Confederate statue in Leesburg

The Confederate statue in front of the Loudoun County Courthouse in downtown Leesburg was erected in 1908.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has caved in the latest skirmish to erase our Loudoun history. I'm surprised the vote was 9-0 to essentially remove the "Silent Sentinel" from the courthouse square. I had imagined at least one supervisor would have the backbone to fight for reason. Obviously not.

This decision panders to illogical, hateful or uninformed citizens that are being manipulated like lemmings by special interest groups and seditious organizations that wish to destroy not only our history, but our Constitution. This has to stop. Besides being a wonderful reminder of our shared history, The Silent Sentinel is a perfect tool for learning. A teachable moment for a family visiting downtown. Standing at its base, a parent can explain to a child what happened during the Civil War era and that brother fought brother over deeply divided ways of life that included slavery. Yes, history can be taught reasonably in the public square. Now that teachable moment will be gone. All because some people, who have never been enslaved by anyone, are beating their chests, burning buildings and the flag, looting businesses and whining about being "offended" by all manner of images, flags, statues, etc. that they say are racist, supporting supposed "white supremacy" and other nonsense. I for one am sick of it. People need to get a grip on reason and stop being offended at the drop of a hat.

Maybe we should take the removal of the "Silent Sentinel" a little further on the logic train. Let's rename Leesburg. Never mind that it wasn't named for Robert E. Lee, but it does have the name Lee in it, and the Confederate statue haters should be offended by that. It should remind them of oppression and slavery. Let's not stop with Leesburg, it's time to rename Virginia. After all, it was a bastion of the Confederate States of America. That should get the lemmings lathered up; living on the very ground of a commonwealth that fought to retain its way of life -- the right to keep slaves. Instead of Virginian, maybe they should be called Offendians, under the new Commonwealth of Offended Ones, with its capital of Absurdium, of course.

Mark Davies


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I am very bothered by all these statues coming down. Doesn't matter which side of the "war" they were on, they were fighting for something they believed in and even though the confederates were on the wrong side, they were still brave in their own right. I am afraid we are wiping out our history. Use the statue as a teaching moment. I was in Florence, Rome and Athens last summer, and our guide pointed out that not all of these marble statues, hundreds of centuries old, were of "good guys!" We should learn from that, taking them down doesn't erase that they lived and in a time when they "thought" they were doing something right. Time proved them wrong of course. I can't imagine Richmond's Monument Avenue now.


All the posters are right. Legacy is an issue no matter which side you are on but I sincerely hope this BOS doesn't consider the return of a statue as worthy of a positive legacy of representation. Traffic issues have not be resolved. Tax level is still 39% above VA average. Garbage still being buried above plan. Route 15 north of Leesburg not fixed, VDOT still not doing its job maintaining. Loudoun roads it is responsible for and the school system is a mess bot efficiency wise and delivering quality education on a two day program with all staff being paid full and the assessment system is still extremely unfair and inaccurate. How about getting the job you were elected to accomplish done? :-)


Bob--The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is doing what it is supposed to be doing which is the construction, design, and maintenance of roadways not only in Loudoun County but throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Overall, they are doing a good job. You do understand that the projects that you are referring to are massive civil works projects and that they are done in phases and each phase CANNOT be done until the preceding phase is completed. For instance, the Route 15 Bypass Interchange at Edwards Ferry Road and Fort Evans Road in the Town of Leesburg is in the Design Phase. Once that phase is completed and ALL engineering assessments have been completed/reviewed/accepted and additional funding, then the project will move into construction phase and VDOT will begin procuring right of way land as needed. As for the Route 15 North Project, VDOT is a partner, along with a multitude of Virginia and Maryland agencies on that project. That project is being managed by the Loudoun County Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure. Again, this project is in DESIGN phase and there are multiple required engineering assessments/studies that have to be done/reviewed/approved before the CONSTRUCTION phase can begin. In addition, for both projects, additional funding will be required to be provided for acquisition activities and that has not been provided yet.


I understand that this was posted to generate clicks, and therefore additional ad revenue, but is that enough of a guiding principle to continue to allow uninformed opinion pieces to be published?

The inability to grasp the nuance between Leesburg being named after Thomas Lee (who essentially ran Virginia as a de facto Governor), was a member of the House of Burgesses, and whose sons were prominent in the American Revolution AND Robert E. Lee, the descendant of Thomas, who rebelled against the nation his family fought to create in support of the traitorous CSA, is why no one can agree on anything anymore.

The two are situations are vastly different unless you're desperately grasping at straws to justify why this statue is so important to you.


But the board didn’t vote to remove it. The board voted to allow the United Daughters of the Confederacy to access the courthouse grounds to remove THEIR statue. I notice one of the comment guidelines is “be truthful”. That should apply to opinion pieces as well.


Sterling20164--and the point is? Yes, the United Daughters of the Confederacy own that statue as there is no EVIDENCE to prove that the County of Loudoun ever accepted the statue. Donations to help erect the statue does not pass the test for proof that the County of Loudoun accepted the statue.


Town of Antifa-stan? Snowflake-ville? Lets commission a interpretive trail, the trail of liberal tears...


This letter will serve as a teachable moment for future generations.


And shame on you, LTM, for publishing the rantings of a racist under the guise of an "opinion."


Baseballand sunshine--where precisely is this "racism" that you believe is identified in the letter? No, it doesn't exist. The letter writer is expressing his opinion which is allowed pursuant to the laws of this nation. Now, you may and probably disagree with the content, and that is your right, but you cannot deny the individual the right to express himself.


The Silent Sentinel has a plaque at the base reads: "In memory of the Confederate soldiers of Loudoun County." You are concerned that the statue's removal was driven by citizens who "wish to destroy...our Constitution"? The United States Constitution was written in 1787 for the United States of America. The Confederate States of America, yes, the same which your beloved Silent Sentinel represents, seceded from the United States of America in the 1860s and proceeded to actively fight against the Constitution-abiding United States of America for years. The Confederacy wished to destroy our Constitution, and we are past due on erasing all remaining opportunities for hero worship of that disgusting time in our nation's history. Your opinion on this matter is illogical, hateful, and uninformed. You seem very concerned about teachable moments. You have a lot of learning to do yourself.

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