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Tuscarora Crossing is looking to rezone several acres of land to add 234 affordable housing units just outside of the town of Leesburg.

Rezoning several acres of land to add hundreds of more housing units just outside of the Leesburg town limits has sparked concerns for area residents, but the applicant – Tuscarora Crossing – hopes to alleviate the community's environmental and congestion unease.

In its development plan, Tuscarora Crossing is proposing to convert approximately 6.2 acres from approved retail use to residential use in order to build 234 affordable dwelling units, according to county documents. The applicant also wants to increase the amount of non-residential development to build up to 1.4 million square feet of data center uses on an approved industrial or office land bay and relocate an approved 3.5 acres of civic use to an alternative land bay.

The 233-acre property is made up of four parcels in the Leesburg Joint Land Management Area. The Washington & Old Dominion Trail bisects the site, and the only access to the property is through a private access easement that extends from Samuels Mills Court to the east that connects to Cochran Mill Road.

Since the Loudoun County Planning Commission’s public hearing in July, the applicant has revised its proffers and development plan, committing to build the center to specific guidelines and adding 1.75 acres for tree cover.

The applicant has also updated its proffers to reflect the expected capital facility contributions of $14.7 million associated with the development of 730 residential units, 234 of which would be considered affordable dwelling units, according to county officials. The proffers include the applicant's intention to construct or reimburse the costs for the four-lane Crosstrail Boulevard Connection that intersects through the site.

Leesburg Supervisor Kristen Umstattd (D), who has fielded inquiries from residents, said the board in 2015 approved the rezoning that gave the developers the right to build 496 residential units, 85,000 square feet of retail space and 909,000 square feet of flex and industrial on the 233 acres.

“All that development is now allowed because of the previous Board of Supervisors’ 5-4 vote to approve it,” Umstattd said in an email. “None of that can be legally overturned now. So, sadly, trees will be coming down even if the board votes no on the most recent application.”

The Planning Commission was expected to meet Thursday to discuss the application. County staff is also working with the applicant on its list of proffers.

The proposal is scheduled for the Board of Supervisors' Sept. 11 public hearing.

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How are the ADU’s defined, as townhomes, condos or apartments?


I am thinking opening Crosstrail Blvd for a year or so at minimum would be wise. I am not sure why it is not open now. Although, ADU's dont bring anymore cars right?


The reason the board approved this in 2015, with me opposed among the 4, is that lawyer Colleen Snow and her grass roots people got the Kincaid Forest community worried that if the board did not rezone what was then known as the Hunter Trust property it could become a cement factory or power plant. Indeed, that was in the zoning at the time, but the market would not stand for that. So, it was very hard for me to get the votes to kill this project. Plus, the applicant scaled back the number of units to 475 as I recall -- mostly townhouses. Now, the new owner Mike Capretti wants to up the zoning and put in data centers which are noisy! So when all is said and done it was very hard for the Board in 2015 to not approve this when you had an influential attorney handling the application, the adjacent community Kincaid supported it and the supervisor for the district backed it. now, the county is forking out the money for Crosstrail Blvd. which the Hunter people said they would build up to something like $39 million. so, without increased housing density Capretti probably cannot pay for the proffers for the road. Ironically, the County had Crosstrail Blvd in the CIP to start construction in 2018 or 19 and snow told the Board the developer would build it faster. It is truly amazing how politiicans get sucked in by her

More Cowbell

And look for this to be modified to where this developer is given OK to build around 1000 housing units, because our disgraced BOS can't say NO! Loudoun One has twice as many housing units vs initial plan, built on the smallest of land and unaffordable. And as usual, the developer gives very little to nothing, while Loudoun be made to build more schools.


Tom P. So why not challenge the positions instead of trying to negate my rights? Do you tell Phyllis to stop with photo ops that she had nothing to do with? Do you challenge John on the basis of his law firm conflicts with the business of the BOS? You choose to go after the only candidate who has chosen to not accept campaign bribes from the developers who are singly handedly jacking up the tax rate we pay in Loudoun and the traffic we endure in Loudoun. I heard your advice but choose to ignore it. Have a nice day. :-)


Once again Loudoun BOS shows just how dumb they are caving once again to the whims of developers. Why is Virginia such a disgraceful example of how developers wave money in front of ignorant, naive BOS? Go out west, pick a state and they just don't let developers get away with what they do here. Not only do they have to prove the impact of their handiwork, but the counties go back after the development is built to revisit the impact and if it is not exactly what they promised there are all sorts of extra fees and costs borne by the developers. Not here, once approved by a totally clueless BOS, the developers build what they want or do a bait and switch like this one where retail was planned and now they want to add 234 affordable housing. Who is going to teach all those kids, and where will they go to school? We need BOS who can be tough and put a stop to all this rampant development on the backs of those of who have been here for years. Government does not have any rules forcing them to provide housing for future residents. Fair is fair, this is just another stupid development for Loudoun. More plastic, cheap, econoboxes to blot out the sun.

David Dickinson

It is sickening how this bait and switch keep happening. Should be call it the Loudoun 2-step? No matter what developers get approved, they always come back for MORE HOUSING. Housing is a net loss for the County and it should be rejected at virtually every application until the road network is brought up to adequacy. And there should NEVER be a school bond referendum because the devolpers should be paying for the new schools, not citizens.


Its nice to emphasize the ADU's which are good for lower income residents but if the remaining 496 housing units hve just one student in each and are priced at about $500k each the net cost taxpayers will have to bear "FOREVER" is ABOUT $5 MILLION PER YEAR so this developer can profit handsomely from campaign donations made to Supervisors who thought this was a good idea. This does not include the capital cost of building a new school for the crowding of local schools this will cause either. I look forward to being on the board with Supervisor Umstaddt to fix this!


PROFFERS is the key word here! There will never be "affordable" housing in this area! It's an oxymoron! Just like honest politician or honest developer!


You are assuming that people who need affordable housing do not also pay taxes?


Listen, Bob. I think you can stop making this comment section your personal campaign website. I look forward to your defeat in the next election. We've had enough narcissists in public office.

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