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Big, boxy data centers are springing up across the county, seemingly overnight, on every vacant lot. Loudoun County houses the highest concentration of data centers in the world. An estimated 70 percent of global internet traffic passes through Loudoun each day.

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As a taxpaying active member of our community, I am appalled to learn that Tom Dunn, an elected official on the town council, is using his position to promote hate. During the last two months he signed several proclamations with divisive language rather than his signature.

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On Monday, a beautiful, well-run graduation ceremony at Rock Ridge High School in Ashburn was marred by a colossal bottleneck when leaving parking areas. Families, grandparents, small children and graduates headed for celebrations were trapped in their cars for at least an hour and a half wi…

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School safety issues are the cause of disaster and worry. Citizens are wondering what they can do and what’s happening behind the scenes to keep students safe. Therefore, school safety will be the topic of the Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents', or LEAP, last meeting of the year on June …

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This letter is in response to Ms. Skahan's letter to the editor in the Loudoun Times-Mirror on May 10. I am very sorry that you are so misinformed about our president. What laws and especially immigration laws do you believe our president has assaulted? You need to be specific. Do you know t…

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Citizens of Loudoun – I need your help. It is against the law to put up large or small signs within the right of way of any highway or road. This is Virginia Code 33.2-1224. The right of way is the median or part of road owned by us citizens and not private property and could be loosely defi…

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Throughout our primary and secondary educational years, my friends and I could avail ourselves of the abundant tennis courts at local schools and parks to practice and improve our skills. Many hours were spent on those courts and I am grateful to have had that opportunity.

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We live in bizarre political times. Stranger events occur with each passing week. As a result of the venom between the president and Congress it seems nobody’s trying to do anything for the country. Cruel personal attacks and racial and ethnic dog whistles are now daily tweets.

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On May 14, the Loudoun Times-Mirror published an Associated Press-produced story with this headline: “Del. Samirah says his Muslim faith attacked at first town hall.” Since I am the woman who asked him a question he deemed offensive, and which he flagrantly misquoted, I would like the opport…

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Gale Savage, in her letter to your May 6 edition, “Shame on Middleburg council members,” mischaracterizes the decision by the Middleburg Town Council to reject an application for an amendment to the Middleburg Comprehensive Plan as the nixing of the placement of a senior housing complex in t…

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