Kaine Wexton

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (D) and Jennifer Wexton (D) at B Chord Brewing Company in Round Hill in 2018. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden, fresh off his big win in the South Carolina primary, heads into “Super Tuesday” and Virginia's primary with endorsements from two of Loudoun County and Virginia's most prominent Democrats. Here's a roundup of endorsements from major Democrats representing Loudoun.

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) for Joe Biden:

Kaine: “America is afflicted by a President who delights in division, cruelty, lies, chaos, and self-congratulation. We are better than that, and Americans deserve better in the Oval Office. 

“Democrats have many good public servants and admirable people running for President. I will vote in the Virginia presidential primary for Joe Biden. Barack Obama wisely chose Joe as his partner in the White House, and for eight years, Vice President Biden worked hand-in-hand with President Obama to rescue the American economy from catastrophe, expand health care to millions of people, revive creative diplomacy to keep Americans safe, tackle global challenges like climate change, and appoint high-quality people across the executive and judicial branches of our government. As a Senator, I saw first-hand Joe’s role in these accomplishments.

“It is sad to have a President who no one holds up as a role model for America’s kids. By contrast, Joe Biden has exemplary heart, character, and experience. He reminds me of Harry S. Truman, an outwardly ordinary man whose work ethic, faith in the goodness of everyday Americans, and love of country made him a great President. I am proud to vote for Joe Biden.” 

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.-10th) for Joe Biden:

Wexton: “Donald Trump, through his corrosive rhetoric and destructive policies, threatens to fundamentally change who we are as a nation. Whether it’s his ongoing efforts to rip health care away from millions, his refusal to address the crisis of gun violence, or his relentless attacks on federal workers and our intelligence community—we’re in a battle for the soul of America. 

“We need a leader who will bring us together, unite us as one country, and restore the promise of America—I know that Joe Biden is that leader. Vice President Biden has dedicated his life to public service. He has the vision and experience to deliver results on the issues that matter most to Virginians, including his commitment to strengthen and rebuild the federal workforce. 

“Throughout this campaign, Joe has proven that he is the steady, empathetic leader we need to unite our party and our country. I will proudly be casting my vote for Joe Biden this Tuesday.”

Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) for Joe Biden:

Randall: "I don't need perfection. I need proven leadership. I need someone who has a history of fighting for and passing meaningful legislation that has improved my life, the lives of my family and the people in my community. I need steady, focused, committed leadership. Joe Biden, he has earned my endorsement."

Loudoun County Vice Chairman Koran Saines (D-Sterling) for Bernie Sanders:

Saines: “The reason why I support Senator Sanders in this great field of candidates is I feel Senator Sanders has shown time and time again that he is the leader that we need to get the country back on track. Senator Sanders has been championing a $15 living wage, Medicare for all, universal free college, and decriminalization of marijuana, all long before they became politically popular.

Senator Sanders’ clear vision and leadership make him the best candidates for the general election because he can energize our base while bringing new voters into the process through his bold ideas. This is why his message is resonating with people in all walks of life and his campaign is gaining momentum in Virginia and nationally.  

“I encourage all Sanders supports to not only vote on Election Day but to make sure to get out there to knock on doors, make phone calls, and make sure Senator Sanders emerges as the nominee and the next president of the United States." 

Loudoun County Supervisor Juli Briskman (D-Algonkian) for Elizabeth Warren:

Briskman: “Elizabeth Warren is the anecdote to the corruption, racism and misogyny in the White House and to those who have failed to stand up against it. The old guard is not going to stand up to the big tech, big money and corruption like Warren she has a road map and solid record to show she’s prepared to do the work while listening to trusted experts and advisors.

“Since 2016, women have shown immense strength and perseverance and we will not stop at the school board, the council room, the state house or Congress!”

Other notable endorsements:

State Sen. John Bell (D-13th), Del. Kathleen Murphy (D-34th) and Leesburg Vice Mayor Fernando Martinez are backing Joe Biden.

Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk and Councilman Ron Campbell are supporting Michael Bloomberg.

