Waltonwood at Ashburn

Waltonwood at Ashburn 

More than 20 staff members at Waltonwood assisted living community in Ashburn have gone on leave after a resident died and another tested positive for COVID-19.

Loudoun County officials are investigating the situation after learning about the cases Tuesday evening.

"It's important to get staff in there, because you can't have a situation in their memory care center where their most vulnerable clients live,” Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) said during a joint conference call Wednesday with U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.).

Waltonwood Executive Director Christopher Leinauer confirmed the death and the additional positive case in a statement Wednesday night.

Leinauer said the community has had 23 staff members on emergency leave, 22 of whom are part of the dining services team.

Leinauer said the resident care team as not been impacted by the departures.

“The [on-leave] associates were mostly high school students who serve our fine dining experience,” Leinauer said. “This has not impacted our dining room operations significantly, as we moved to in-room dining in March. We currently have over 130 active employees at our community.”

Leinauer added, “All residents have been isolating in their apartments before the shelter-in-place was ordered in Virginia, and the community is working closely with the Loudoun County Health Department.”

The executive director said the infected associate is self-quarantining at home and will not return to Waltonwood Ashburn until 14 days from the latest date of potential exposure and they are symptom free.

Waltonwood is the latest senior living community to experience challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Falcons Landing community in Sterling has had more than a dozen positive cases with residents, seven cases with staff and three deaths.

Loudoun County’s overall death toll related to COVID-19 stood at seven as of Wednesday morning.

Randall said county officials have been calling Waltonwood and other senior care facilities on a regular basis. The county has been collecting personal protective equipment for health care providers for several weeks.

“Even with monitoring them, Waltonwood is following incredibly stringent guidelines as to who goes in and how they go in and how the staff is allowed to go in, and then even with that they have some positive cases,” Randall said.

Leinauer said admissions to the community were stopped on March 16, care teams are wearing full PPE when entering affected or suspected resident apartments and all employees are wearing masks.

“Our community has adequate PPE and is using it in accordance to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines,” he said.

Randall added that senior centers are what county officials are “most concerned” about right now.

“We understand what's happening, we understand how worried staff is that they don't want to take it to their own children ... It's not just following the cases, it’s also making sure that they have the PPE they need and they are staffed appropriately," Randall said.


Correction and clarification: This story has been updated to correct the number of Waltonwood employees that are on emergency leave. It has also been updated with comments from Leinauer. The initial statement that 30 workers had walked off the job at Waltonwood was sourced from Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D).

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The bottom line is that nobody will feel safe to return back to "normal" until we have universal testing--that means everyone in the US. Even if Virginia is "opened" for business, I will not be shopping except for food and related household items, eating in restaurants, going to movies, etc. Thankfully, I have the luxury of being able to stay at home.This was the most important country on the face of the earth with a long list of huge accomplishment. We were always looked up to yet we can't protect our citizens against this horrific virus. I understand the people who walked out were restaurant staff--high school kids. Kids have died from this illness. Where the heck are the test kits?????


Exactly, 8.7 million people in Virginia and only 44,000 tested? Many people are taking this as a joke. I can't tell you how many people I have heard just today say "we need to get our economy back, it's just the flu, people die" Obviously, if 500+ were dying in Loudoun County a day like in New York, maybe someone would take it seriously. Ask a nurse or doctor about this pandemic. They will tell you it's not anything to doubt or mess with.

Virginia SGP

CindyLou, are you suggesting that health care workers - who only see the sickest patients - will confirm that folks older than 70 with underlying health conditions are bearing the brunt of this disease? That the average age of those killed in Italy was 78+? That virtually no children have died despite this infectin 2M+ folks around the world? Is that what they will tell us?

Would a worker who has guaranteed income suggest that the rest of the country stop working (but still pay the guaranteed income worker) if it lowers their risk of infection or harm at the margins?

More people die of the seasonal flu every year that will be killed in the US by COVID. And that includes citing COVID as the cause of death for anyone who has COVID (no other disease gets such attribution). We are down $3-4T!!!!!! How about this. Everybody who wants to quarantine signs up for a list to pay that back. Those who are willing to risk it don't have to pay back the $3-4T+. Deal?

Jeanne T

Are you a small business owner? Expressing the desire to get people back to work and the economy back up and running isn't "taking this as a joke". Is that what you tell the small businessman or woman who is dying to get their doors opened again so they can feed their family? That they are taking this as a joke?

The economic devastation this is now causing is already worse than the virus. Furthermore, healthy people don't need to be quarantined. I repeat: healthy people do NOT need to be quarantined. You quarantine sick people. The healthy should continue to take precautions as they do with any contagious illness, which are the same precautions as prescribed for the seasonal flu. We don't quarantine healthy people during flu season. We don't shut down entire businesses during flu season.


