Four area health care providers have teamed up to create a mask-wearing campaign branded with the hashtag #MaskUpNOVA.

Aren’t we all tired of dealing with COVID? I know I am, and people that I know are as well. We are in a once in a century pandemic. Life as we had known it in February suddenly changed mid-March. March 2020 reminds me of a very well-known date, Dec. 7, 1941. The Japanese attacked the United States without warning. On Dec. 8, 1941, life changed suddenly for millions of Americans. They were scared, shocked, paralyzed and fearful. We have those same emotions today. We are in a war with an unseen adversary. What did our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents do in response in December 1941?

Our ancestors sacrificed without complaining. They knew that we had to win, and they did what had to be done to survive. There was a sense of community and helping their fellow community and neighbors. There wasn’t a group of individuals that complained about having to sacrifice for the war effort. There were no protests about individual liberty of having to ration food and gas. Women went to work so men could fight in the front lines without complaint.

I listened to stories from my grandmother about living during World War II. Not once was there a complaint about what she could not do or did not have. She kept her ration book and talked about how life went forward even without.

In my opinion, not wearing a mask is unpatriotic. Only thinking about yourself and not thinking about how your actions can impact your community is unpatriotic. Demanding schools should be open at the sacrifice of students, teachers, and staff is unpatriotic. We can do better than complaining. We can think about how our actions will impact our community.

Our ancestors sacrificed so they can meet again and celebrate. We should listen to scientists, epidemiologists, and our health departments. Masks save lives. Social distancing saves lives. Lockdowns save lives. Washing your hands save lives. We can do better than this as we are Americans.

Todd Cimino-Johnson


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It is my opinion that a governor does not make laws and cannot mandate mask wearing. To be subjagated is just that, it is not patriotic.

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