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A man died Tuesday morning after a two-vehicle collision on Route 15 north of Leesburg, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. 

The victim has been identified as Jairon E. Aguilar, 30, of Manassas.  

Loudoun County deputies reportedly responded to the area of Route 15 near Montresor Road for a crash around 6:23 a.m. A preliminary investigation determined the driver of a 2004 Honda Civic was driving northbound on Route 15 when he left the roadway, overcorrected and traveled into the southbound lane where his vehicle was struck broadside by a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado.

The driver of the Honda, Aguilar, was rushed to the Cornwall Campus of Inova Loudoun Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the Chevrolet was transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries, according to the LCSO.


Update: This story has been updated with the victim's identity. 

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Time for yet another 'study' by the BOS.

Some day they'll realize that RT 15 needs to be 4 lanes, like it is north of VA. The crap about preserving history is fake. Rt 15 thru Gettysburg is 4 lanes (they have some history there, right?). Reluctance is more about the need to dig up land in front of rich people's houses.


VDOT needs to fix RT15. If the County has to float a bond to pay for it, then we should turn it into a toll road. One way or another. RT15 needs to be upgraded from 2-Lane Country Road to 4 Lane divided highway.


While Higgins has been truly worthless, the unsafe conditions of Rt 15 pre-date him. I’ve been driving this road since the late ‘80s and it was obsolete even then. It’s just much worse now. Loudoun taxpayers pay dearly to live here. Politicians need to be held accountable for not upgrading Loudoun's roads such as 15 & 9. Both of these roads are 20+ years overdue for expansion.


Widen the road


I typically revive no response from local representatives so I contacted my congresswoman. Not sure about you but I’m tired of surveys. This is a safety issue, school buses traverse this road daily. I was just five minutes behind this accident myself.


Maryland did their part, just look at the 15 corridor in MD. Make the new bridge a toll road, North only...


Should we have to beg the Supervisors to insist VDOT at least meet its own minimum published standards for a an interstate highway like Route 15? Is it really an insurmountable challenge for the BOS to insist VDOT be properly funded to do their job? Is putting up signs warning of high water instead of actually fixing the ditches to avoid hydroplaning the VDOT way? I don't think so. This will be improved after Nov 5th assuming people show up to vote in a local election and make the right decisions instead of doing whatever the developer sponsored party sample ballot tells them to do.

More Cowbell

Route 15 should have been widened when BOS allowed all the housing development. Same goes for Route 9. More traffic, no turning lanes, heavy truck traffic. Stop development or widen the road.


Stop development. Rt 15 has always been dangerous though. Especially at night when weather conditions are bad


that is a scurrilous and slanderous thing to say about Geary Higgins. the Fact is that past politicians like Sally Kurtz and Jim Burton and others sat on their hands and kowtowed to the folks who opposed hard shoulders and a Western bypass. It was Geary Higgins who led the charge to get the road widened and did it with community support. It is not his fault that VDOT takes forever to widen and improve roads. If anything, Geary Higgins deserves an award for what he pulled off. And, the other 8 members of the board voted with him unanimously for these improvements and the study of a Bypass around Lucketts.


15 is too windy, too narrow, and too surrounded by trees to be safe particularly with all the truck traffic. But it’s still how Virginians in PW get across the river, action needed!!

loudoun fan

Death on Geary's hands? I don't think so. Geary doesn't get to unilaterally decide how to spend county resources. But since you're in the blame game business, if Maryland allowed another river crossing further east, the volume of traffic on 15 would be reduced greatly.


So true. We should charge Maryland for using our roads. We need to get people in charge who can actually make a difference in getting Maryland to do its fair share. Not having a decent bridge across the river is stupid and shows how provincial people really are


Blame all the present and past BOS for approving more and more houses in that corridor to placate the greedy developers. And wait till that monster service station opens on Route 15 just south of Point of Rocks Bridge, that is going to be a slaughterhouse with cars turning into the place or leaving. Poor leaders once again...we deserve better.


We need to elect better. Maybe younger if we could get them interested and off snap chat


Another Death on RT 15 and Supervisor Higgins does nothing. He talks about multi year schedule to do minimal safety improvements. "calming" circles will not fix RT 15 or stop all the deaths - It needs to be widened and shoulders added to keep people from dying. The blood of all the people who have died on Rt 15 is on Supervisor Higgins hands. He has been on the board for 8 years and 8 more years on the school board and no real improvements have happened in those 16 years. Shame on him and I hope the families of all the people who died file a lawsuit against the county and Supervisor Higgins.

Most of the deaths on Rt 15 could have been avoided if our elected officials acted in the public interest instead of special interests who don't want anything done.

David Dickinson

That's not really fair. Roads of the responsibility of VDOT. Only recently (within Sup. Higgins's tenure) has the BoS taken a much more active role with roads and Loudoun builds some itself...despite the fact that VDOT is supposed to be building them all.

Where the BoS is culpable is the approval of developments when we don't have the infrastructure to handle the new residents/houses. Hopefully, they remember deaths like this and the many, many others on roads not built to handle the loads they are taking.

Reject the Loudoun 2019 Plan. Development kills.


First off, my sincere condolences to the family.

The road was not designed or built to handle the massive volume. This is another true tragedy.

If you go to the Higgins for Senate website, he states "The Route 15 Corridor North of Leesburg is the project of which I am most proud." He re-zoned the Point of Rocks property so a mega gas station could be built (for buddy Minchew's client). At the same time, he fully backed the JTHG, to protect the hallowed corridor. So who is this guy, really?


It has nothing to do with the road, it is always bad driving! Widening it and adding shoulders won't help! If you think that will, take a drive on RT95


It has everything to do with widening the road. People have stuck their heads in the ground for the last 20 years and have done nothing. It the road was widen with shoulders and a median with guard rails like it should have been years ago, all the head on collisions would not have occurred. WAY past time for action and people have realized this.

John M

So you think widening a road will keep people from falling asleep at the wheel and running off the road, or rear-ending other cars? I think your desire for a wider Rt. 15 is clouding your judgment.


I agree on Higgins but he is not the only deadwood on the Bos.

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