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Rose McGowan stands outside the Loudoun County courthouse in Leesburg May 3.

Update: June 12, 1:42 p.m.

A judge on Tuesday set actress Rose McGowan's trial for a cocaine possession charge for Jan. 15 and Jan. 16, 2019.

Original story: June 11, 8:55 p.m.

Actress Rose McGowan was indicted Monday by a Loudoun County grand jury on one count of felony cocaine possession.

The charged stemmed from an incident in January 2017, when cleaning crews at Dulles International Airport found McGowan's wallet on the floor of a United Airlines flight. Upon inspection, authorities found two baggies containing a white substance.

Witnesses in a hearing last month testified that two separate tests concluded the substance, found in a black Chanel wallet, was cocaine.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Detective J.C. Hughes said he called to notify McGowan that her wallet had been located on the floor of the plane. According to Hughes, McGowan asked the detective if she could just pick up her wallet at the airport. After Hughes told McGowan the wallet was in the possession of law enforcement, McGowan allegedly made no attempt to retrieve the item, which, according to authorities, also contained a medical marijuana card, an insurance-type card from the Screen Actors Guild and some currency.

McGowan's defense team argued last month for the case to be dismissed, claiming there wasn't probable cause linking the cocaine to McGowan's ownership. The defense claimed there is no evidence that McGowan knew the cocaine was in her wallet and that she never demonstrated possession of the wallet.

McGowan is one of the leading and most vocal accusers claiming sexual assault against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The actress has suggested that Weinstein or people associated with him may have planted the drugs in her wallet.

The case has moved from General District Court to Circuit Court. A trial date is expected to set Tuesday.

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She left it on the plane on purpose because she realized the cocaine was in there. She was worried she'd be caught in the airport.


And she left ID in it so they would know it was hers?


Left on purpose with her ID inside?


No. She was careless and got caught. If it can't be proven then no problem, good bye. And no to legalizing drugs. That's nuts. Drugs are mind altering on all levels and sanctioning "tolerance" is ridiculous-drugs are addicting and we don't know 1) who will become an addict or 2) when they may progress to becoming useless citizens that the rest of us have to monitor and babysit forever. Do you want your daycare people or uber drivers to be "legally" wasted? Because that is what could happen, your regular everyday people could be stoned out of their minds while you are dealing with them. Go look up the history of Vancouver.


It's legal to run a daycare or drive while impaired on alcohol or prescription drugs?

Save your straw man for Nancy Reagan.


Of course it's not legal. But you can tell when someone is drunk. And prescription drugs are already controlled for the majority of us. Yes there will always be people who drink and take drugs and can harm the rest of us and it's already bad enough when tragedy happens as a result but making it easier to let people take substances that can affect all of us in literally every aspect of living is a terrible idea.


Countyresident, so Vancouver has a huge drug problem, so does the Shenandoah valley. There is a huge opiate problem throughout the US. You probably pass users everyday without realizing it, and many of them get their drugs through doctors, so I guess prescription drugs are already controlled. I wouldn’t assume that most of them will be useless and need to be monitored. But it needs to be stopped. But when there is a profit to be made it is hard to do. Money talks.


I don't think it will stick. It was found in a public place, no chain of evidence because it was unattended for hours, etc. They should go for more winnable cases not waste the time and money to prove a point.


I agree with AFF, lot's of money will be spent here for a "very weird charge" and a "very suspicious incident" who would carry around drugs and forget the bag someplace? If I were doing drugs, I would carry them in my pocket or person, not a bag and not certainly one I would forget or leave or check in on a plane??? She probably has more money to fight this "weird situation" than it's really worth. Move on to real issues.....Gangs and the KKK and keeping our county safe.


Thankfully, laws and justice are not based on speculation such as "who would..." and "If I were.." and "she probably has...". Do you see what I mean?


She looks pretty smug, considering she is facing 10yrs in jail without parole. Although she is likely to only see a year or so in jail. What is of more concerns is how she smuggled cocaine through security.


That's smug? I guess everyone has their own perspective.


I'll admit it. I do not care one iota if Rose McGowan likes nose candy. Rose is an adult and if she decides to play around with a arguably risky substance it's her call. It's too bad she doesn't have a legal way to procure her possible vice of choice and instead uses black market but that's a different issue.

I do however care considerably that valuable taxpayer monies are being frittered away on the most monumental social policy blunder in modern history- the great war on drugs. We the local taxpayers are spending money to attempt to jail a person who can afford a better legal defense than the average County citizen.

Decriminalize everything. Give adults the freedom to decide what they want to do with their bodies while shifting our spending to treatment and education and the world world be a far more productive place.

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