Alison Briel

Alison Briel

Update: May 2, 11:12 a.m.

The Loudoun County High School teacher arrested for inappropriate communication with students, Alison Briel, allegedly sent provocative pictures of herself to teenage boys and solicited sexual acts, according to charging documents first reported by WTOP.

Citing charging documents, WTOP reported: “The photos included pictures of herself in a bra and thong which exposed her buttocks.”

The pictures were received by two 16-year-old students and a 17-year-old student, and the messages received by the younger boys “included solicitations for sexual intercourse,” according to the document.

Original report: April 30, 12:32 p.m.

A Loudoun County High School teacher has been arrested after alleged inappropriate communication with students, according to the Leesburg Police Department.

Twenty-five-year-old Alison Briel was arrested Tuesday and charged with three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which is a misdemeanor, according to authorities.

Briel is being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on a $2,500 bond.

A marketing teacher, Briel has been employed at Loudoun County High School since August 2017.


 Correction: This story has been updated to correct the spelling of Briel's first name.

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Loudoun1965 for all graders you must have a Bachelor's, I know that for Middle and High they also need to major in the subject they want to teach. No one is suggesting that you work your way up the ladder from elementary school, that is just bazaar. What they could do is require 1-2 years of co-teaching or as a teacher aid. This would not only give them guidance and training but also oversight. Obviously, there is an ongoing problem with LCPS because they have been arresting teachers for years, this might be a solution


This comment is so misinformed it borders on insulting. All teachers certified in Virginia also completed a semester of supervised student teaching as part of their bachelor's or master's degree program. After they enter LCPS, they are appointed a mentor and are formally evaluated each year for three years. To imply that perhaps they should start off as a "teacher assistant" is telling of how little a parent, even one who claims to know school board members, understands the requirements to become and last as a teacher. Distancing oneself in age does not facilitate more maturity or morals; this is either embedded in character or it isn't. Otherwise, how did the situation with the band director at Dominion happen? People are proportionally arrested in nearly every other industry we know of, yet the paper only reports when it happens with teachers because they have direct contact with kids. But your perspective on lack of oversight is not based on anything close to reality.


Most teaching programs will require that you get some practical experience in a classroom as a student teacher but it is not a requirement to get a teaching license and Loudoun will let you apply to finish those hours in LCPS by filing out form IRC4789 for teachers in training. You obviously have a problem with the suggestion that they co-teach before having a class on their own so I feel this conversation is going nowhere and that you feel the need to be condescending. So, if you want to get the last word in, and I’m sure you will, go ahead but don’t expect a reply.


Davis, not discriminate but require more experience which would in most cases make the teacher older and not one of their peers.


First of all, she looks all of 13 or 14 in this pic. Secondly, she is referred to as Mrs. So she had a husband ... ..... and she's "playing" with teen age boys.


I didn't see Mrs., still no excuse. They should have a requirement that teachers be at least so many years older than their students in K-12 since this seems to be a repeating problem.


I don't think you understand how education degrees and licensing and certifications in Virginia work. This is not a feasible idea in any way, shape, or form.


LoudounBorn, actually I do understand, I have many friends in education including the School Board and I think it is feasible. There have been conversations before by the school board of having teacher required to have a minimum amount of years of teaching before they teach at higher grade levels such as 9-12. That would give them a greater age difference than their students.


So, you want to discriminate based on age? In what world is that legal?


That is in no way, shape, or form how earning a degree in education works. Degrees specialize in K-6 or Secondary, where you specialize in a content area. You can't just start in elementary school, then "age up" as you grow older. Are you suggesting all Secondary teachers start in middle school, then work their way to HS? Teaching in a middle school and teaching in a high school are two completely different professions, and it's rare they cross over except for foreign language and some math. Even the middle school teachers who split with high schools tend to become more proficient at one rather than both. Where do you get this stuff? And what school board member would even consider such a thing when that type of degree system doesn't even exist?

Virginia SGP

DavisB, in every world that is legal.


Just another week in LCPS. It may not be too long before an absolutely disgusting and gut wrenching story comes out that involves another one of LCPS's finest schools.


Hopefully her employment has been terminated.

Samuel Eleatus

As a parent of a child in Mrs Briels class with the involved students from 2017-2018, I finally feel comfortable providing more insight given her arrest. I have also spoken to another student within the same class period last year who confirmed the accounts my child had detailed. The way my child described Mrs Briels in class conduct sounded more like a private after school orgy/gossip party for popular students desperate for sexual attention. According to my child, A group of about 5 sophomore boys began to jokingly harass her sexually towards the beginning of the year. This later digressed to one student in particular sensually touching her, messaging her, whispering in her ear, drinking from her water bottle, and engaging inappropriately with her for the entire class period. My child told me this would occur each and every class! The other 4 male students would either sexually harass her in a verbal manner or touch her inappropriately and laugh the entire class. According to my child(who I know wouldn't make this up), Mrs briel would often discuss her relationship and request relationship advice from these 5 male students. She would graphically describe her life including how she had cheated on her boyfriend to these boys. There was even a point in class where these boys were pressing her on whether or not penis size matters to which she responded, "yes". Both my child and another student in the same class told be she would often invite these boys into her office and close the door. My child told me most other students would spectate and laugh as I would expect high schoolers to do. It seems to me she has major insecurities and dysfunctionality within her own life which caused her to act this way. She is not a victim either. She had an entire year to report ANY inappropriate activity as soon as it began to occur. Alison Briel instead encouraged more of it and normalized it within the classroom. She is lucky to have only been charged with 3 accounts of delinquency of a minor.

John M

Samuel, Did you report this to LCHS when you heard it?

Samuel Eleatus

No, its difficult for parents to distinguish gossip from fact. I have collaborated this with another student of whom I also trust now and i am comfortable sharing what my child has told me given her arrest.


If this was going on all year in class, yes you should have reported it. SMH


Not disputing the overall facts of the case, but you do realize that a student can't sexually harass a teacher right? The power dynamic is such that a teacher has power over the student. The teacher can harass, not the student. Maybe if the student was the child of an administrator. Also, she was clearly encouraging it, so it would never be harassment regardless. Just get your terminology straight.


this one kid told another kid that Ferris totally passed out at 31 flavors last night.


I'm not saying this happened here in this case, but I'm certain a student can sexually harass a teacher, regardless of any 'power dynamic'. That's like saying a low level employee couldn't sexually harass the CEO of company because there's a power differential within their employment. Which, on its face is absurd. And I'm positive that if a teacher reported sexual harassment from a student to the school, they would have an obligation under law to, at a minimum, attempt to correct the problem or be held liable for workplace sexual harassment. An employee can be sexually harassed by anyone, including people who are not employees of the organization (think contractors, delivery people, suppliers, visitors, *students*, etc) and the organization has an obligation to intervene or they will lose their affirmative defense against a sexual harassment lawsuit.


That's because she has a job in the school system that does a background check and must verify that the employee is eligible to work in the nothing racist other than your comment,...


Notice no one is asking about her immigration status.


She’s so hot I really miss her as my teacher.


She will be back teaching in no time....


She was arrested on a April 30, 2019, but been on leave without pay since November 2018. Guess reading some of failed in reading comprehension.

More Cowbell

On leave without pay since Nov 2018, was that another article? Or if true, why left off this article?


Bruh you are really late on this.

Chris McHale

I wonder if this is just a bluff.

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