I am a senior at Stone Bridge High School and The Academies of Loudoun. Recently, I have read a piece of work in your section that speaks to the outrage some people have felt about the Loudoun County School Board and Board of Supervisors' formal apology for the past operation of segregated schools in the county. I wanted to give you a different take on behalf of students who are in the school system every day.

As a person of color and 12th-year student in this school system, I feel as though LCPS's Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism is imperative to the future success of secondary education. When I hear people viewing the correction of history's past mistakes as "mob mentality" or "barbaric" in some instances, it is very disheartening to say the least.

My time within these schools have been very different throughout the years. From when I first started school in the 1st grade, there were talks about the country's battle with racism and inequality that only covered the bare surface. Now, in 2020, students are going into the crevasse of the history of the United States, being cognizant of our country's path to achieve societal well-being. The School Board is blossoming into an era where inclusion and diversity are musts. It should not be a partisan issue by continuing to correct and acknowledge human rights that have been stripped away by generations of systematic racism.

Our current state of affairs and leadership is beyond a political agenda. African Americans have been fatigued by the constant presence of police brutality and racism, ultimately resulting in unrest. Like the the late British philosopher Bertrand Russell states, "Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd." These riots and burning of political signs only represent what it's like when voices aren't heard. All minorities want is equity and equality. Why should LCPS's agenda be attacked by trying to reserve these values to blacks across the county?

So, in sum, I leave you with this question: What if it were you?

Darius Dixon


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This is nonsense our school turn out, yikes!

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