Mark Warner

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) during a coronavirus tele-town hall with Alexandria Health Department Dr. Stephen Haering.

U.S. Sens. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Tim Kaine (D-Va.) are seeking information about the shortage of medical supplies and testing equipment as it relates to the coronavirus pandemic.

The senators from Virginia over the weekend sent a letter to President Donald Trump (R) inquiring about the supplies and equipment in the Strategic National Stockpile, or SNS.

The outbreak of the respiratory illness was first detected in Wuhan City, China in December 2019. Three months later the first presumptive positive case occurred in Virginia.

Loudoun County had 18 confirmed cases as of March 24.

The senators said health agencies are leading the response, but the shortage in supplies has become an issue for their constituents. "… our constituents working as health care providers and front line responders in hospitals, public health departments and throughout their communities report the health care system is woefully under-resourced, especially in our rural, underserved areas and minority communities that are often overlooked," they wrote. "This problem is most acute with shortages of supplies and equipment that are desperately needed to test for and treat COVID-19 patients.”

The senators have also asked the administration to confirm any relevant supply and equipment shortages within the SNS, to outline the strategy to close any such shortages and to clarify how the administration plans to use Defense Production Act powers to increase production of supplies and equipment needed for the pandemic response.

In Loudoun County, the health care community has spoken out about the shortage of supplies.

Loudoun Health Council Chairman Dr. John Farrell told the Loudoun Board of Supervisors earlier this month he was unable to test patients for the virus at his South Riding office because there were not enough virus test kits. Farrell also said six local practices were short of protective equipment, raising concerns for health care personnel.

The shortage of personal protective equipment for health care providers has been a widely reported and documented problem during the pandemic.

"… My concern is that if these patients are coming to our office, the health care personnel that work there will be affected, and we'll see a slow diminishment in the number of people who can actually care for them as they will need to be quarantined or kept on furlough,” Farrell said on March 11.

In an effort to address testing, regional leaders expressed interest in becoming one of the priority locations for federally supported coronavirus testing, according to a letter of support from Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large).

Loudoun County is a member of the National Capital Region along with Virginia counties Arlington, Fairfax and Prince William, the District of Columbia and several jurisdictions in Maryland.

In a letter addressed to the president, Randall said the region’s offices are positioned for such a task considering the mutual aid of public safety across jurisdictional borders.

Randall said, “... Our region also has the ability to facilitate large scale cooperative procurements to acquire resources and commodities as needed. These standing agreements and the cooperation of personnel at all levels allow ready and effective collaboration by the District of Columbia and the Maryland and Virginia local governments in the National Capital Region to assist in facilitating the establishment of COVID-19 testing sites.”

Around the commonwealth, drive-up testing areas have popped up, leading to more Virginians being tested for the virus. Private companies have also started to develop coronavirus test kits.

As of 5 p.m. March 24, Virginia had tested 4,470 people, 290 of which were positive.


See the list of questions sent by Sens. Kaine (D) and Warner (D) here.

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Dear Governor Northam,

On Wednesday, March 25th, you issued another Public Health Emergency Order which directs all hospitals to stop performing elective surgeries or procedures, but the press release clarifies that the Order does not apply to “the full suite of family planning services and procedures”. That means abortions are explicitly not included in the stop order.

Abortion facilities are using up valuable PPE (personal protective equipment) every time an abortion is performed.

Virginia’s doctors and nurses and other hospital staff need every one of these things if we are going to be prepared for possible outbreaks of more cases of Covid-19. Gov. Northam, I call you to task for allowing abortion facilities to remain in operation at this time. Elective abortions are not essential health care at any time, certainly not now!

I am shocked that you would allow valuable resources for the safety of every Virginian to continue to be used by abortion profiteers still doing their deadly business.


Maybe you do not understand what an elective surgery is. The name "elective" might imply that this type of surgery is optional, but that's not always the case. An elective procedure is simply one that is planned in advance, rather than one that's done in an emergency situation. You would worry more about PPE than the next 18 years of someone’s life? This is a time sensitive clinical surgery. Republicans are just using it as an excuse to further their agenda on legal abortions. It’s a shame that they have to use exploit a pandemic. Just look at the order that was put in Texas. Texas Right to Life, which declared that the governor’s action would “stop all surgical elective abortions.” The group claimed that the “abortion industry” was partly responsible for worsening conditions for providers on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic and accused it of “hoarding medical supplies.” In reality, however, Abbott’s order does not mention abortion. The order is designed to help health care professionals stay safe while expanding their ability to provide care, for example, by allowing hospitals to increase patient-room capacity. And while it says providers “shall” halt procedures that are not necessary to “correct a serious medical condition” or prevent “serious adverse medical consequences or death, as determined by the patient’s physician,” it also provides a caveat: It does not apply to any procedure that “performed in accordance with the commonly accepted standard of clinical practice, would not deplete the hospital capacity or the personal protective equipment needed to cope with the Covid-19 disaster.”


