Virginia State Police

Virginia State Police officials say one woman is dead after a two-vehicle crash in Brambleton around 7:20 a.m. Wednesday.

The deceased has been identified as Ammie K. Cho, 34, of Aldie.

The collision occurred near Belmont Ridge Road and Legacy Park Drive. A 2012 Volkswagen was reportedly traveling south on Belmont Ridge Road when it ran off the left side of the road, went over the curb, through the median and into the northbound lanes of Belmont Ridge.

The Volkswagen struck a northbound 2013 Subaru head-on.

Cho was driving the Subaru. A four-year-old female passenger was transported to Inova Loudoun Hospital for treatment of serious but non-life threatening injuries. The child was secured in a child safety seat.

The driver of the Volkswagen, an 18-year-old man from Ashburn, was transported to Reston Hospital Center for treatment of serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Virginia State Police authorities say charges are pending as the investigation remains ongoing.


This story has been updated from an initial report.

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Just because the person who caused the crash was 18, doesn't mean there isn't more to the story. Maybe the teen fell asleep behind the wheel or had a medical emergency. We need more details before we can convict them in the court of public opinion.


Everyone needs to put their phones down.


There was a bad one in South Riding the other morning at approximately the same time. The road has a new traffic pattern because people were running the 4-way stop signs. And even with the new traffic pattern there was still an accident. I don't think there were any fatalities, but there was an ambulance that took someone away, and definitely saw the father holding a child outside the car and the child car seat was in the car. Several people I work with have been in bad accidents lately too, all in these same areas. I stay off the roads these days except for going to and from work. People are distracted, not paying attention to what they are doing, reckless, in a hurry to go no where that can't wait. etc. They even speed every morning right down the street right in front of the police station--have seen a few rollovers there too within the past year.


There have been one too many negligent and drunk drivers killing innocent people on Loudoun roads. (One fatal hit is one too many.) Proverbs states that he who is negligent is brother to him who destroys. What will the 18-year old get? At most probably one year in jail reduced to three to five months with community service. What a shame on our lawmakers.

Who else is negligent? LCSO. I can count with fingers on my one hand, the number of police cruisers patrolling our roads. Recently I saw a car pulled over for speeding, I suppose, on Gloucester Parkway on a Saturday morning with little volume of traffic. I also saw another cruiser parked on the median on Rt 7 heading west near Rt 28 merge: it was a state trooper vehicle.

Please pray to Lord Jesus about the savagery of too many drivers on beautiful roads in Loudoun, need for more LCSO patrol, and the grieving family of the young mother whose life was taken by an inattentive driver.

More Cowbell

Agree with the lack of law enforcement driving around during rush hour. They could easily give out 4 dozen citations just on cell phone use. Or kids/infants not in car seat(or too young sitting in front, not buckled, climbing over seats). Guess you know more about accident since no mention of alcohol. 18 year old could have been on his way to work or school activity? Some parts of that road aren't very good.


Wow, for someone who prays to Lord Jesus you sure can pass some judgement. What will the 18 yr. old get? you have no idea but you are condemning the lawmakers for it not being harsh enough. The state trooper for being where he was, but you don't know why he was there. The driver who you say was inattentive but it is still under investigation. He could have hit a pothole or had a blowout, can we wait until the investigation is done before pass judgement? I as a mere mortal think we should.


You pray to "Lord Jesus" at the same time you are convicting an 18 year without the facts. Hope you 'pray' that you will see the conflict in this mindset.


I can’t say this often but I completely agree with amerigirl.

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