As college students in 2021, we have never known a government that truly works for us. Issues that matter to most people — our failing healthcare system, the climate crisis, the COVID pandemic — are rarely if ever addressed by our government, and the response, if there is any, is usually inadequate. Ordinary people like us are shut out from the political process because our elected officials listen to their corporate donors and millionaire friends, and the result is a Washington that works for the few, not for the many.

As young people with fresh eyes, we understand why Washington doesn’t work for normal people like us, and we know how we need it to work if we are to address the multitude of crises facing us in the 21st century. We held a press conference near the Capitol Building to emphasize what Americans already know: our politicians do not work for their voters, but rather their donors. Left or right, Americans know that their government is corrupt, but for the first time in many of our lives, we have a real opportunity to change this if we can succeed in passing the For the People Act. Dark money donors are working to oppose this bill because it would empower everyday people while limiting the influence of super PACs and big donors. It would eliminate gerrymandering. It would give the most marginalized among us a voice that they have never had. The political moment is here to fix a problem that all Americans understand. Unlike other problems that Americans can agree about, we will not let congress and our government evade action on this issue. The future of our democracy depends on this bill, we ask Senator Mark Warner and Tim Kaine: Which side are you on?

George Ardura, Sterling

Gracie Patten, Williamsburg

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J Smith

Here’s what H.R 1 “For the People Act of 2021” will do:

- Make it easier to commit fraud and promote chaos at the polls through same-day registration.

- Degrade the accuracy of registration lists by requiring states to automatically register all individuals (as opposed to citizens) from state and federal databases (such as the DMV, Department of Labor, Federal Bureau of Prisons, etc).

- Create large numbers of ineligible voters, including aliens, and cause multiple registrations of the same individuals.

- Become a recipe for massive voter registration fraud by hacker and cyber criminals through online voter registration.

- Ban a witness signature for absentee ballots.

- Force states to accept absentee ballots received up to 10 days after Election.

- Prevent election officials from checking the eligibility and qualifications of voters and removing ineligible voters.

- Ban state voter ID laws by forcing states to allow individuals to vote without an ID and merely signing a statement in which they claim they are who they say they are.

- Expand regulation and government censorship of campaigns and political activity and speech, thus violating the First Amendment, protecting incumbents, and reducing accountability of politicians to the public.

- Create a commission that could threaten the independent judgement of our judges and subject them to political pressure and harassment.

- Authorize the IRS to engage in partisan activity by permitting them to consider the political and policy positions of nonprofits before granting tax-exempt status.

In sum, H.R. 1 federalizes and reverses the decentralization of our American election process which is critical to the protection of our liberty and freedom. It imposes unconstitutional mandates on the states, and erodes / eliminates basic security protocols that states have put in place.

But don’t worry about Senator Warner and Senator Kaine. They’re all-in on H.R. 1.

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