Universal testing? How long do you think it will take to test 330,000,000 Americans. Even if you test them today, that doesn't mean they may not get it 1 month, 2 months or 3 months from now. I will say it again, just because you want a vaccine created in 2 weeks, this is not a science fiction novel. This is reality. Even at break neck speed it will take 12-18 months and that is assuming they are truly effective and have no negative side effects. It is nice you have the luxury to stay home, many of your fellow citizens do not. They need to earn a paycheck. The stress on families is getting very large as people are seeing their savings depleted, their dreams evaporating. The guidelines being proposed by the President's task force make sense. Open up more businesses that do not have large numbers of people congregating at once, self quarantine for those who are at risk (elderly, health compromised), keep sports venues and entertainment venues closed, increase distancing in non-essential businesses and attack outbreaks as they occur. A continued shut down will destroy local, state and federal budgets and if you think the stress is bad now, wait until the funds for social security and medicare dry up because there is no pay roll taxes being colleccted.

More Cowbell

Finally, someone making sense. You should run for gov of VA. I'd wager that twice as many as had the Coronavirus, didn't get tested, and lived to tell about it. It affects everyone differently. And some might be carrying, never to be sick. State Gov should have closed everything down for 2-3 weeks, 3 weeks ago. 80-90% of those companies/businesses they(gov) claimed were essential, weren't.


Cow, I bet you're right, and if there had been more testing more people could be working right now. State Gov has been asking for test, has even said that he felt some openings could have been made if wide spread testing was available.

pual mase

Let’s get real people and accept that eradicating the virus will take time and in the meantime the economy is collapsing.

We have to work with what we have and do our best to get better at testing, treatments, vaccines as we reopen the economy and put people back to work.

Most people willl accept and manage these risks

Some will cower in fear and deny reality.


First let me start a business that makes body bags and coffins. What do you have against testing? Test people to see if they can work and quarantine the rest for 2 weeks and test then.

pual mase

AG I have nothing against testing and believe it should and is being dramatically ramped up. Testing helps understand the risks and manage then risks. Testing also calms fears people naturally have. However, testing is not a panacea. It will not eradicate the virus. It will slow but not stop new infections. Tests are not perfect with false positives and negative results.. Antibody tests will tell you if you have had the virus but does not guarantee you are immune. It will take time to administer to 330 million people that seems to be your requirement for reopening the economy.

In the meantime, Businesses are dying, more and more people are jobless, people are getting desperate as they cant afford rent, food and are avoiding health care that may keep them alive.

Your harping on testing is myopic and naive.


I'm visiting family in TN and am so much more impressed with their response than what we have in Loudoun - with all of our high taxes!

"Free drive-thru testing" to begin for residents in TN:  ANY resident who feels the need to be tested for COVID -19  will be able to get free drive-through tests.They are way ahead of VA.   Gary Mayes is the director of the health department in Sullivan County in east TN - says "we want to test as many people as we can."  "We're going to use all the test kits we have, and we have ordered more and will order more again based on public response."  

I am very concerned that Loudoun is now and has been too passive.

J H 


So what’s the point of getting tested if you have no symptoms. And what’s to say you contract the virus the day after you are tested. You would have a never ending cycle of getting tested and those getting tested who don’t need too. Drive by lansdown or stone springs hospital. Parking lots are empty. If your sick head there.


Love the irony here. Criticizing Loudoun/Virginia for being too passive, but then driving several hours to cross state lines. Which hasn't been explicitly banned in Virginia, but is certainly considered a Corona faux pas. But we're all guilty of it -- expecting our neighbors to be Super Virus Warriors, as we rationalize our own non-perfect virus behavior. Because we "need" to grab dinner, even though we already have multiple options in the cupboard & freezer.

More Cowbell

Not sure that's the answer. Why would they test someone not sick? I'd be curious how many are tested each day, what are the breakdown of positive vs negative. Also, doesn't it take a few days for results? I know someone that showed symptoms, diabetic type 1 but she is young. She did the test and was done quarantine before results came back positive. Of course her symptoms passed after 2-3 days.


Wow, if there are risks that we fear, then as pointed out find another job. I guess we no longer should have police, firefighters, first responders, military or anyone else that has lost their lives due to the "risks". When you take on a job you know what it entails. This is not the first "pandemic" nor will it be the last, 911 responders ran into death and fear and some never came out. We do what we must. We do not run in fear. We rise to the challenge. We make sacrifices for our fellow citizens. Most of all we support America and the people who have put everything on the line to make this Country what it is. That would be a free society that has government out of our lives and out of our pockets. For those who are up to the challenge that do not shrink in fear and let someone else carry the flag, yet do that themselves thank you. I am with you out there everyday. God Bless You All and God Bless the United States of America

Virginia SGP

This is efficient.

The notion that health workers (or those dealing with the elderly) will be completely isolated from this virus is a fantasy. If you don't want to risk contracting the virus, find another job. I think many would much rather contract it, recover, and then have immunity.

But if folks are scared or have vulnerable folks living with them at home (nearly all children are not vulnerable), then they shouldn't be working in such places. I am sure they will be able to find others to hire to replace them.


This virus can attack multiple organs in the body: kidney, liver, lungs, heart - not sure what you mean by "recover." Most of us, teachers, healthcare workers, do not normally have to walk into a room full of deadly virus - I do not blame anyone for putting their family first as this is a life-death situation.

Virginia SGP

I do not blame them either. It is their choice.

There are no money trees. Eventually, the desire to eat, have shelter and clothes will overcome the fear but for now, many expect OPM (other people's money) to provide for all their needs and wants while remaining in isolation.


More from the joke with have as a chair here in Loudoun. Raise taxes on the dead Phyli

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