Loudoun Public Schools Administration Building

The Loudoun County Public Schools administration building in Ashburn

After Loudoun County Public Schools staff pulled its textbook recommendation for the school system’s world history courses following public outcry over cultural bias in the books, the Social Science and Global Studies Resource Adoption Committee reconvened and found new books to recommend for adoption.

To meet the order deadline for the start of school in August, the committee proposed a two-week review period, with the materials being on display in the lobby of the LCPS Administration Building. Digital links will also be available on the LCPS website, LCPS staff said.

Members of the community will be able to review the books through May 28.

The committee recommended National Geographic/Cengage Learning’s “Great Civilizations Ancient Through Early Modern Times” for 9th grade World History/Geography and 9th grade Introduction to AP World History/Geography.

For 10th grade AP World History, the committee recommended McGraw-Hill’s “Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past” (6th edition). Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Ashley Ellis said Fairfax County Public Schools also uses the McGraw-Hill textbook for AP World History.

Ellis also said the committee decided not to recommend a World Religions textbook, because it couldn’t find a textbook it was comfortable recommending. Instead, the committee is recommending World History teachers utilize online resources linked in the current curriculum guide.

Teachers have access to additional online resources such as Newsela, ABC-CLIO, and Britannica, which also support the curriculum, according to staff.

The School Board will vote on the committee’s recommendation at its May 28 meeting.

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More Cowbell

Time to rethink buying textbooks that 1 group or another has issues. Most kids have access to internet. I agree with BoB, give Teachers incentive($$$) to come up with Lesson plan. I thought there was a plan for all kids in certain grades to get a kindle or IPAD?


when LCPS bought math books, they neglected to tell the public that student were only getting e-books, something students hate and teachers don't use. The result, is that the millions spent on math books was wasted and the books sit on the shelves - teacher are not using them. I wonder if LCPS is doing the same thing with these books or will this money be wasted also

David Dickinson

While we are at it, could they line up the LCPS employees so we can give them breathalyzer tests and check their cell phones for shameful student interactions?


Here is a thought ; Instead of automatically ordering $300 textbooks from a company that has no exclusive right to the material offer to pay teachers (whose lesson plans cover the subject far more expertly than the publishers) for eliminating the need for the textbook? Now to be really creative - offer those same teachers a share in the proceeds to publish their lesson plans to the other 30,000 or so counties in the USA who might want a world history lesson plan that costs less than $300 each. LCPS should be allowed to generate income that is not coming from Property Taxes and should be interested in rewarding our most productive teachers instead of treating them all the same on the salary scale with minor adjustments every year. With a
$1.3 Billion budget I think there might be a few minutes of an administrator's time to do this but if not then the extra $10k being given under the new budget to each school board member to do a part time job should do it.

Virginia SGP

In this politically correct age, our schools will never adopt a textbook that deals with factual content on religion. Why? Because some folks will always object to anything controversial being said about their religion. Let's take just a couple of examples.

1. When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, the last plague was the death of all first-born children of the Egyptians. That is equivalent to genocide. It is celebrated as a key holiday in Judaism and is part of the history of 2 of the world's major religions (Judaism and Christianity). For more genocides, see the siege of Jericho.

2. Or take the practice of Muslims. Muhammad married 2 women immediately after killing their husbands. Check out Rayhana and Juwayriyah (see Wikiislam dot net for a list of wives and concubines). And when Muhammad wanted to marry his cousin, he amazingly received new "revelations" making that legal. (see Zaynab) This was not unique to Muhammad. Many Muslim leaders forced the daughters or wives of slain opponents to marry them. This is otherwise known as rape.

Ultimately, fallible humans nourish these religions. There are faults in all. But the attempt to whitewash history is a disservice to our children. When we allow any religious group to censor any critical fact about their history, we lose some of our freedom.

John M

I can't imagine how many people will show up to "review" these books and will want to rewrite them. This is an invitation to disaster.

Virginia SGP

I say no comparative religion until college. Do kids really need this in high school? Nearly any kid who takes this course is going to college. In college, they can vote with their feet and/or pocketbook by switching schools.

I certainly don't want any of the LCPS administrators or teachers, who are nearly all ultra-PC, choosing what they teach to kids using our tax $$.

November Blue Wave

Are our public schools supposed to be teaching history or religious myths? Let's stay with teaching historical facts and let citizens choose to indoctrinate their children with the religious mythology of their choice as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Or, NO religious mythology if they are agnostic or atheist as unbelief is also a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. If a comparative religion class is offered the various myths could be presented as such and not as historical fact.


Fair points but of course Western Culture was built on Christianity, period. So if you really want to teach about history throughout the past 2,000 years you must address Christianity with all its positives and negatives. And of course for US history, the US could only have been founded by freedom-seeking Christians.


can you be any wronger and more hateful - I think not

Virginia SGP

DavisB arguing against facts and for whitewashing history. Is anyone surprised?


why is LTM allowing SGP's anti-Semitic remarks to remain posted?


Did you read the books?

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