The May 14 article from the Associated Press, "Del. Samirah says his Muslim faith attacked at first town hall," presents lies by Del. Samirah. Specifically, Samirah says "protestors carried signs denouncing Sharia law and made pointed comments attacking his faith." My wife organized the protest outside his town hall and I made the signs. Not one of the signs had a single word having anything to do with Islam, and none of the comments at the protest mentioned his faith. Rather, these signs and statements attacked Del. Samirah's outrageous statements regarding Israel and his extreme position on abortion.

Delegate Samirah is simply being a cry-bully. He is the one who has likened supporting Israel to supporting the KKK. He is the one who was a member of an organization known as "Mass Against HP," an offshoot of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction organization that has been criticized as being a cover for anti-Semitism. That Del. Samirah would lie about his constituents exercising their First Amendment rights is disappointing, but not surprising. We deserve better in an elected representative.

Christopher Bowen

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It appears as if the democrats have no problem with the lies Samirah tells. The Loudoun Democrats condemned him yet here he is again lying for political advantage? Even Boysko has failed to back him and she was there. We had a admirable man, Greg Nelson run against Samirah now we suffer from buyers remorse. Partisan hate is what democrats and their party now represent. A excellent slate of republicans are running consider it your patriotic duty to help elect Volpe, Whitbeck, Beatty, Sisson, Newcomer, McMunn, Kershner, Chapman, Wertz, I know what you are thinking but it does keep getting better with Suzanne Fox!


Agree 100%. We need to also make sure we get our like minded neighbors and family to vote and not sit on the sidelines.


Notice the absence of Boysko in support of Samirah's statements.


Mr. Samirah was also involved in Tlaib’s campaign as a voter organizer. As recently as 2017 he was still espousing radical positIons such as In a 2017 post, Samirah links to AMP propaganda claiming "Zionist Jews" are trying to "take over" and "Judaize" Jerusalem. He pledges thousands of dollars to "empower Palestinians in Jerusalem and beyond to end the illegal Israeli occupation.". In the meantime he is supported by Congresswoman Wexton, and the VA Democratic Party. Quite ironic that his voter base in Herndon which claims ‘hate has no home here’ elected a hate filled individual.


and the LTM was more than happy to post the AP article


Being a co-organizer of this event I do not want the sole focus on Samirah the liar, we also had the baby killer Boysko the co-sponsor of the Tran 3rd trimester abortion bill there.

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