Loudoun County 2019 General Election | Democrat Party | Juli Briskman

Democrat Juli Briskman thanks voters after being elected the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. She will represent the Algonkian District, replacing Republican Suzanne Volpe.

Results are with 99 percent of the vote reported unless otherwise noted.




-Phyllis Randall, Democrat, Incumbent – 54%

-Robert Ohneiser, Independent – 4%

-John Whitbeck Jr., Republican – 38%


-Suzanne Volpe, Republican, Incumbent – 44%

-Juli Briskman, Democrat – 52%


-Mick Staton, Republican – 38%

-Mike Turner, Democrat – 58%

Blue Ridge

-Tony Buffington Jr., Republican, Incumbent – 52%

-Tia Walbridge, Democrat – 45%

Broad Run

-James Bonfils, Republican – 39%

-Sylvia Glass, Democrat – 57%


-James Forest Hayes, Democrat – 34%

-Caleb Kershner, Republican – 45%

-Sam Kroiz, Independent – 17%


-Matt Letourneau, Republican, Incumbent – 60%

-Sreedhar Nagireddi, Democrat – 38%


-Kristen Umstattd, Democrat, Incumbent – Wins uncontested


-Koran Saines, Democrat, Incumbent – 63%

-W. Damien P. Katsirubas, Independent – 32%


13th District

-John Bell, Democrat – 54%

-Geary Higgins, Republican – 46%

27th District

-Jill Vogel, Republican, Incumbent – 64%

-Ronald J. Ross III, Democrat – 36%

100 percent reporting

31st District

-Barbara Favola, Democrat – Wins uncontested

33rd District

-Jennifer Boysko, Democrat, Incumbent – 65%

-Suzanne Fox, Republican – 35%

100 percent reporting


10th District

-Wendy Gooditis, Democrat, Incumbent – 52%

-Randy Minchew, Republican – 48%

100 percent reporting

32nd District

-David Reid, 32nd District, Democrat, Incumbent – Wins uncontested

33rd District

-Dave LaRock, Republican, Incumbent – 57%

-Mavis Taintor, Democrat – 43%

100 percent reporting

34th District

-Kathleen Murphy, Democrat, Incumbent – 58%

-Gary Pan, Republican – 42%

100 percent reporting

67th District

-Karrie Delaney, Democrat – Wins uncontested

86th District

-Ibraheem Samirah, Democrat – Wins uncontested

87th District

-Bill Drennan, Republican – 38%

-Suhas Subramanyan, Democrat – 62%

97 percent reporting


Commissioner of the Revenue

-Bob Wertz Jr., Republican, Incumbent – 54%

-Sridhar Amudhanar, Democrat – 43%

Commonwealth’s Attorney

-Buta Biberaj, Democrat – 49.5%

-Nicole Wittmann, Republican – 47.5%


-Michael Chapman, Republican, Incumbent – 53%

-Justin Hannah, Democrat – 44%


-H. Roger Zurn Jr., Republican, Incumbent – 56%

-Kannan Srinivasan, Democrat – 41%

SCHOOL BOARD (Non-partisan)


-Denise Corbo -- 45%

-Kenya A. Savage -- 11%

-Julie Sisson -- 37%


-Atoosa Reaser – 51%

-Melanie Turner – 42%


-Eric Hornberger, Incumbent – 40%

-Harris Mahedavi – 47%

Blue Ridge

-Ian Serotkin – 52%

-Ramachandran Venkatachalam – 41%

Broad Run

-Andrew Hoyler – 32%

-Leslee King – 53%


-Jenna Alexander – 26%

-John Beatty – 40%

-Zerell Johnson-Welch – 27%


-Jeff Morse, Incumbent – Wins uncontested


-Beth R. Barts – 52%

-Joseph J. Newcomer – 43%


-Brenda Sheridan, Incumbent – 59%

-Michael Neely – 36%

Soil and Water Conservation District (Non-partisan, three elected)

