Maybe it was his athleticism. Maybe it was his outfit.

Either way, Redskins cornerback Josh Norman caught national attention Thursday when he shared video of himself running and jumping from bulls at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain.

"I had to face the bull straight on," Norman said in an Instagram story. "It was fun. It was worth it.”

Check out the video below.

But, why was the video of the Norman disturbing so many people? 

Maybe because he was one of the most productive players for Washington's injury-riddled 2018 season, starting all 16 games and finishing with 64 tackles, including 40 solos and three interceptions.

Or maybe because he is in a five-year, $75 million agreement with the team.

Norman first mentioned he may run with the bulls during a 2016 interview with WCCB in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to a team officials.

The team said Norman has had an eventful summer, helping Flint, Michigan, with the city’s water crisis, visiting the U.S.-Mexico border to bring water and blankets to families near the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Norman also visited the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington D.C., spent time with the Navy’s Blue Angels and donated to an immigrant detention center in McAllen, Texas.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, Josh. Training Camp opens July 25 in Richmond.

The Redskins' practice facility and headquarters is located in Ashburn.

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Josh Norman successfully "jumped the bull," so I guess it's a case of "no harm/no foul." But if he had gotten hurt with that stunt, there would have been [heck] to pay. I'm sure there will be some discussion about this in a locker room meeting, and guessing that "bull-jumping" (along with bull riding, fighting and running,) will be added to the players' list of banned activities while under contract.


"some white dude"? what a racist comment...some dude would have been acceptable....


I'll be impressed when he leaps over Defenders.

John M

marv- Your attempt at trying to be clever made you look a little silly. Norman IS a defender, why would he be jumping over them?


This video is going to get some white dude with no hops killed because he gonna try it and feel the horns. Lol


When you have a clip of him defending a receiver successfully please share....

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