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A Briar Woods High School student engages in distance learning.

Of the 6,239 members of the Loudoun County Public Schools’ Class of 2020, 5,467, or 87.6 percent, say they will be attending a two- or four-year college in the fall, according to LCPS officials.

The 2020 Senior Survey found that 4,277, or 68.6 percent, of the graduating seniors will be attending a four-year college and 1,190 a two-year school. Pursuing other continuing education options was chosen as a post-graduation option by 198 members of the Class of 2020; 95 will be joining the military; 305 are entering the workforce; and 224 are taking a gap year.

School system officials say the Class of 2020 earned $48.2 million in scholarships.

— Times-Mirror Staff

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And how many will complete college?


Why wouldn't they? If they put in the work they can accomplish it.


amerigirl, only about 55% of Loudoun grads who go off to college ever complete it.


Wow, I didn't know that, thanks for sharing.


That means that if all of the 87 percent who say they're going to college (a significant portion of them put down NOVA while they're primarily heading off into the work world) actually do go to college, at most, only 44 percent of all students will actually finish college. But that also means that most of the 87 percent will incur come kind of debt, many of them without the benefit of a diploma to help them pay it off.


and all those critics said they didn't learn anything, bah!

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