-John Flannery, Incumbent – 16% WINNER

-George Melik-Agamirian – 8%

-Marina Schumacher, Incumbent – 12% WINNER

-Jasvinder Singh – 10%

-Michelle Thomas – 17% WINNER

-James Wylie, Incumbent — 4%

(21) comments


John, they assimilated themselves so well that there are Chinatowns, little Italy’s, little Havana’s etc. Many never learned English. The pledge also did not have “Under God” until 1954. Thar phrase violates many people’s religious beliefs and the have to make that commitment. There are many people who attend schools in this country that are not permanent residents. If their parents work for a company that has them in this country for a year or two, they should not have to make a pledge to any country but their own. We would not expect that children of our families that live abroad would have to make a commitment to a foreign power So it is not the same world that you grew up in so as you said “that's not the case these days”. I would have serious doubts that half of any class was sitting out the pledge but agree with those who do sit it out if it is against their religion or their country.


Johnm, do you really think that people from those conditions can afford to live in Loudoun, the richest county in the US? First you have to be a citizen to vote and new immigrants are not citizens. The process takes quite a while. First you must apply for and receive a “Permanent Resident Card” or green card which cost over $1,000, then you have to pay the citizenship application fee ($725) Applying form average 10-14 months to process, the interview and exam is about 4 months later, then waiting for a decision is another 4 months, about 14 months total. If you did not pass your citizenship exam (or a portion of it): you must return for a second interview and retake the necessary portion of the exam. If you do not pass the exam a second time, your application will be denied.


Brian if you toned your act down and garnered you a few more supporters, you could be an effective advocate. For the rest of you right-wing windbags better get your tissues ready because there is going to be a long winter for you, especially when we move that statue off the courthouse grounds next summer. To the victor goes the spoils.

John M

The best thing about the election was seeing Eric Hornberger's political career come to a screeching halt- thank goodness! The sneaky, backhanded, dishonest, style he used was always going to come back to bite him and I'm glad it did. Good riddance, Eric.

Virginia SGP

John, come to the first SB meeting in December as we throw a good riddance salute to Hornberger. I will be inviting all of his neighbors.

I personally handed out 3000-4000 flyers illuminating voters on what he represents. Many began cursing him as soon as I mentioned his name (without mentioning anything else). While the nepotists and those who wanted largess showered on bureaucrats may have considered him an ally, he was pretty much universally hated elsewhere. Good riddance is an understatement.


The stench of Trump is finally being cleaned up. Say whatever you want, the Dems voted to show their disdain for this sick, old man with racist views Go team! I am sorry Buffington and LeTourneau won, but we will remove them next time. With a Dem plurality now, they are toothless anyway. So great Volpe and Minchew and Staton lost!! Spring cleaning in the fall!

abu kloun

Every car pulling up to a newly-sold home with Maryland or Pennsylvania tags makes my heart sink. As they race away from the unlivable hole they created in Montgomery County or the rampant joblessness they voted for in Pittsburgh, their first thought is "What a nice place, how can I f*ck it up? Straight to the voting booth.

I think you'll find there are plenty like me, 35 year Loudoun resident, who are sick of the GOP, the non-stop drive to lower the quality of life of residents as they claim they're reducing taxes. You know what, I'd rather pay 2 or 3 more cents per $100 and have a higher standard of living. GOP idea of success is rich developers and the rest of us stuck in traffic!


I feel the same way, also here about 35 years. If you look at who contributed to the GOP campaigns you'll find mostly companies that have to do with building roads and developments. They had them in their pockets.


Guys like Higgins and Minchew, with their special favors, pork spending, and "endorsements" by the Dick Black types, are part of the swamp that cannot be tolerated. Yet, the Republicans keep serving them up and wonder why they lose.

Virginia SGP

The entire LoCo Republican party establishment needs to be purged. Fiscal conservatives who will allow taxpayers of all backgrounds to keep their hard-earned money need to lead. If a 10 cent tax cut had been on the table (average savings of $500/year for LoCo families), there would have been a choice. As it was, voters had the choice between spending a lot more on government, and a whole bunch more on government. The Republican had no compelling message. They were Democrats Lite.


