Broadlands Ashburn Metro Development Project

Site design for the future housing development near the future Ashburn Metrorail Station.

Loudoun's Board of Supervisors in late June gave the final OK to a mixed-use project targeted for the future Ashburn Metrorail Station.

Loudoun’s transportation committee in May recommended approving the Broadlands project, which proposes to develop up to 843 multi-family and single-family attached units, up to 419,750 square feet of non-residential development and two public use sites that may be used as a public school and public park, according to county staff.

Adjacent to the Broadlands community in Ashburn, the proposed site is located south of Waxpool Road between Claiborne Parkway and Route 267.

“This is exactly what the Board of Supervisors, when they voted in 2011 to bring Metro, signed up for. This is transit-oriented development to a T,” Broad Run Supervisor Ron Meyer (R) said.

Broadlands Commercial Development is proffering close to $3 million in transportation costs for the project to construct the portion of the future Moorefield Boulevard between Mooreview Parkway, an extension of Demott Drive. The proffers include two traffic signals and the construction of Old Ryan Road.

Since the March public hearing, the applicant added six unmet housing needs units for a total of 69 rentals south of Mooreview Parkway.

As part of land being set aside, developers have discussed establishing a George Mason University satellite campus in Loudoun. Should the site not develop as a higher education space, county staff said the applicant would still have the ability to develop the permitted amount of office space uses, which is 250,000 square feet.

“I’m very excited about a college, higher learning site," Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) said. “ … even if it’s not George Mason, I hope we still get another college site here, and so to have this college site over there is great.”

The board voted 8-1, with Leesburg Supervisor Kristen Umstattd (D) opposing. She expressed concern with the application and how it fits with the recently adopted 2019 Comprehensive Plan.

"What troubles me is that in the comp plan [it] says, ‘We should be prioritizing development at the Metrorail stations.’ Agreed, ‘And provide the most compact and accessible development,'” Umstattd said. “I just don’t think townhouse development meets the standards of the new Comprehensive Plan, so I cannot support it.”

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We already live here. This "revised" deal to add 850 homes is a money grab. To build out the metro is a different discussion but basically previously decided.


The BOS seems in a rush to develop this special tax district that I think is supposed to help pay for metro. Maybe there's a legitimate reason why this passed overwhelmingly. not sure.


A recent analysis by George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis showed that the number of active listings in Loudoun County in February, the most recent month for which statistics are available, was the lowest in more than a decade.The biggest problem is that investors who are purchasing the housing units on the lower end of the market, and then renting them out for high monthly rates.There needs to be someone, like the county, that guarantees you can get housing at a reasonable rate.


The electoral vote is in November. This can be blocked


Very disappointing. This is why Meyer lost recently. The rest of the BOS should take notice. Stop overdeveloping our county with high density housing!


Where should people live?


Sterling, Herndon, and Manassas seem like wonderful and affordable communities.


Ashburnrez, affordable how? The cheapest apartment in Sterling is $1,320,That is steep for someone who is living on their own or has college debt to be able to afford. Many people’s mortgage is cheaper. Manassas is not close, nor is it in Loudoun, neither is Herndon though the prices are cheaper but many of them are dumps.


Who wins here? Certainly not residents of Ashburn, with 800 more homes built in an already saturated Broadlands, more tearing out of green and beautiful trees and forested areas and wildlife, more traffic and construction. This is a developers and commissioners midnight dream of wealth.


The park will remain where it is. I think we just need to face the facts that the area is growing, whether we like it or not,and people have to live somewhere.


Once again the misplaced vote to bring the jackal aka Metro into Loudoun County is just another nail in the coffin of this county. Who in the world believes that everyone who moves into these houses will take Metro? Not every job is tied to a Metro stop. All this lopsided development will bring is more traffic for those who will not take Metro and will take the Greedway or Route 7. The BOS in 2011 were full of ill informed people and it looks like the current BOS is equally deficient in common sense. Same why all the hoopla to bring Metro to Dulles will get people off the road. And again, why would anyone fly into Dulles and then take Metro an hour into the city? It may be cheaper than a taxi, but I cannot imagine anyone wanting to schlep their bags on the Metro and ride an uncomfortable rail car for another hour. A family of 3 or 4 would be a mess trying to hold onto their bags. When Metro opens up to Dulles, the shock and awe of non support will be seen. In NYC, the rail link from JFK into the city has been a colossal failure, it will be duplicated here, but the leaders in the DC area who pushed to link the airport to the city will have their legacy carved in stone, but it will be a bad one


Skyprince, your very narrow view of the value of Metro is your own business but I look forward to the day I don't have to ride the commuter bus from Purcellville all the way to Reston to get on Metro.


So you're planning to spend $15 a day to drive your personal car halfway down the Greenway to get to the Rte 772 Metro station, or still take the bus? Neither use case appears to be an improvement as compared to today's situation. I remain 100.00% opposed to this albatross of a commuter project.


schlep their bags on the Metro and ride an uncomfortable rail car for another hour? Have you ever rode Metro? I don't know how much stuff you carry to work and how fast your car is. I'll bet that metro car will be breezing past you while you are sitting in traffic. If you are just talking airport traffic then you must realize that business people take fights all the time with overnight bags. Do you think JFK is a good comparison when it takes 2 trains or a bus and a train to get there from most locations? The metro wouldn't have that problem, Sure not every job is tied to metro but it gives the employees of those businesses a leg up.


Again former . Mayor Umstaddt is right to challenge this approval and why the heck should Chair"person" Randall be excited about giving our tax dollars away to a University. Did she do a means test showing this University can't afford to buy its own land? Here is the simple math showing how little this $3 million proffer actually covers. (these are round numbers but if one considers the real timetable for the offset of costs is infinity the point should be clear). If the 843 residences sell for $400k they would generate about $3.5 million per year in property taxes. If the student generation from these 843 residences which don't sound like they are studios or one bedrooms the LCPS costs will run about $7.5 million per year. Over the long run the top beneficiary of such approvals is the state which gets all the income taxes and most of the sales taxes. Loudoun loses. Traffic rises and until LCPS catches up with capacity schools get crowded. Perhaps the Chair should listen to Supervisor Umstaddt.For those who want to challenge the estimates please press the BOS to do an audit of any recently completed community and compare the actual student generation to the estimates. Compare the actual commercial development that followed the high density residential approval. Then estimate how much LCPS will actually cost per student in about 20 years as it seems to go up a hundred million or so every year. This is partially why Loudoun's property taxes are 33% higher than the rest of Virginia and developers throw major dollars at my opponents for Chair of the BOS. VOTE on Nov 5th or get ready to pay higher taxes for decades to come.


Sorry Bob I have no idea why my comment repeated the way it did.


Bob, did you have my post about how far off you comment about taxes is removed?

Well said, Mr. Ohneiser.


It isn't up to someone else to come up with data to challenge your estimates. If you make an estimate than it must be based upon something. Provide the basis for your estimate. Until you can provide some factual basis for your estimate it is just something you pulled out of your rear.

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