It looks like the Senate has hammered out an agreement and hopefully there will be unanimous consent to move it forward. The real question is whether the House will agree. We are already hearing from Nancy Pelosi that she has reservations, even after Senate Democrats and Republicans have worked out a bipartisan bill. Hopefully the members will put aside politics just once and get this legislation passed to provide relief to the citizens.


Yes she does, but now that the bill isn't a trickle-down, corporate bill. but a bubble-up, workers bill she isn't as concerned. It has nothing to do with politics, it's about putting the money to the working people not corporations. Airlines claim bankruptcy and have worked through it before so why are we giving them a big break? Why are investors, who have very few employees getting so much? It needs to go to the everyday worker and small businesses.

pual mase

Guess you got the talking memo from the DNC to parrot "bubble up" which is economic nonsense. Every waking breath of Pelosi has to do with politics.

Nothing Pelosi did changed anything that the Republicans had already put in the bill except for a few labor union giveaways and pork that had nothing to do with the crisis relief. She is desperately trying to save face for delaying a critical relief bill for nothing.

Why is it so hard to understand that corporations are supplying jobs and if they go under , workers lose their jobs? Airlines are part of the transportation infrastructure of the nation critical to our economy and way of life. To suggest that we should let them go bankrupt is so naive. The relief bill will likely require the airlines provide the US with equity in return for any financial help. In other words, they are giving up some ownership which should provide some security and potential financial upside to any aid we give them. This is hardly a "big break" or a bailout as the Dems like to claim.

I agree we should help everyday workers and small businesses, and the relief bill does this. There is nothing in the bill that gives anything to investors as you claim.

Employees don't have jobs without employers, including large and small businesses. Businesses don't exist without someone putting up the money to start and sustain them. These are called investors. Demonizing businesses and investors has been the go to rhetoric of Dems who either are stupid enough to believe their own nonsense or are deliberately misleading.


I'm glad to hear that we have Pelosi's spokesman on the LTM comment section. What does she have to say about her daughter applauding felony assault?


Ace, I don’t see what Pelosi or any of her relatives have to do with this article. My opinion was she was wrong. She doesn’t represent me or anyone else that I know. That is completely on her. Why the comment about me being Pelosi's spokesman? I read, I comment on what I have read and yes, I usually say who made the statement I commented on. What is your problem? I don’t make stupid remarks like ‘T. Kaine has done more for China's elite’ without something real to base it on.

More Cowbell

Yeah, just read where Nancy included $24 million to Kennedy Center in this bill. What a disgrace. She turned 80 yesterday, 20 years in too long.


Cowbell, The republicans also included $25 million for the Kennedy Center, in their bill. Trump on Wednesday defended the inclusion of $25 million in funding for the Kennedy Center as part of the massive economic relief bill aimed at boosting small businesses and workers harmed by the fallout of the coronavirus. Guess there is something there we are not aware of, so you shouldn’t put the blame squarely on Pelosi.

And trump said they included things that weren’t there. “Windmills all over the place, all sorts of credits for windmills!”, Not a word about windmills in the entire bill. Maybe it’s because trump still thinks they cause cancer.


Yep AG is the biggest hypocrite on this site, Kaine and Warner are losers and most importantly get rid of Warner in 2020. All politicians that claim to care about people are liars. Here me AG ALL of them. Most important is that we were isolate from the China source of this. Again, since none of you are molecular biologist, and forgive me if one of you are, you do not know of what you speak. I have posted numerous things that come from a molecular biologist in my family that is working on this. AG has TDS and will never be cured. Good news is just listen to the American people. 60% approve of how the Executive Branch is handling this including I might add, 27% Democrats. Gotta believe that is great since they spent 10s of millions on fake FISA, fake impeachment, fake Russia collusion, fake dossier, well you get the picture. Warner and Kaine don't give a you know what about the Commonwealth. Time to clean house of everyone especially that wacko Pelosi. I hear that Joe Biden can't find his way out of his basement. Did you hear him try to speak? And this is the savior? Trump will have our economy back on it's feet and even more prosperous for all in America, because he believes in America. Others (Pelosi, AOC, Bernie, Kaine, Warner believe in tax payers paying for everything on their pet peeve projects. Keep America Great, Keep America Growing, Keep America Independent and Keep American Citizens growing and working and opening new small businesses and keep the growth in the blue collar and other jobs. Don't worry those who defend Trump, no matter what he does people like AG will find fault and play politics and then whine when someones else does the same. Again the greatest hypocrite award.


