I am writing in response to both the editorial, “Not the Time or Place,” and also Ken Reid’s “Condemning Samirah’s protest” in the Loudoun Times-Mirror on Aug. 2. I am really struck by both articles chastising Del. Samirah for his protest of Trump in Jamestown on July 30. I fail to see how it was even appropriate to have Trump come to such an event after his racist attacks on members of Congress. It seems once again, people are more concerned about decorum and respect when we are at a time in history where Trump, his enablers, the local paper and local GOP activists are fine with lowering the bar once again. Interrupting Trump during his speech where his words ring so hollow are perfectly appropriate, and I applaud Samirah for doing so. These are not normal times. I fear we may never go back to “normal times”. But I know attacking someone for exercising their free speech is a huge step in the wrong direction.

Dana Bressette


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Chris McHale

Dana - I hope you realize that you are arguing to protect one person's free speech while criticizing another person's free speech. One does not exist without thy he other.


Trump gets to speak all the time, never having his right to speak violated why working hard to suppress any opposition.


Pretty sure the last sentence answers that question. I think what she means is that if we live in a country where one side is always breaking the rules and then always blaming the other side for doing the exact same thing then all's fair.

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