Loudoun County High School

Update: Nov. 14, 11:30 a.m.

Multiple sources who requested anonymity have told the Times-Mirror the investigation of a Loudoun County High School employee involves the teacher in question sending nude photos to students through an electronic device.

Original story: Nov. 13, 3:04 p.m.

The Leesburg Police Department has confirmed it is investigating an employee at Loudoun County High School.

The investigation began Nov. 1, LPD officials said.

Loudoun County High Principal Michelle Luttrell sent out a message to parents Nov. 9 informing them of the investigation “in response to a number of inquiries” she received about the investigation last week.

“As this is an active case, further information cannot be released at this time in order to protect the integrity of the investigation. LCPS anticipates releasing more information about this matter in the future,” Luttrell said in her statement.

LCPS officials confirmed the employee at the center of the investigation is not at the school. A parent who said she has two students in one of the teacher’s classes told the Times-Mirror a substitute has been placed in the class, and students were informed the teacher is under investigation.

The school system has been awash with controversy in recent weeks. Last month, three Tuscarora students were charged with assault in relation to an incident in the school's locker room, and three instructors have been arrested in the past month due to interactions with children.

Superintendent Eric Williams has not issued a public statement following the teacher arrests.

When asked last week whether Williams had any message for local parents concerned about the numerous incidents involving law enforcement within LCPS, school system spokesman Wayde Byard said: "Superintendent Williams and our school principals address each instance as it happens with the affected school communities."

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You think this teacher is the only issue at LCHS. What you should ask yourself is what about the issues that don’t make it to the press. We need to start over from scratch and rebuild our public school system.


That is a suggestion based on a few incidents and the teachers have been relieved of their duties and investigated. We cannot investigate what we don’t know and your complaint that there MIGHT be more is speculation. So I think you are overreacting. Loudoun is growing very fast and new schools are opening each year. Maybe complain to the BOS about the runaway growth and construction in Loudoun. Your suggestion to overhaull Public Schools is like saying that everyone who moved here in the last 6 years should go bAck to where they came. Furthermore I would check out what kids tell you as they like to overstate the truth too. And we are dealing with enough of that in our politicAl and social lives today. Breathe.


Actions have consequences!! When the School Board let that Principal off last year they sent the wrong signal. Now this year almost every week there is an issue. They take a stand against LBGTQ Protection, but, fail to take a strong stance to protect our children. Now we have this type of behavior seemingly running rampant. Time to check this School Board and Superintendent out and bring in new people who care about our children.


Which principal?


Idiot is the first word that comes to mind. Good riddance.

(Edited by staff.)

Samuel Eleatus

My child was in the class of the teacher in question last year. I was told multiple times that a particular group of students would harass the teacher each class while other students would spectate. My child recently informed me that much of this harassment was sexual and the teacher in question tolerated this behavior the entire year. I will not discuss the nature of this investigation, however my child was not at all surprised this has occurred.


Bad apple. But he will not be back I am sure.

Samuel Eleatus

The teacher in question is a female, which should not be relevant in this investigation or in a court of law. The gender of any teacher does not permit actions of this nature. All teachers must be held to the same standards of ethics and conduct regardless of gender or experience.


Sounds like LCPS needs better training for its teachers. A background check won't catch if you're a creep like this. Also, I fail to see how this is the Superintendent's fault. He has no power over if/when a teacher becomes a terrible person & predator. However, I do understand that it's always the Coach who gets fired when the team has a losing season, and oh boy has LCPS had a losing season so far this school year!

More Cowbell

so better training will catch a creep. Flawed logic. A thorough background check, which should be minimum on every LCPS employee would weed out some. Especially with today's technology


Ace10. Not sure what you mean by the public unions comment in relation to this issue. No LCPS employees are represented by a union. Perhaps you are referring to the LEA, which is NOT a union.

Chris McHale

And I thought nothing would replace Purcellville as the leading clown show.


Apples and oranges.

More Cowbell

I thought LCPS did a background investigation on all teachers/support staff? Whoever is rubber stamping this, needs to go.


A background check will only catch prior offenders.


Very difficult times for LCPS. Please remember, the vast majority of teachers are working hard to provide a premier education to students as well as be positive role models. It's a shame those teachers get more print.


This is becoming a weekly issue with problems at the schools. But rest assured the school administration has it under control. Everything would be perfect if the Press would stop reporting on the problems.


Yes, let's just bury our heads in the sand and be ignorant and clueless of what
is going on in our schools.


PR 101 is "perception is reality." Four employees out of thousands under investigation at one time is a miniscule percentage. And yes, they are entitled to the presumption of innocence. And yes, LCPS should say or do nothing to impede these investigations. But, it is a fundamental abrogation of a public spokesman's responsibility to fall back on a lawyer's advice to the exclusion of reassuring the community and those parents who are most directly impacted. This is what bothers me about this--what is the point of having a public affairs capability that remains totally silent on a matter of high public interest? Again, this is PR 101--and right now, you are failing.


The "spokesman"is good at giving vague responses that really don't say anything.I remember him from my daughter's,high school years.

Duncan Idaho

We need to get rid of Eric Williams. This is all happening under his watch.


End all public unions. Now.

Duncan Idaho

Teachers union is very weak in Virginia; no collective bargaining power.


Yeah back to sweat shops and child labor, lets go!


What unions? Virginia teachers don’t have the right to assemble! The Nea is popukar but not a teachers union. Maybe that is why VA teachers are 34 th out of 50 states in paying teachers

David Dickinson

LCPS's response to all the parents and students is utterly pathetic.

We need to increase the Sherriff's budget to accommodate all the teachers he has to arrest.


David get over it. Loudoun County is growing very fast. These things happen on a counties. Price William more than ever. The more growth the more capacity for crime. Do not blame all teachers for the few bAd apples. Loudoun still has a wonderful staff. Teachers unions don’t exist on Va. Va is 34 in the nation in paying teachers and many can’t afford to live in privileged Loudoun County. Veronika the reporter need to be less sensational in reporting the “crime” in Loudoun County schools “again.” Like Loudoun is immune from the issues that beset all growing communities. GET OVER IT!


Keep your perspectives More people in the county more crime. Happens in other school districts too esp. Prince William. We are not so exceptional. Reporter too emotional. Just report the factswithout the commentary.


I won’t disagree with you, reporting the facts without emotion is important. LCHS is where my son goes to school and he has shared multiple instances where cyber bullying goes unaddressed. allegedly some female student claimed she was sexually assaulted this year, why didn’t we hear about that? There are a lot of issues that have gone unreported. What happened to the days of protecting our students innocence? Now teachers sending nude photos?

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