

The other board members should be ashamed.


One-sided, poorly constructed attacks on board members. This is not the response of a person who genuinely wants to help improve education in Loudoun.

Virginia SGP

A one-sided, poorly supported attack on a legitimate comment. This is not the critique of one who is concerned about Loudoun students or willing to hold elected officials accountable.


They probably booked late and had to get whatever they could, lots of schools book graduations there.


Okay, I’ll bite. What are your qualifications in the educational field? What degrees, training, and certification do you hold? Have you ever done research in the field? Are you published? How many years have you taught? What is your experience in educational leadership? How many hours of student teaching, field experience, or volunteer experience do you have (in the classroom)? What qualifies you as an expert in education?

Virginia SGP

The ironic thing is that LCPS administrators quote research (Chetty, Rockoff, Friedman - CFR) at briefings but clearly don't understand it because they do the exact opposite. They don't evaluate teachers on performance, don't reward effective teachers, and never remove ineffective teachers from destroying students' hope for the future. Note that the Friedman above testified against LCPS in my SGP trial supporting my cause and the use of VAMs. President Obama, Secretary of Education Duncan, and many think tanks quote the CFR research to advocate for reform. But let's get to the point. Titles or pieces of paper mean nothing in education. That was the conclusion of umpteen studies by many researchers include Prof Hanushek of Stanford. They found that after 3 years of experience, effectiveness doesn't improve throughout their careers -> experience means almost nothing. They found advanced degrees (outside of specific in-field degrees in STEM for STEM teachers) mean nothing and actually are correlated with lower performance (these graduate degrees in education to get more $$ in salary are useless for the students). But they also found that some teachers are great (see teacher of the year from Rolling Ridge who obtained great math results even with a liberal arts background) and some are ineffective (students receive the equivalent of 4 fewer months of learning). You only know how good they are once they are hired and on the job. But rather than evaluate teachers and reward/promote teachers based on effectiveness, LCPS gives out 15% raises to teachers who continue to breath the next year. They remove virtually nobody from the classroom (less than 0.5%) sentencing kids to horrible teachers year after year. Note that you don't quote any studies. Folks in education like to have a "paper contest" - show me your certificate or degree. Folks in technology dominate based on competence, not degrees (Gates, Thiel, Zuckerburg). One celebrates rigid union control while the other celebrates competence. It's not hard to figure out you must be situated in our ineffective educational establishment here in Loudoun. Maybe the voters will change direction very soon. For the readers, note that this critic doesn't believe anybody without a title should comment on where graduations are held (the subject of the article). Quite an odd comment. Of course, their real to attack me was because of the underperformance of LCPS and my critiques of their policies. Once again, you will see no citation of studies because nearly all of the LCPS admins DON'T READ any research whatsoever. The Know-Nothings prevail at LCPS.

(Edited by staff.)

Chris McHale

My guess being that 80% of the families do not want to have to take the day off from work versus the 20% that do not wish to miss religious service. Regardless of the circumstances, you will never please 100% of the people.


Chris, it seems to me there is a significant difference. Religion has specific protection in the Constitution.


That's freedom of religion, this is more about separation of church and state. The government side is making a decision that does not take into account the timing of religion. Some people will just have to choose.

Chris McHale

btm - I think you missed the point of the Constitution. No body is stopping people from missing service. It is their choice to miss service. Hence the right to choose.

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