Dan Snyder

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder walks the sidelines during a game in Philadelphia in 2015.

Owner Dan Snyder has hired a District of Columbia law firm to review the Washington NFL team’s culture, policies and allegations of workplace misconduct.

Beth Wilkinson of Wilkinson Walsh LLP confirmed to The Associated Press on Thursday that the firm had been retained to conduct an independent review. ESPN was first to report the hiring.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that 15 female former employees said they were sexually harassed during their time with the team. In a statement, the team said it takes issues of employee conduct seriously and, “While we do not speak to specific employee situations publicly, when new allegations of conduct are brought forward that are contrary to these policies, we address them promptly.”

Washington's NFL team practices and is headquartered in Ashburn.

Within the past week, three members of the front office have left the organization. Director of player personnel Alex Santos, assistant Richard Mann II and longtime broadcaster and senior vice president Larry Michael are no longer with the team. Michael announced Wednesday he was retiring after 16 years.

Also Wednesday, the team promoted Jeff Scott to assistant director of pro scouting and advance coordinator to replace Mann.

Santos, Mann, Michael and former business executives Dennis Greene and Mitch Gershman were mentioned in the Post story.

Washington is in the midst of several months of significant change. President Bruce Allen was fired at the end of the 2019 season, coach Ron Rivera was hired on New Year’s Day and given control of football operations and the team this week announced it’s dumping the name “Redskins” after 87 years.

Allen’s departure coincided with the firing of the team’s previous medical and training staff, and Rivera brought trainers with him from Carolina and hired a new coaching staff.


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"Washington NFL Team".That's funny.




Business is down 50% at the One Loudoun bars since Gruden left.


Snyder has always been a toxic scumbag. There are a myriad of reports of abuse and outright disrespect shown towards 'lesser' employees at the Park, starting when Danny Boy bought the team in 1999 and promptly fired most of the office staff without notice nor severance. Suing the old lady in 2009, suing a newspaper reporter who criticized him, leaving ice cream to melt all over coach Mike Nolan's desk because he was unhappy with his playcalling, getting drunk and flying out to hire Mike Shanahan in the middle of the night and then taking RG III's side against him...just the tip of the iceberg. The culture is putrid and it all starts with Snyder.


Remember where Snyder came from......he was an "esteemed" telemarketer (remember The Wolf of Wall Street) and must have been dam good at it, built his own firm and sold it. He doesn't know how to run an NFL franchise, do we need any more evidence of that over 20 years? He had ONE person running the HR dept for 220 employees.


media and social media Blitz to force a super woke name change and all of a sudden, totally unrelated, a myriad of sexual assault allegations. Nope , doesn't follow the democratic playbook at all for trying to take down a person or organization...... not at all...... nope. #brettkavenaugh


Oof you are obsessed. Try to get off of the Internet for a day and live a little. Praying for you, buddy.

Mike Kay

RoundHillGuy, on the wrong side of every debate! ROFL


roundhhillguy...WTF do democrats have to do with it? ROFL


Just wait until Kavanaugh is impeached next year for lying to Congress. It’s gonna be lit.


Why is there a picture of Snyder on this article and not Allen? This article has been designed as click bait to make people assume Dan is at fault for these assaults, when it appears that it was Allen and his staff.


Fish rots from the head...


Presumably Allen is the source who corroborated all of the claims.


Allen did not return calls to the Washington Post. He hasn't commented on the report.

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