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Virginia lawmakers are sparring after a report that President Donald Trump will attend the 400th anniversary celebration of the first meeting of the state’s legislative body in Jamestown.

Democrats have threatened to boycott the event because they say Trump doesn’t represent their values -- a reaction the Republican Senate majority leader calls disappointing and embarrassing.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Friday that Trump will attend the July 30 event, but the White House hasn’t confirmed it to The Associated Press.

The event is commemorating the 400th anniversary of representative government in America with the founding of the House of Burgesses, which was the first representative legislative assembly in America. It is part of a weeklong observance of the state’s colonial past -- including the first arrival of African slaves in the former British colonies.

The report sparked statements from lawmakers in both parties. Democrats quipped “send him back,” playing off a chant by a crowd in North Carolina at a Trump rally where he again targeted four minority women Democrats in Congress as being un-American for their political views.

“We will not be attending any part of the commemorative session where Donald Trump is in attendance,” said a statement by the leadership of the Virginia House and Senate Democratic Caucuses. “The current president does not represent the values that we would celebrate at the 400th anniversary of the oldest democratic body in the western world.”

Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, a Republican, said it’s sad when elected leaders “make partisan concerns paramount in their decisions.” He described the decision by leading Democrats in the state to boycott the event as “disappointing and embarrassing.”

The controversy comes at a time of heightened partisanship this year in Virginia, which is having elections in November in which Democrats have a chance of flipping control of the statehouse. Earlier this month, Republicans adjourned a special session in less than two hours that was called by Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, on gun-control measures in response to a shooting in Virginia Beach that killed a dozen people in May.

In February, Northam faced intense pressure to quit after a racist picture surfaced from his 1984 medical school yearbook page. He denied being in the picture but admitted to wearing blackface as a young man.

American Evolution, the organization that is putting the Jamestown commemoration together, released a statement Saturday noting that Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were invited last year by Northam, a Democrat, House Speaker Kirk Cox, a Republican, and Norment.

“Speaker Pelosi’s office declined the invitation within the last two weeks,” the organization’s statement said. “The White House has made no announcement regarding the president’s plans.”

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It would be preferable that President Trump celebrate our Democracy by first adhering to it. Although many might disagree with my statement, politics aside, there are plenty of now documented events where he has totally disregarded our laws, has unlawfully tried to cover up those actions and is now doing everything in his power, and power that isn’t his, to stonewall and block the law given right of our Congressional oversight committees to perform their duties of checks and balances. If he has nothing to hide, then he has nothing to worry about. Ignoring possible abuses of power should never become a norm that will set a precedent for future presidents. Our founding fathers anticipated abuses of power, therefore were implicit in our Constitution by making one of the key functions of Congress to supervise the activities of the Executive branch, of which our presidents are head of, giving them the power of subpoenas and investigations. This oversight, a right Americans have and should expect of their representatives, helps to generate and maintain feelings of security about the actions of those who lead and represent us. To know for sure their actions are in the best interest of the people and not for themselves or high money donors. That’s how our government is supposed to work! Doesn’t matter that our economy is thriving, or that the stock market is up, there must be oversight followed by accountability if infractions are determined. Period!


That should have been quit in 2008 not joined


Romano, I don’t know why you feel the need to be nasty and condescending. You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. It’s a shame that you don’t think the popular vote counts, that only means you don’t think everyone has an equal say. I think everyone’s vote, regardless of their party should count. It shouldn’t be that either party should have to carve out a plan to take over if they can’t get the votes. It’s “We the people”


Talking strictly about the electoral college Amerigirl. The popular vote doesn't count. It's either disingenuous or ignorant of you to say that I'm saying everyone doesn't have a say. Merrily explaining why a president is focused on the electoral college vs the popular vote. Most things in life require "carving out a plan". Trump's plan was to be elected president. The plan worked.


Democrats are pathetic. My heavens....how embarrassing for them. They still haven't figured out that this silliness is why he was elected. Delicious


People know what he really is which is why he lost the popular vote and they don't want to be part of anything he does. When we get a president, dem or rep, that isn't a pathological lying racist these problems won't exist.


Bush was a racist, Romney was a racist now Trump is a racist. The term racist has been used so much against the GOP they have become insulated from the term. KAG 2020!! Down with the Dums!!


Oy...Amerigirl provides yet another teachable moment opportunity as she regurgitates the old popular vote whine. Because the popular vote is completely irrelevant in the general election, Republicans wisely almost never waste time campaigning in those extreme leftist states like NY and California. They know they'll never win those states. If the popular vote mattered, they would visit those states and as a result, get lots more of the popular vote. Also, many Republicans in those states don't even vote because of the same. If the popular vote mattered, they would. The popular vote argument is a losing argument used by losers. Get over it Amerigirl.


workhard, who said that Bush or Romney were racists? Can't say I've ever heard that one. Trump has the market cornered on being a racist and a bigot. He is an equal opportunity hater. He hates blacks, Latinos, women, the poor etc. etc.


Amerigirl, speaking of racists, no one has done more to set race relations back in this country than Obama, who sat in Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years listening to racist anti-white and anti-U.S. rants every Sunday. Why would anyone stay in a church for 20 years if they didn't agree with the sermons they were hearing? They wouldn't.


He won - She lost - Get over it. Prove your "anti" comments,


love the new video of radical left congressperson getting kicked out of trump event by secret service....what a destructive squad of filthy mouthed liars representing the democrat party today....Trump 2020!

Duncan Idaho

"filthy mouthed", huh? That's rich.


BS and GD do not equate to MF. Sorry, it's just a fact


workhard, BS & GD? He called the NFL players SOB's, Sh!-hole countries, how many times has he used the "f" word? After the Mueller report he said he was 'F'ed, he even managed to drop it 5 times in 74 seconds during a presidential campaign rally in Portsmouth, N.H., "f-bomb" several times in a speech in Las Vegas. He criticized former Mexican president Vicente Fox for using the f-word. Do you not listen to him?


Give it up Dims. He’s the President.


funny, that is what your were told about Obama but that did not stop you then


Obama was a big fat zero as a President. All of this crap that's going on with white privilege, white supremacy, women of color, open borders and the war on law enforcement started with him, not Trump, like the media likes to tell everyone.


Okay repugnants, we know that we have an illegal president. We can hear the world laughing.


Give the Democrats a pacifier and maybe they will stop crying. If this is the best we can do as an electorate then we are in big trouble. These mamby pampy pajama boys and Snowflakes need to grow up and start acting like adults.


Would love to see Trump at the celebration....it would also be great to see the radical democrats boycott the event....what a spoiled and intolerant bunch of self important graft losers.....


Maybe this time he’ll get his history right.


Yea, like visiting all 57 states!!


Revolutionary War airports? He spent “a lot of time with” first responders after the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, nobody saw him! He can't even get the history of where his father was born right.


Who is self important? You know if trump shows up he will make it all about him. How are dems spoiled or intolerant? It's republicans who won't tolerate foreigners in the country, anyone talking against their policies, woman's equality, etc.


Are they going to let Northam attend? Will he be bringing his yearbook with him? Hypocrites.




Go back to where you came from.

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