Journalism was always considered as a profession that sought out news and delivered it to the public. We used to read the newspapers and listen to the radio to find out the truth about what is happening in our country and the rest of the world. Then came television and we were able to literally be on the spot as news developed.

However, it seems that of late, journalism, for the most part, has changed, albeit not all sources. It seems that corporate America, which owns most newspapers and television stations has decided that we should hear the news the way they want it to be interpreted. No longer objective but very biased depending on whether the newspaper/TV station is owned by liberals or conservatives, and unfortunately it seems like the liberal media currently far outweighs the conservatives. 

For example, many TV stations tried to portray the protests of last summer as peaceful. Most either didn’t bother or paid little attention to the riots. The fact that some of the “protestors” were burning things, destroying cars and buildings and looting stores was often not included in many of the stories that were relayed to us. Some people even referred to the protests as ”the summer of love.” Since when was love defined as destroying peoples’ property and ruining their places of business.

How about we demand that journalists report the facts as they truly are and stop interjecting personal bias into their stories! When we hear the true facts about what is happening, we can make up our own minds regarding whether it is good, bad or indifferent. Some of the news media even go so far as to create a story from an unconfirmed report received from an undisclosed source which at times turns out to be completely false. Unfortunately, when they issue a retraction sometimes it is found hidden somewhere where a lot of people don’t even see it. Grandpa, take me back to the good old days!

George Beim


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