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In the public interest, I hereby offer a primer as to why the impeachment investigation of President Trump is a national imperative. Let us begin by defining some terms.

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I was alerted to attend the Sept. 19 Loudoun County Board of Supervisors meeting by a call from the VA Constitution Conservatives. The caller named Kate claimed, “Your guns will be taken away by a SWAT team that will kick down your front door at 3 a.m.,” that I need to protect my 2nd Amendme…

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Simon was my first rooster. He was given to me four years ago by a friend who hatched too many roosters. Simon and I didn’t always get along – I had to work with him, but he sure taught me a lot about rooster behavior.

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We, members of the Loudoun Heights Agro-Tourism Council, believe the current Route 9 project traffic plan that the Town of Hillsboro and Virginia Department of Transportation have approved, with involvement from the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, is fundamentally flawed for one major and impo…

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It was invigorating to watch Leesburg residents engage with their governing body earlier this month as they pushed for a more vibrant, business-friendly downtown.

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I am writing in response to a letter written by Virginia Kramer, an 82-year-old Trump supporter, that appeared in the Sept. 20 Loudoun Times-Mirror. She wrote that she was afraid to place a Trump 2020 yard sign or bumper sticker on her property for fear of retribution from the "far left.” I …

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I am a Trump supporter. In today's world that means I am a very dangerous person. I am in favor of dirty air, trampling on the rights of people, hating gays and illegals and basically anyone who is different from me. I am accused of espousing the ideology of Adolf Hitler.

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My name is Ben Bressette, and I’m currently a sophomore at Broad Run High School. Below, I’ve written about my experience and the experiences of my classmates following a series of shooting threats toward Broad Run, as well as many other schools across Loudoun. I originally wrote this for Sp…

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This summer I met with a Republican running for office to discuss over lunch if he would issue a statement denouncing the president's political immorality, and thus help end the grave damage he inflicts on the American experiment.

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When I joined Loudoun County School Board’s Equity Ad Hoc Committee, I joined with a full heart, charged to review current LCPS policies and practices with one goal in mind – to create a pathway towards a further connected culture of diversity within our school system, charting an enhanced c…

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The three candidates for the Board of Supervisors' Catoctin District – Republican Caleb Kershner, Democrat Forest Hayes, independent Sam Kroiz – squared off in a Lovettsville debate Monday night, and each offered different visions to lead the largely rural, Republican-leaning district. (Incu…

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Loudoun County is gaining a reputation as the data center capital of the world. It is estimated that 70% of the world’s internet traffic passing through on any given day. Data centers have grown exponentially not only in Loudoun County but also in Fairfax and Prince William counties. In Loud…