Trump National Golf Course shoreline

About a dozen trees were recently cut down near the shoreline of Trump National Golf Club in Sterling.

Loudoun County officials are investigating whether the Trump National Golf Club illegally cut a dozen trees from the Potomac River shoreline and dumped them in the river.

County officials told news outlets Friday that removing trees from the flood plain requires a permit, and the county is investigating whether the local ordinance was broken.

Potomac Riverkeepers, an environmental group, said it received complaints about the dumped trees.

Environmentalists say cutting the trees can contribute to shoreline erosion and that the dumped trees create a safety hazard for recreational users of the river.

The Trump Organization did not immediately return an email seeking comment Saturday. The golf club faced criticism in 2010 after it cleared hundreds of trees to improve members’ view of the river.

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Just because POTUS owns the golf course, does not mean he himself cut the trees. The management (not POTUS) hired a company to do this, normally I am pretty sure it is up to the company to obtain the proper permits and to be knowledgeable of the regulations. I can assure this type of removal is below POTUS and he would not be ok with that company so come on LTM lets report on the true issue here, not that its TRUMP but the company that performed the job, lets get their name out there ok!


Casting shade without facts. Shocker.


The Democrats will stop at least they didn't spray paint his golf course this time....Thank you President Trump for paying county taxes and employing scores of people at your place of business in Loudoun County.....I can see the AOC types are out in full force and trying to destroy people from doing business anywhere...pathetic.


Is there a clear motive to cutting the trees? Did they block the view of a green or clubhouse?


The problem with this type of "illegal" activity is that the government (including our BoS) enforces it, or does not, in a completely discretionary and political manner. Some, if not most, of the staff are politically motivated. Zoning is the worst.


Impeach now!!!!


Based on what?


He's joking


No fowl here! As a reminder the country club is owned by our Royal Family and they are above the law.


I'm sure when we get a few more facts to better assess the crimes that Michael Cohen mentioned, and see the Mueller findings and make a judgement about that, and finally see if the District Court of the Southern District of New York issues any indictments, well, it wouldn't matter if Donald Trump himself rode his golf cart down to the water and talked those trees into the river with one of his rambling speeches. The damage done by this act will not amount to much compared to the rest. Dumping the trees into the water was a low-class move, though.


How dare he do that!! Congress should investigate and impeach if found guilty. There hasn't been this much of a fuss about a tree being chopped down since George Washington chopped down the cherry tree.


2 million folks in Fairfax County derive their drinking water from a intake on the Trump Golf course shore line. I guess the additional turbidity will result in increased water rates.


But George was praised for his act.

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