Erica Voorhees mugshot

Erica Voorhees

A woman was arrested in Purcellville Jan. 17 after allegedly spitting on a law enforcement officer while publicly intoxicated, according to the Purcellville Police Department.

Staff at the Purcellville Pub — located in the 700 block of East Main Street — reportedly refused service to an intoxicated woman and escorted her from the restaurant around 6:17 p.m.

After unsuccessfully attempting to return to the restaurant, the subject left and began "stumbling through the shopping plaza," officials say.

Authorities found the subject, later identified as 39-year-old Erica Vorhees,  laying on the ground near the Loudoun Valley High School practice field, where she reportedly spoke vulgarities to the officers.

Authorities say the woman spat and attempted to urinate on the officers as they tried to help her to her feet.

Police arrested the woman and transported her to jail, where she spat on the arresting officer again.

Voorhees, of Purcellville, was charged with drunk in public and assault on a law enforcement officer.

Voorhees is president of the Parent Teacher Student Organization at Woodgrove High School, according to

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To anyone who thinks she could be a Vet with PTSD... She was dishonorably discharged from the Corps before she even completed training for her MOS and never saw any combat, except with the MPs.

Woodgrove Baseball

Bet she puts more effort into her job then the current principal, right 12:00pm Sam...


Well at least it's good or a change that it wasn't an LCPS teacher or administrator this time...


Hope she gets the help she needs....she probably has the alcoholism disease and needs treatment, praying for recovery for her and family...




Obviously, we hope she gets help. Anyone who voluntarily become Pres of the PTSO has a mental issue on top of the drinking.

More Cowbell

She appears to break the law often(20 cases in less than 10 years)


I would say I've done worse when having had too much to drink. It can turn even the most docile people into something else. Sadly, it seems someone had a vendetta against this person, otherwise her story would have been just drunk tank another passing in the night.


VOORHEES ERICA MICHELLE 38 Drunkeness 08/11/2019 00:45:00 N KING ST / BRIDGETTE PL NE


In other news there were two suicides in Western LoCo over the last two weeks. I think that's more newsworthy than some lady who had a bad night.


Isn't that Jasons' mother? Hope Freddys' mom doesn't show up!


Man, this lady was obviously having a very bad day, why do we feel the need to publicly beat her down and shame her anymore. No wonder Orange Crush is the President, we are a society turned into a reality show with no bounds or limits, just ratings.

More Cowbell

Thanks to people like you, the media..... You're always on here making every topic about Trump, how is that any different? Wannabe Lawman.


Soo much "selective outrage" on this thread from many who commonly berate others simply because they hold different views on a given subject. Spare me ...


Sad. Alcoholism is sad. I can’t imagine her guilt and anxiety after this. Praying for her. That’s the right thing to do. No one wants to succumb to the disease of alcoholism nor substance abuse. When it’s public, it becomes a tragedy.


To the above with the comment concerning Women’s March participants...really? What a ridiculous remark. You are only showing your ignorance.

To the others, please consider this is probably someone with mental health issues and probably having a psychotic break, perhaps self-medicating. At the very least, some one with a drinking problem. Purcellville is so very small and I cannot imagine the fallout for her family from this...and for herself.

Can’t we have some empathy?

Chris McHale

Had I known this kind of conduct was frowned upon I wouldn't have volunteered for the job.


Erica is a good person. No one should ever be judged for the worst thing they've done. There's a reason she was the president of the PTSO.

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

David Dickinson

In her defense, the PeeTSO President had just completed an interview to be an LCPS teacher, for which she demonstrated her obvious qualifications.


PeeTSO. LOL!!!


please elaborate, David - what are you trying to say




The PTSO can't get anybody with more decency, respect, or integrity to step up? President? Seriously? If they can't find a more suitable volunteer to represent parents/children then shut it down. The heavy drinking is her business. The spitting, vulgarities, and attempting to urinate on a law enforcement officer makes it OUR business and it says everything you need to know about her character.


Really - let’s get a grip here - firstly this woman is a veteran who served your country. Want to spare a thought she is a veteran needing help with mental issues from that service. Why don’t you keyboard warriors spare some humanity - nothing wrong with the PTO or the school. No excuses for this behavior, but when you have served and you need help it’s up

to the rest of us to show some kindness, humanity and step up to the plate (so you continue to have military personnel willing to fight so YOU can sleep at night). Loudoun Times mirror you’re choose to be negative and drag In a school and kids that don’t deserve that. Why not work on the veteran issues and do something positive - now there’s a thought.

More Cowbell

I've served in the military, along with many others that don't use their service as an excuse to act this way. If she is in that bad of shape, then she should be in a hospital getting treatment(not around kids).


appears from her prior record to be something the PTSO enables and supports...


Wow...I’m thinking she is having a major mental health break. Why can’t we be empathetic. At the very least, she has a severe drinking problem most likely, and needs help, not to be vilified in a public forum.

She will pay the price with embarrassment for herself and for her family. We don’t need to hold a trial for her – – someone else is going to take care of that. Have a little empathy for your neighbour


she done this before, trying to win an award?

Chris McHale

When? And she was still the PTSO President?


Yes and Yes Aug of 2019. this is nothing new just news today.


Glad she wasn't driving.


Did she have a pink hat in the form of a ladies private parts on?

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