Barack Obama and George W. Bush

Former presidents Barack Obama (D), left, and George W. Bush (R) have called for civility in the nation’s politics.

Earlier this month, a Trump campaign sign appears to have been set on fire in Leesburg.

Domestic terrorists in the Midwest had their plans thwarted after discussing kidnapping governors in Virginia and Michigan because of their COVID-19 policies.

The Times-Mirror has received several emails and calls from Loudoun County residents concerned with what amounts to voter intimidation during early voting at the polls.

In nearby Frederick, Maryland, a man left threatening notes in the mailboxes of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris supporters. The man has since been charged with a federal crime.

Guys, we need to do better.

While this newspaper scrapped candidate endorsements six or so years ago, we plan to forever endorse — to urge — exercising your right to vote.

We also continue the call for civility in politics and respect for our neighbors. With pandemic and political anxiety awash across the nation, kindness and decency is needed now more than at any point since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 — and perhaps even more so now.

There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about your politics. There’s plenty of room for robust and respectful debate. But disparagement toward our fellow citizens is never called for, and threats of violence are downright repugnant.

“Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment,” President George W. Bush said in his 2001 inauguration speech. “It is the determined choice of trust over cynicism, of community over chaos.”

Let us take those words to heart. Let us choose trust and endorse community.

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it is farcical for any media to ask for civility and decency after four years of 24/7/365 trashing of President Trump. The media has been anything but civil and decent.

Tony Fasolo

We have had a rash of Biden-Harris DEM signs destroyed or removed here in Leebsurg, The last bunch was last night on a property across from Ida lee Park on alternate route 15. Also In the past a private mail box was knocked off its pedestal, Biden signs torn down or defaced. So this needs to stop. Trump signs should not be taken down nor defaced, nor should Biden and other Dem signs be taken down. We all have a better way to make our choice known without hate--VOTE--FOR the candidate of your choice.


Is there any reports of Biden signs being destroyed or is this just hearsay you heard from an anonymous source. We didn't have this problem until this election so again where is the proof anyone messes with Biden signs. If I recall did you say the same thing in 2016 about Hillary signs and in 2019 about Briskman signs which were placed illegally and I reported them and had them removed by the proper authorities because they were traffic hazards and on VDOT property. I am not willing to share the guilt as a republican if you have no proof. BTW not one democrat sign has been abused in our neighborhood.


We have had 14 incidents of Trump signage being taken, defaced or destroyed in Broad Run farms in the last 3 months I know this because I have replaced all of them. Maybe you could call out the democrats who are displaying uncivility towards Trump signs. Yes we have a sign referring to Trump as human waste yet that sign nor any other Biden signs have been damaged. I pi$$ on you form of civility which only goes one way.

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