Trump wins whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. I , for one, am a Democrat. I am horrified by many of Trump’s antics. I feel as though he has divided this country emotionally by his political rhetoric.

Pre-Trump, it was perfectly fine to have friends of different political persuasions. It was not a dividing line of friendship, just a difference, like other things in life. There were even calm discussions among friends of their political views. That does not seem to even exist anymore. It is too contentious to discuss politics.

This brings me to my point. Trump seems to want divide and conquer. He wants to reach his base by all his talking points. This is not necessarily meant to unite this country. This is also evident by what is happening in Congress. The Democrats and Republicans do not work together and just vote along party line.

So how is it that Trump wins either way? Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you too have bought into this deep divide. Many Republicans feel so strong about Trump that they even seem to be risking their lives by going mask-less at his rallies. Democrats feel so strongly about their views that they no longer want to be associated with anyone who voted for Trump using the argument, “ How could you vote for this man with no morals?”

I am tired of it all! I yearn for two events to happen in 2021. One, I want COVID to be gone. Two, I want to be able to hang with my Republican friends and feel the love without being judged by either side. I know the first one will happen with the vaccine on its way. But what will it take to make the second one happen? Is there a vaccine for politics? I hope so.

Terri Andrews


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I believe the split in the country reached an apex in the 2016 election when Hilary called anyone who held opinions other than those of the DNC were labeled deplorables. Democrat leadership held no moral high ground over the last four years with their constant attacks on those who disagreed with them as well as those willing to serve in the administration.



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