Eliazar Duran-Mota and Luis A. Bonilla-Hernandez

Eliazar Duran-Mota and Luis A. Bonilla-Hernandez

A nearly year-long investigation into a suspected prostitution ring run out of a Sterling home has led to two arrests and identified multiple women involved in the operation.

Luis A. Bonilla-Hernandez, 32, of Sterling, and Eliazar Duran-Mota, 22, of Herndon, were both arrested July 6 and charged with two counts of felony receiving money from earnings of a female prostitute and two misdemeanor counts of using vehicles to promote prostitution, Loudoun County Sheriff's Office officials said.

Duran-Mota was also charged with cruelty to animals after he was witnessed harming a dog during the course of the investigation.

Detectives with the LCSO began the investigation in August 2017 after receiving reports of a suspected prostitution ring operating out of a home in the 600 block of W. Nettle Tree Road.

LCSO Special Victims Unit executed search warrants in coordination with the FBI Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force at the Sterling home on July 6 and with the Fairfax County Police Department at an additional home on Framingham Court in Herndon.

Investigators learned that the women would travel from other states and meet with Bonilla-Hernandez and Duran-Mota in Maryland. The men would then take the women to different locations in the Loudoun County area.

Both men were released from the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center by a Loudoun magistrate on a $7,500 secured bond.

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I see the LTM has made no mention of the immigration status of Mr Hernandez or Mr Mota.


That is nothing short of a racist remark. I guess you aren't fond of anyone with a Spanish sounding name? Do you think if Latinos are arrested that their immigration status should be part of the deal, but not for anyone else? You really are being a racist by posting such a remark.


Roudhillguy. What does women's rights and protests have to do with this article? What does a democrat have to do with this article? This article is about 2 pimps and a prostitute. Sounds like you have hidden anger at women and democrats. BTW, Trump should stop tweeting and take on Presidential issues like Healthcare.


Where are the protests in support of womens rights for these poor women being trafficked right here in good ole Loudoun? Where are you democrats? Hypocrites! I'll bet if Trump were somehow involved you'd be all over it wearing your pink hats in support of Women, but not these women being trafficked in your own neighborhoods.


What do you think the women’s march was about? These crimes happen everywhere, why would Loudoun be any different? Pretty hypocritical to think it wouldn’t. Do you really believe it was only Dems that participated in these marches? Being a female, I can tell you there were plenty of republicans, independents, and just people who cared about women and abuse, which it sounds like you don’t. What is your problem that you feel the need to make this a political issue?




Typical SCUMP reply always tying something to Left v Right...be sure that if Trump were aware, he would want to join and find some nice ladies! Sick Right!

More Cowbell

Why did it take almost a year? Who was working this case?


Maybe it was because the were crossing state lines.Could be that the 2 different agencies were fighting over jurisdiction.


Hmmm, nothing to see here. I wonder when construction will start on our southern project.

Chris McHale

Based on the charges it does not appear that the women were actually minors. I look forward to updates from LTM on this case.

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