The aftermath of a horrific mass shooting is not the time one would usually turn to a humor site, and yet, The Onion had an insightful take on Uvalde. The headline: “’No Way to Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.” And here’s the kicker: The Onion has run pieces with that same headline for years.

Our mass shooting problem — there have been an average of two per month for the past eight years — arises from a familiar stew of history, culture, law and commerce. And certain facts loom large. Yes, mass shootings represent a small fraction of gun deaths in America. And yes, the Second Amendment makes limiting guns more difficult here than in Canada, Australia or other places. Those are big, hulking obstacles to solving our problem. But there are other assumptions that are trotted out regularly in our hoary gun discussions that are less daunting than they appear.

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J Smith

Loudoun Times, why does an article from a syndicated columnist go in the “Community Views” portion of the newspaper. It should go in the editorial portion. Ideally, the editorial page should balance views.


I’m glad that Ms Cheren acknowledges up front that mass shootings represent a small fraction of gun deaths in America.

Let’s be a little more specific. Mass shootings account for less than 1% of all firearm deaths in America.

Knowing that, why does Ms Cheren rattle off 22 cases of mass shootings? She’s spends so much time on less than 1% of our problem.

And the whole hunting thing that she mentioned. That was a rabbit trail. I found myself waiting for Ms Cheren to get to a relevant point.

Ms Cheren strikes closer to making a relevant point when she says that “in most cases, these killers are mentally unstable, impulsive and socially maladroit.”

Okay, I think we can all agree that anyone who murders another person, regardless of weapon, is unstable, impulsive, and socially maladroit.

Ms Cheren walks off the stage with an out of the blue, unsupported, unrealistic solution to all our problems. Her big take-away: We need nonpartisan primaries.

Really, Ms Cheren, is that the best you’ve got?

How about we start with real questions, like what is happening to our society that people are becoming more violent?

I’ll put an idea out on the table. Democrat policies are causing people to become more violent.

Democrats are the ones that removed God from school. Democrats are the ones that de-value life in the womb and want unrestricted abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy, even the right to “abort a child “born alive.” Democrats proclaim that fathers aren’t necessary and have facilitated fatherless families. Democrats wanted police out of schools, called to defund the police, and set criminals free. Democrats supported the destruction of communities, as well as private and public property by BLM. Democrats want to legalize more harmful drugs and make them easily accessible. Democrats are unwilling to secure our borders to prevent all sorts of criminals and violent people from entering our country.

I have a real solution, Ms Cheren. A simple solution that is actually possible. Reduce violent crime, reduce homicides. Vote republican.


How many mass shootings would have been avoided with your reasonable gun control and how many who are saved on a daily basis with the use of firearms would suffer because of your reasonableness?

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