State Del. David Reid (D-32nd) is endorsing Sen. Amy Klobuchar.



Click here for more information about Tuesday's Democratic primary in Virginia.

Update: This story has been updated to include Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall's Sunday night endorsement of Joe Biden.

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Apparently, the comment-posters who seem to choose vitriolic and personal attacks on people, rather than actually discussing solutions to our problems are suffering the same type of mental decline they accuse others of.

Denigrating, bullying, calling people names, false-labeling and insulting neighbors, community members and leaders they disagree with simply shows inadequacy of thought, not correctness of judgment.

The question is: what makes you hate other people so much that you have to lower the discussion express it publicly and so vehemently? No religion I know of encourages this kind of behavior.


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that has spent time around our elders.

Humans age in a big bell-curve. A ton of mental and physical growth occurs in the first decade, and a ton of decline is the final decade. Obviously, we know when the growth starts for all, but the decline can vary greatly from person to person – starting as early 60 in some to as late as 90.

Based on my own family and others that I know – the decline decade starts in the late 70s with a lot of death occurs in the 80s.

So, while Biden is just 4 years older than Trump – those are extremely important years in the bell-curve aging decline. And you can tell just by looking at Biden, his skin, his hair, his smile.

Biden is 77, and his person decline acceleration has started.


That could really depend on genetics or lifestyle. Having a parent that in their 90's is still smart as a whip but physically failing I can tell you it can be totally different from person to person.

More Cowbell

Joe's a hoot, he had several mental moments the other day calling on super Thursday.... I'm voting Bloomberg, just because he's an outside, not a career corrupt politician like Biden, BS, Warren, Kaine.....He's a businessman and can live with his choices for 4 years. Nobody will work with the Joe, BS and/or Warren(0 chance).


Who would have guessed that we would be voting for the same person.


So Biden just vowed to put Beto in charge of rounding up guns; wonder what the resident firearm expert thinks about that? Crossover voting for Bernie will be rampant today.


How do you get rounding up guns from "take care of the gun problem"?


Gee amerigirl, it's probably when Beto said, "We're coming for your AR-15's" and Joe said, "Take care of it." It's fairly easy to connect the two statements, even for those in the basket of deplorables.

Jeanne T

How do you interpret it?


Jeanne , that he would do gun legislation.


1965, that was in the heat of the moment and I don't think he can get it passed any time soon


That's an important point. With that announcement, Drunk Uncle Joe has made it clear that he intends to pursue gun confiscation.


Maybe in your mind. Why is he drunk? Are you just lying to start rumors? Biden doesn't drink because of alcoholism in his family. Dependent traits are passed down genetically. What is your problem with telling the truth?

Jeanne T

And in other (good) news, Benjamin Netanyahu is projected to win Israel's election today. So..........who will be more upset: Hamas, Iran, the UK Labour Party, Bernie Sanders or the editorial department of the NYT? [beam]


All of the above, and lets add Omar, Tlaib, Cortez as well.[smile]






Lolll, sore loser? How about the corruption of Sleepy Joe Biden and his multi-millionaire kids that he quid pro quo for 8 years under the protect of Obama to make sure he used america tax dollars to line their pockets. How about thank you Donald Trump for such swift action on the corona virus? Oh that's right when he took those actions he was called a racist. Typical Socialist Communist Democratic Party tactics with the assistance of the Russian networks, MSDNC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and let's not forget that Joe Biden doesn't even know who Chris Wallace is. What a loser and a crook. His hair plugs went a little too deep. So Wexton and Kaine and all others are not representing Virginia citizens they are beholden to Bloomberg who got them elected. Such hypocrites and losers. Jennifer Wexton, loser, Tim Kaine, loser, Mark Warner, loser and anyone else who wants to take our rights away, tax the hell out of us and of course they collude with british and russian spies to infiltrate and try to over throw a duly elected President. Keep in mind Virginia that those losers in the picture don't give a damn about you or anyone else. Just look at the amazing good Trump has done even with all the lies and attacks. Look at the latest lie, that Trump said the Corona Virus was a hoax. What a bunch of lying pieces of garbage. I'm sure they won't tell the truth about Biden as he could steal millions of tax payers dollars to line his families pockets and they would say nothing, oh wait, he did that. Turn VA RED (Remove Every Democrat) Piece of garbage Bloomberg has spent 1 billion dollars on his losing campaign. Think for a moment. Wow, he should have given that to Virus research. Oh wait, he is the one that throws minorities up against the wall, and puts them into a single category and also tells women to "get rid of it" when they are pregnant. Oh wait, that's right Socialist Communist Democrats along with "Coonman" Northam are all about killing babies as they make them comfortable while "deciding" what to do. Remember SCD are the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the most heinous policies on killing children that have a heart beat, are ticklish, can hear your voice and remember you when they are born. Keep America Growing, Keep minorities advancing with amazing growth and jobs unlike SCD who use them as a talking point. Trump said give him a chance what have you got to lose and he delivered. Turn VA RED for life and remove these anti-american tax payer stealing losers.


