Although I believe that all people should be treated equally I can’t understand how anyone who has bothered to look up the origin and beliefs of the Black Lives Matter organization can support them in any way. This organization was founded by self proclaimed anarchists and Marxists. They don’t care about black children being killed in our major cities like Chicago. They do nothing to help improve education or housing for the African American community. By supporting Black Lives Matter through signs and printed material one denotes, intentionally or not, that they are supporting the Black Lives Matter organization. No American who loves this country should do this.

Rashad Turner, founder of the BLM group in St. Paul, recently left the organization and in a posted video referred to the group’s “ugly truth” with respect to their position regarding families and education. He said, “I believed the organization stood for exactly what the name implied — Black Lives Do Matter. However, after a year on the inside I learned they had little concern over rebuilding black families.” He further noted that BLM “cared even less” about “improving the quality of education for students in Minneapolis,” which he said, “was made clear when they publicly denounced charter schools.” He further said, “The question I always ask folks: How can Black lives matter if Black minds don’t matter?”

According to The Associated Press the BLM movement took in over $90 million in 2020. It ended the year with a balance of $60 million. How have they helped improve African American housing? What have they done to reduce crime in Black communities? Before you send one penny to this group do your homework. They are a Marxist group more interested in disrupting life in our great country than truly helping Black lives!

George Beim


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