Well said.


The whole state is late! Until it is a law, idiots keep shopping, just wandering around stores. I had to get an RX today and had to constantly ask people to move so I could reach stuff. I was polite, and these people looked at me like I was an imposition. They shifted a foot! People on top of rach other in the line! We may be fortunate enough to cure the virus, but we will never cure STUPID! I just don't get it! And the people at the top are exascerbating this! Especially our Fearless Leader who can't remember what he's said from one day to the next! Poor Dr. Fauci! Sorry, couldn't help myself...he is SUCH an embarrassment!


Maybe the people shopping had to get goods for their families, not sure what else they are supposed to do. I was buying food today and the stores were pretty empty and everyone kept their distance.

More Cowbell

Most should leave the kids at home and only mom or dad shop. Instead families of 5-10 were seen. All so they could each grab TP and Paper Towels.


More Cowbell, agree that the kids should be left home and really only one adult needs to do the shopping.


More Cowbell, toilet paper? what toilet paper? where? just kidding and I agree 100%.


Seditious? Defend your use of that term.

It's disappointing to see so many comments in these online discussions that are so pejorative and to use a fav of the prez, simply "nasty."

There is no better way to show your inability to make a sound case for your argument than to just label people with crass names instead of simply debating based on policy, law or practices.

Reagan warrior

Senators Kaine and Warner are a day late and a dollar short. Focus should be on state guidance rather than trying to take down the Trump Admin.


How is this trying to take down trump, how paranoid. If you ask for things and get no response than the next thing to do is put it in writing, With the government sitting on supplies they said they would distribute over a week ago then they have every right to find out why that happened and when we will get help.


T. Kaine has done more for China's elite than he has ever done for the people of the Commonwealth.




Google it.


Ace still don’t know what you are talking about? What ‘elite’ in china? How has that done anything for china? I’m thinking that you are talking about his speech on the floor:

"Quit the inflammatory China-bashing," Kaine demanded. "Did this virus originate in China? Yes. But Mr. President, that does not excuse your weeks and weeks of tweeting, lies, and misinformation about the virus while the leaders of other nations were taking steps to make sure their populations could be safe."

"The fact that the virus originated in China does not excuse the massive missteps that have led to the United States being so far behind other nations in the world in the ability to provide testing, basic testing, to citizens, including citizens who have serious signs of illness."

Well said by Kaine. There is a reason that WHO says not to name illnesses after places. It causes bias. It has led to an increase in xenophobia and racism, especially towards Asian Americans. People are actually being hurt for being Asian, trump called for the protection of the Asian American community even as his own actions have stoked xenophobia. Look at the guy that was telling a bus driver in Francisco on March 9 to “Run them over.” Many of them describe being yelled at and spit on for being Asian. This quote is a good reason that speech was made. “If they keep using these terms, the kids are going to pick it up,” said Tony Du, an epidemiologist in Howard County, Md., who fears for his son, Larry. “They are going to call my 8-year-old son a Chinese virus. It’s serious.”


I can never tell if you're feigning denseness or if its the real deal.


Because you can't explain your own statement does not mean I'm feigning denseness It means you are lying, Explain it if you think you are so smart. Let's see you defend the presidents racism that has caused injuries and made the Asian American community afraid.

pual mase

These are the two guys who delayed the coronavirus relief bill for days as they and the dems tried to use the bill to sneak in green new deal requirements, planned parenthood money, Kennedy Center funding increases. and lots of partisan. wish items that have nothing to do with. the national emergency.

These clowns need to go


Yes - all the while the Republicans were refusing to put any stipulations in the bill about oversight on where money would go, meaning there was the potential for large corporations to get the money unchecked. There's fault on both sides. Stop it.


Delayed like Gomert did in the house? Delayed like the Senate did after receiving the house bill? It was a group of Republican senators that warned they would oppose fast-tracking the stimulus package as they push for changes to a "drafting error" related to the bill's bolstered unemployment benefits. (Sens. Tim Scott, Lindsey Graham, and Ben Sasse, wanted to cap unemployment benefits at 100% an individual's income. Even republicans found fault with their own bill.

