Suhas Subramanyam

Suhas Subramanyam

Democrat Suhas Subramanyam on Tuesday claimed his party's nomination in the 87th House of Delegates District.

Subramanyam, an attorney and government consultant, topped three challengers – Hassan Ahmad, Akshay Bhamidipati and Johanna Gusman – by taking more than 47 percent of the vote. Ahmad came in second with 23 percent.

“Together we knocked more than 50,000 doors and had incredibly important conversations with people about commonsense gun reforms, relief from traffic and high tolls, the rising costs of health care, fully funding our schools, climate change and so much more,” Subramanyam said on social media Wednesday.

Subramanyam, who lists health care, education and transportation as key points of his campaign, secured the endorsement of current 87th District Del. John Bell (D) in the primary. Bell is running for the state Senate in the 13th District this November, where he will face Loudoun County Supervisor Geary Higgins.

Bell won the 87th District contest in 2017 with nearly 62 percent of the vote. The seat flipped from Republican to Democrat after the 2015 election, when Bell won a three-way race with 50 percent of the vote to Republican Chuong Nguyen's 48 percent. Incumbent Republican David Ramadan did not seek re-election that year.

Republican Bill Drennan is challenging Subramanyam in the 87th District.

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Chris McHale

Wow, focus on healthcare, education and transportation, that's going out on the limb.

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