Wild fires have become a global issue. Successive years have shown increase in numbers, intensity and areas burned. Wild fires are burning our users of CO2, Carbon dioxide, the trees and the burn itself is adding more CO2 into our atmosphere. Plants absorb CO2 from air and through the process of Photosynthesis release the much needed oxygen for the animals. However burning alone is not destroying our trees. Logging, deforestation for agricultural use etc. are additional factors for loss of trees. CO2 in atmosphere causes global warming is an accepted notion.

What do our lungs need? OXYGEN, and trees give it to us, trees sustain us.

An international action is required to minimize forest fires. U.S. is not alone facing increase in frequency and intensity of forest fires. Countries like Australia, China, Russia, parts of Africa and others are also facing the curse of forest fires. We are all aware of these issues, but are we blind to these facts? It is time to WAKE UP and act.

Plant more trees. Establish more Wilderness areas and Wetlands. Stop Ocean pollution. Build more Fresh Water Reservoirs. Clean up our streams and rivers and Lakes. Eliminate Non Native species of plants and animals. Many more suggestions could be added to the list.

Nature is very forgiving but and can tolerate some abuse, but we have gone overboard. Nature is crying for a balanced ecosystem and is sending us messages. Pay heed to them and help nature recover. It is still not too late, and every Global Citizen has moral obligation to be a part of the recovery.

Thanks for reading my rants, but do your part

Dhruv Dixit


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