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An unidentified male driving a truck struck three parked vehicles Sunday evening near Bear Chase Brewing Company, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

The incident was reported in the 33000 block of Bear Chase Lane in Bluemont.

The suspect reportedly drove a black, relatively new Ford F-250 pickup truck, per the LCSO.

Authorities describe the suspect as white and in his mid-30s, with brown curly hair, wearing a red hat, white shirt and cargo shorts.

The LCSO asks that anyone with information regarding the incident contact Deputy P. Brick at patrick.brick@loudoun.gov.

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Drunk w/Trucks. Never a good combination.


And drunks with cars are?


Bro Chase Brewing seems kind of like a middle age frat hangout. I avoid.


Sometimes. . . Hogback Mountain road ditches have been littered with Mercedes near Stone Tower Winery. Same red hat dudes.


I don't see any reference, other than yours, to a red hat.

Please explain....


It is a lengthy article for somebody of your reading level, but go ahead and try. Red is not a long word, but it is there. I would think Nationals first myself but given the decision making involved...


Nice try. I hope you won't struggle with the concept of LTM editing a story after it is published.

Now how about LTM spend a few minutes and track down the descriptions of the two perps in the Ida Lee assault/robbery? And if the descriptions aren't being made available, tell us why that is the case.

Chris McHale

"One drink ain't enough Jack you'd better make it three." Anyone know the song?


Red hat society? MAGA? Little red riding hood? So many questions!


Could be a Nats hat.


Three cars?! It's like bowling.


Did suspect come from the brewery?


LCSO crime report. Full description of suspect AND vehicle.

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