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To my fellow Loudoun residents, we cannot fathom the implications of our elections when the playing field has not been level for more than 200 years. I am, of course, referring to gerrymandering, where politicians manipulate districts to favor their respective parties.

On Nov, 3, a redistricting amendment will be on the Virginia ballot, written by Democratic senators George Barker and Dick Saslaw and co-patroned by Republican senators John Cosgrove and Emmett Hanger, to end racial and partisan gerrymandering. The amendment would put redistricting in the hands of an independent, citizen-led commission composed of four Democrats, four Republicans, eight citizens and a citizen chair. The support on this redistricting amendment has surpassed the realm of partisanship, receiving significant support from both sides of the political aisle.

A special thanks to local Sen. John Bell (D), House Del. Suhas Subramanyam (D), former House Del. Randy Minchew (R) and nonpartisan organizations such as One Virginia 2021 for supporting this redistricting amendment that is paramount in the progress of an ever-changing state and nation.

I am hopeful for our future. We have an opportunity in Loudoun to vote on a bipartisan redistricting amendment securing voting rights through eliminating racial and partisan gerrymandering. On Nov. 3, we must be sure to vote yes on the redistricting amendment to meet the needs of all Loudoun residents.

In sum, gerrymandering’s reformation is about fairness, not politics; let us, the people, decide the outcome of elections, not our politicians who currently wield the power to redistrict.

Rylan Dawson


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Eric the half a troll

Voting No. The amendment will immediately throw redistricting to the Republican Virginia Supreme Court. All you have to know is David LaRock and his fellow Republicans support it 100%. They will use it to gerrymander from the minority. Vote NO!

Stevens R. Miller

Vote no. This amendment gives total control over redistricting to the state supreme court if the General Assembly can't agree on a plan, an almost certain outcome. The supreme court of Virginia is currently 100% composed of members of one party. That's not non-partisan. Not at all.


Stevens R. Miller--you are incorrect concerning the composition of the Virginia Supreme Court. The Court does have members of different political parties, not just one.


Obviously gerrymandering is not fair but so is the composite index.

which of our legislators has even tried to modify this anti-northern Virginia index which takes hundreds of millions away from what Loudoun should get back from state sales taxes to support schools? Don't brag about your favorite politician until you can show they have tried to do all the important things not just what your party wants done.

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