I guess they got the memo....Bernie is bad and Biden "Quid Quo Joe" is good.....I guess amy and pete are looking for an 83k a month gig for a no show job....

Duncan Idaho

Trump's fear of Biden is palpable. That's why he's pushing so hard for Bernie. Joe is the much tougher opponent.


Joe Biden is a moron. What was "The Thing" he tried to quote? What a goof!!


Put down the drugs. Mmmkay?


Work, have you listened to the Moron we have as president now? Biden would still be an improvement. Trump sure makes up his share of stories, you can tell because every time he say that someone told him something and he starts the quote with "he said to me 'Sir"' you know it's a lie.


I think you don't realize that Joe had his holdout to Ukraine approved by congress, which trump did not. It was not his money to decide what to do with. The condition that we were going to give that money to Ukraine through Biden was contingent on them getting rid of a certain corrupt person, which they had not done. What dies the remark about Amy and Pete even mean?


What a couple of losers....I cant believe these two represent Virginians....Does Kaine think the Russians are helping Bernie....hahahahahaha


Still sore about losing?[beam][beam][beam]

Jeanne T



wrong jeanne, it's completely on topic reply. [tongue]


Kaine was better at mayor, than senator or vice president and wexton will get beat at some point at the polls….neither of these people have done anything for Virginians....nothing - so they supported the federal pay raise and parental leave so what....they vote against energy independence, against tax cuts (and strong economy), prison reform, immigration reform, everything....they haven't done anything, but investigate and impeach trump for Russian collusion......they are laughing all they way to the bank, it is the Virginians who lose with these two stooges at the helm....


No they were the winners. George Allen and Barbara Comstock were the losers. Sounds like you're a sore loser.


Google expert

Jeanne T

Calling others sore losers is not an argument and is the sort of behavior that belongs on an elementary playground.


Oh it’s election season, Wexton shows up for something. As a Republican I will be casting a Côte for Bernie. I welcome the train wreck he will bring to a real debate. Love watching the Democrats implode on themselves.


Looks like I'll never be going to B-CHORD again.

Duncan Idaho

Nobody there will miss you.


What an utterly scathing comeback. I sure felt the Bern on that one. Pun intended.


Grow up.

Loudoun County is NOT monolithic. We have conservatives and liberals at nearly a 50-50% split, It has voted for a Democrat in the last three straight elections. Please do not check out and crawl into a hole. Do not purposely alienate half the population just because you do not agree with them politically, I have strong conservative libertarians along side politically active Democrats that we routinely attend neighborhood functions in our neighborhood. Stop the "I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN" rhetoric. It is childish and serves not purpose. But most important is it NOT AMERICAN.


Some people just can't stand others that don't think like them. Or look like them,


I agree with you, my statement is online hyperbole, trap sprung, troll achieved.

Loudooun independent

Wexton just endorsed Bernie last week. What gives?


Something angered them, Luria, Spanberger and Wexton all changed from Sanders to Biden.

Duncan Idaho

Fake news.

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