Samirah in Jamestown

Del. Ibraheem Samirah (D-86th) interrupts President Donald Trump during a celebration of legislative democracy in Jamestown on July 30. 

National news has a way of finding us here in Loudoun County. Unfortunately, that's usually a bad thing.

New state Del. Ibraheem Samirah's outburst in Jamestown this week was no exception.

On Tuesday, Samirah, a Democrat who represents portions of eastern Loudoun and western Fairfax counties, protested President Donald Trump's speech at the 400th anniversary event of the new world's first legislative body – the Virginia House of Burgesses. Shortly into the president's speech, Samirah stood up and pilloried the president while holding up laminated signs that read “Deport Hate,” ”Reunite My Family” and “Go Back to Your Corrupted Home.”

Mr. Samirah's protest was little more than a plea for attention, a contention bolstered by the fact his press team had a (sloppy) press release ready to send out the moment the delegate was escorted from the ceremony. (The release listed the wrong House of Delegates district.)

As the adage goes, “There's a time and a place.” An event memorializing our nation's experiment in self-government, with dignitaries of all political stripes in the crowd, was not the place for Samirah's amateur exploit.

In an era where new social media outlets are sprouting up each year, when anyone can start a blog and the nation's citizens remain free to speak out on whatever issue they please, there's no shortage of avenues for Samirah – or anyone, for that matter – to take President Trump to task on any number of his shortcomings (the president's recent vile comments about the great city of Baltimore among them).

But the Democratic delegate's disruption of the nation's commander in chief during a celebration of democracy revealed poor judgment and conduct unbecoming of a public official.

We concede The Virginia Way – the notion that our commonwealth's elected officials will exude integrity and hold themselves to a higher standard – has gone astray in recent years, but we're not ready to give up on the idea of civility and respect in our politics just yet. We'll persist in pushing for more, pushing for better from our politicians.

Freedom of expression is indeed central to our democracy, and with that comes the right to peacefully protest. We don't argue the fact Samirah was well within his rights to interrupt the president, but just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

If Mr. Samirah is intent on ridding the White House of President Trump, his time would be better spent campaigning for Democrats in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio -- not with a gauche stunt to get his name in the news.

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Speaking of ‘wrong place, wrong time’ trump goes to El Paso and Dayton (or was that Toledo?) supposedly to help heal and unify and starts out by making degrading political comments. That is so trump, always about him, and he made it that way by saying of the first responders he was impressed by the "love and respect for the office of the presidency." No wonder so many victims didn’t want to meet with him.


Instead of gun free how about Amerigurl free zone.


You know you would miss me.


I use amerigirl's comments to educate my kids on the dangers of liberalism; from post-birth abortion to unfettered illegal immigration to Medicare for all; just to name a few.


our only hope for the future is that your kids listen to their friends and teachers more than you


If you are ignorant on the subjects like the fact that there is no such thing as post-birth abortion maybe you shouldn't continue to try to prove a lie. You have been given the laws several times but continue the lie, a true trump follower.


Trump, making fools, democrats wherever he goes.


trump being a fool and bigot every time he opens his mouth.


I agree it was the wrong place and the wrong time, but when we have a president who inappropriately makes statements at practically every event he speaks at, he has set a terrible example for others to follow. Trump’s undignified behaviors are no excuse for others to do the same, but it sure is hard not to when overflowing with frustrations created by Trump’s on going crazy-making. Ask any psychiatrist!!!


Liberals have no other options for debate besides these kind of attention getting displays of rudeness, because reasoned, rational debate requires logic and rationality. As exemplified by LTM's article here, calling Pres. Trump's comments, which were similar or even milder than comments by Mr. Cummings, Mr. Sanders, and Ms. Pugh, vile. It's quite hypocritical for LTM to call out Del. Samirah for how he protests, while LTM stirs up that very kind of response with hateful double standards.


And you think they weren't vile? How about racist? The trumpsters comments were not milder. As the New Yorker put it “Jamestown was ground zero for democracy in the Americas, too. Four hundred years later, the theme on Tuesday was not the celebration of democracy but the stench of racism that has increasingly pervaded Trump’s Presidency”.


Yes, it was a commemoration of an historical event at a site where the first legislative body, the House of Burgesses, had representatives of the pioneering settlers. However I'm guessing the event may not be viewed the same way by descendants of the natives living here when the Europeans arrived.

Furthermore, your news coverage made no mention of the plight the historic

Jamestown Island is suffering from a combination of ground sinking and sea level rise. President Trump's remarks didn't mention the threat to Virginia's coast (and Norfolk's Naval Base) because he continues to dispute scientific evidence that the current rate of sea level rise is linked to worldwide human activity creating a rapid uptick of greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere.


Notably missing in this editorial was anything about this agitator's racist anti-Semitic views. While the writer was correct that this was the wrong place wrong time, he should also have pointed out the brazen hypocrisy of this Democrat racist and hate-monger.


The biggest racist and hate-monger is standing right behind him making the celebration about himself and his racism.


False accusations and statements are indicative of jealous immaturity and the dispenser should be required to supply proof or an apologetic retraction.


Oh Marv, I agree with your ‘False accusations and statements’ comment. There is no jealous anything, I feel for him because I really think he has a mental illness. That is the one thing I would never want; I would rather lose a limb or hearing. So just what would you like proof on and I will supply it.


A distasteful example of childish behavior.


Not as childish as the guy speaking


If the KKK is allowed to protest in Charlottesville, so should others. Free country right? oh wait.....let me take a knee.


Right. And taking a knee is also peaceful protest. The ult-right in Charlottesvile were far from peaceful and promoted hate. Parents of children who were going there were scared for their child's safety. It's a shame that you pay all that money to send your kid to college just to find out that they allow terrorist like that on campus.


Any one who disrespects the Anthem or Colors does not deserve the liberties they represent. Semper fi ('51-'52)


They are symbols, just symbols. Like you said, they represent. I would go with the Constitution which trump has violated numerous times.


so you want to throw out the constitution, Marv, and allow the gov't to force RESPECT? Protesting is American, in all forms.


And I suppose you think that that 13 year old boy deserved to have his skull fractured for not taking his hat off for the National Anthem?

Alex Jones

White lives matter!


says the KKK and ult-right who are not preyed on.


Looks like a peaceful protest to me.

Alex Jones

Had this been done to your god Obozo there would be a huge outcry from the left.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. No hope for this crowd.


Oh pleeeeze, it was done to Obama all the time, even the State of the Union. The big mental disorder id the lack of memory when it doesn't fit the agenda.


I seem to recall "You lie!" being shouted at President Obama durring an Obama speech, and the right felt it was part of the debate.

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