Gov. Ralph Northam (D) says a Virginia resident has died from coronavirus.

The deceased was a man in his 70s, according to the Virginia Department of Health. He acquired COVID-19 through an unknown source. The official cause of death was respiratory failure as a result of COVID-19.

The death was reported by the Peninsula Health District, which spans two independent counties and four independent cities: James City County, York County, the City of Hampton, the City of Newport News, the City of Poquoson and the City of Williamsburg.

After offering his condolences, Northam said, "As a commonwealth, we have taken major, critical steps to stop the spread of COVID- 19. I have declared a state of emergency, closed K-12 schools across the state, restricted visitors at nursing homes and correctional facilities, limited state employee travel, and canceled large events."

“This is a public health crisis—we must all treat it as such," Northam said. " ... Take basic health precautions, avoid large gatherings, telework if possible, and stay home if you are sick. That will stop the virus from spreading."

As of Saturday afternoon, there were 41 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Virginia.

Loudoun County has three presumptive positive cases.

This is a Times-Mirror news alert. Check back to for more information as it becomes available. This story has been updated from an earlier version.

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Everyone is struggling right now, can you all just stop your political BS for once! All three of you should honestly be ashamed of yourselves.


Didn't you just say 5 days ago "this originate from ... China AND it is was created in a lab. Why are all of our politicians not condemning this! Which was not true but you sure were looking for someone to blame before trump decided that he really had to act on this or his number would be really bad.


I would advise everyone to put aside their partisan views as this virus does not discriminate based on party affiliation. We need to band together to get through this prolific virus rather than hurling partisan political remarks at each other.


Based on the recent Democrat arguments, mocking and criticizing on a national scale in the press, I blame this entire catastrophe in Virginia on "Doctor" Ralph Northam. He failed to plan sufficiently and now someone has died of the Wuhan virus. As a doctor , he should have known better and prepared more over the last legislative session, rather than frittering away his time undermining the rights of his law-abiding citizens. Why wasn't "doctor" Northam planning and staging medical test kits and making sure Virginia was protected? How many people must die before realizes how incompetent he really is. He should resign over this.

Governor Northam, a supposed doctor himself, is ill-prepared and has no idea what he is doing. West Virginia has zero deaths form the Wuhan virus, why isn't Virginia learning from West Virginia?


So much BS. Try comparing him to the orange mans, who has a full staff of advisers, response,You are one of those trumpettes that blames everything on the Dem's. There is not much anyone can do but wait it out now. Explain how he was ill-prepared.


As usual, you have who blames who backwards, but then validity is to much to expect from the jealous anti-Trump "Yellow Dogs" of the DNC.


AND......IT'S THE RADICALS LIKE YOU THAT ARE DOING THIS..... "Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) is one of those senators objecting paid sick leave" How dare you and your kind attack during a time like this.

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