The repubs tried to sneak in bailouts for the oil, natural gas, and coal industries. The bill repubs tried to push through backed big corporations, big industry, without oversight. It cut back what the people needed like paid leave policies. The bill that under cut pay for individuals, small businesses and the healthcare system and was drawn up behind closed doors and tried to pass by saying it was urgent after delaying it, it’s clear who is performing in bad faith. The democratic bill made sure that large companies were truly investing in their workers, not using this money for executive pay, and buy backs, strengthen the child and earned income tax credits and inject nearly $40 billion into schools and universities to stabilize funding.

pual mase

There you go again.

Digging deep into the Dem propaganda bag of lpropoganda.

The House “bill” was a hastily assembled grab bag of recycle far left wish list policies. that the Dems have been tried to enact for years to transform the country in to a divided, welfare state. The Republican bill was a bipartisan effort from the start targeted to crisis relief not socialist transformation of the country like the the Dems push.Your claims of bailouts, and backing anything big are just false. The Republican, bipartisan bill never supported money for executive pay or buybacks.

Pelosi came back from California , miffed she was left out of the bipartisan, Republican bill and threw together o grab bag of liberal garbage like the green new deal and then tried to claim credit for the effort.

Her minions like some posters on this site and the media are working overtime to spread this propaganda.


Pual, Hastily assembled? Sure, that's why the house was there until the wee hours of the morning. All you republicans are yelling that it is urgent to get a bill passed, yet left town for the weekend. Then why didn't they let Democratic senators in the discussions to work out one that would have passed instead of locking them out of the room? Then trying to pass their agenda as being urgent, even though they couldn't have bothered to stay in town when the house sent over its bill? Do you think that the far right agenda wasn’t pushed in the repub bill? That's hypercritical. Giving money to the fossil fuel industry? Giving most of the money to large corps with no oversight? Time for a reality check, they were even more guilty. Giving money to healthcare during a crisis or feeding the hungry is not pushing a welfare state, it is taking care of the country. The claims are not false, you can read them, it is public knowledge, look it up. The republican bill did not prevent buybacks and only capped executive pay at $425,000for 2 years. The republican bill was not bipartisan, no matter how many times you say it. It was done behind closed doors and only by republicans. What you call propaganda is doing what is best for the country. The only minions were the trump sheep trying to keep trump happy so he doesn’t start tweeting about them and ruining their chances for re-election. Do you think that the fact that trump owns companies that are in trouble isn’t part of his agenda? There is a reason for the emollient’s clause.


The clown that really needs to go is the one saying that people should go back to work during a pandemic, what an idiot. He's going to get even more people killed than he already has.


Rather than trying to help us the residents of Virginia they are sending a letter. Two career politicians that should fix the problem not try to blame someone.


If you want anything on the record or hopes of a response it needs to be in writing.

More Cowbell

First outbreak not reported by China occurred early Nov 2019. Problem with facts coming out of China is they lie, nobody can research and anyone associated with knowing about it is put to death. A good jeopardy question: Kaine and Warner....Who are two senators from VA that have been AWOL for almost a year. As for Kaine, understand, he's just a goof. Warner I thought/felt when he first ran could be presidential material however the more he's in office the more he becomes corrupt and just like all the rest they stay in office way too long. That goes for both parties. Let's set a max age limit of 68 for anyone running for any office and max 8 year term limits. Did we really need a 1400 page bill to get money out to US citizens.... Heck No!


In this country that covered up the seriousness of the outbreak, we can blame, but others can blame us as well. How have Kaine and Warner been AWOL? Can you back up your statement? I get newsletters from them saying what they are doing, and they seem pretty busy to me. Have you even looked to see what they have been doing? Now is not the time to voice your unsubstantiated opinions. You do realize that if you maxed the age trump wouldn't be president?

More Cowbell

Unsure where you get your gossip? Intel shows China was over a month late and major cover up. Kaine and Warner have not been in the news until this article. I do not waste my time signing up for their newsletter. And yes, Trump is over the age limit so in my better world, he couldn't run for president. Seems you're ok with career corruption in politics, Instead of making things better for all. Nobody should ever be in politics over 10 years.


The TWO most seditious, hypocritical frauds in the Senate


Seriously, in times like these you want to play politics. Typical. shame on you.

pual mase

I am amazed Amerigirl, the most prominent Trump basher on these pages , is chiding others for politicizing.

The hypocracy is breathtaking.


Pual, I bash what trump does. I feel sorry for him because I firmly believe that he has mental problems the most prominent being Narcissistic personality disorder. He has an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. All the classic telltale signs. I think he should not be running the country with that type of problem.

pual mase

Seriously, in times like these you want to play the non-political referee? Hypocritical, shame on you.


So you haven't look to see what they have done for the state. I bet you say that about all the Dem's.

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