As long as those taxes go back into services that are for the citizens of the county what's the problem? I want libraries, decent roads, a well subsidized police force and many of the other amenities offered in Loudoun.

Virginia SGP

Should we raise the pay of the Supt and the County Adm to $1M? I am sure everybody says no. That is unnecessarily transferring income from taxpayers to bureaucrats.

The next question is should we pay every gov't employee $15k above the market rate (what is required to hire/retain qualifies, competent personnel)? On that the Democrat candidates say YES. But that unfairly takes money from the pockets of citizens including single parent, low income residents and gives it to handsomely paid bureaucrats when it isn't necessary.

Lastly, should we give raises every year to gov't workers that are not effective or hire a new eager worker and give them a test run (over half will turn out effective). These are the relevant questions. Nobody objects to building roads. The objection comes from showering unneeded largess on bureaucrats, many of whom are ineffective. Right, Jeremy Mader?

Duncan Idaho

Donald Trump has gutted Republican support in suburbs. The bleeding in Cincinnati’s suburbs tonight compared to the 2016 election is extraordinary.

Trump Republicanism is toxic and is killing the GOP.


This is not about Trump. There is a demographic shift occurring in Loudoun which favors Democrats and will continue as the county becomes more urban than rural. Second and more significantly the local Republican Party in Loudoun is itself to blame, They don’t really have a message except reduce taxes. It will be interesting to see if the new BOS actually addresses the quality of life issues facing Loudounites like over development, school over crowding and school safety, competitive salaries for law enforcement, fire and rescue and teachers, additional parks (not just ball fields). If however they just become robots for the social justice agenda of the state Democrat party then they will have missed an opportunity to show they can really govern and improve the quality of life in Loudoun.


While there are always other mitigating factors at play, this constant refrain that Trump is not to blame is a significant reason why Republicans continue to lose moderates and centrists. Trump is toxic and the unwillingness of local and national level Republicans to distance themselves from him will continue to be an albatross that weighs them down.

Hey, it's not just "reduce taxes" Loudoun GOP also favors having every fool neighbor shooting off their rifles when they feel like it...cause bullets have rights too! Glad to see fewer of them in government...

Virginia SGP

Let's share some facts:

1. Most schools are not overcrowded. In fact, the utilization (% of building used) of most elementary schools in Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, Algonkian, etc. are approaching 80% and dropping. This fact just isn't reported but is born out in LCPS data.

2. Loudoun teachers with a bachelors degree earn $175K more in salary alone than their Fairfax peers over a 40 year career. Throw in the gold-plated health beneifts ($3800/year more than a Fairfax teacher), and they get $350K+ more in compensation than a Fairfax teacher. For teachers with a masters degree, they also get about $100K more than a Fairfax teacher in compensation despite it being cheaper to live in LoCo.

3. The BOS could cut the tax rate by 10 cents easily. There is a $100M slush fund built into the budget. And the schools cannot even spend $20-40M they receive each year. Throw in the wildly excessive spending increases (10% per year recently) and the "Republican" BOS was showering taxpayer money on bureaucrats. That was the problem, a self-made one.

John M

LetSanityPrevail: We all know why Virginia is turning into "Caliginia"- it's the influx of people from countries who are escaping extreme poverty, lack of rights for women, and horrific living conditions. So they all come here and vote to make this place just like the one they left. Makes sense.


This John M. character has serious issues, he doesn't provide any evidence regarding his claims and then proceeds to smear a whole group of people based off his anxieties. Just so you know boy America was built by immigrants fleeing from poor, impoverished situations they don't come to America because they want to make it poor but to help contribute and make a better life for themselves.

John M

UnReasonableVoice: The people who came to this country, members of our families, and other legal immigrants, all came here and assimilated themselves, had no problem taking an oath to be loyal to this country, and even said the Pledge of Allegiance in school. That's not the case these days and you know it. My kids are in high school and both of them say that whenever the Pledge is said in class, half the class is sitting down.

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