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Democrat Phyllis Randall thanks voters Tuesday after being re-elected chair of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

Don't expect to see mainstream media correspondents descending on Loudoun County in 2020. We are no longer national bellwether territory.

During the 2012 and 2016 presidential campaigns, we witnessed national – even international – news outlets drop into Loudoun in attempts to catch the “pulse of the nation.” In 2012, that ended up being a fruitful endeavor. In 2016, not so much.

For much of the 2010s, Loudoun has been known as Swing County, U.S.A. We were a politically dynamic county in a politically fickle state. In statewide elections, local voters gravitated to Democrats. In lower turnout, off-year elections, Republicans fared well.

After Tuesday night's Democratic dominance in off-year contests, make no mistake: Loudoun County is not purple – it is firmly, blindingly blue. From Democratic Chairwoman Phyllis Randall in 2015 to Hillary Clinton in 2016, Ralph Northam in 2017 and Jennifer Wexton in 2018, Loudoun as a whole appears comfortably Democratic.

Indeed, the rural west remains conservative territory, and that will likely ensure Republicans have a voice in the local dialogue in the years ahead. But that voice, we suspect, will be calling out from a minority that continues to shrink.

Randall on Tuesday cruised to a second term in a race that many people – ourselves included – thought could be tight. It wasn't. Randall claimed nearly 57 percent of the electorate to Republican John Whitbeck's 39 percent.

Moreover, a Board of Supervisors on which Republicans held a 6-3 majority flipped to 6-3 in favor of the Democrats – and it wasn't even close. Again, we thought two out of three districts of Ashburn, Broad Run and Algonkian could go blue, but we wouldn't have bet the mixed-use development on all three – and certainly not by the healthy margins they did.

On the School Board, while technically non-partisan, seven of the nine winners had the backing of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

What does this all mean? Well, for one, local Republicans have some soul searching to do if they want to stay (be?) relevant in countywide politics. 2019 Loudoun County is not a place where you can cover your eyes and plug your ears to the issues of violence involving guns, stray bullets striking homes or the Equal Rights Amendment. And it isn't a place where a lack of compassion for the LGBTQ community and censoring literature plays well.

We aren't suggesting any one solution or unified stance on these issues, but we are adamant candidates should be willing and able to speak to them, offer up proposals and not kowtow to extreme political machines.

Tuesday's continuing blue wave also served as a reminder of just how unpopular President Donald Trump remains in Loudoun County – a locality he lost to Hillary Clinton by 16 percent. While Whitbeck was wise to steer clear of his cozy past with the president, Randall was equally wise, from a strategy standpoint, to insist voters didn't forget it.

Still, even with the Trump factor, after examining Whitbeck's campaign it's hard to imagine how another Republican nominee could've fared better.

Elsewhere, two more women, including one African American, joining the Board of Supervisors is welcome news for a body that has historically been framed through the eyes of old white men. New and diverse perspectives for a new and diverse county should be a good thing.

We urge the new Board of Supervisors and School Board to keep the focus on issues impacting the daily lives of Loudouners. Find fixes for the Route 15 mess. Take care of our students and hold the Loudoun County Public Schools administration accountable for frequent missteps. Pursue and implement responsible budget policies. Do your homework on the upcoming zoning ordinance re-write.

We agree with Randall that some state and federal issues can affect local decision-making – and others are simply too important to ignore – but they aren't the bread and butter of local governance.

So a hearty congrats to all of Tuesday's winners, and a sincere thanks to everyone who stepped up to the plate to run. To the winners, enjoy the moment this week, and get ready to get to work.


Clarification: This editorial has been updated with the final election result totals for Phyllis Randall (D) and John Whitbeck (R).

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Doug Glatt

I don't agree with everything written but this is a well written editorial.

Chris McHale

Wait a second, since when does LTM agree with Randall?

Ray Farrell

Loudoun is part of the swamp. The swamp always votes to protect itself. Loudoun was turning blue way before Trump came along.


By swamp do you mean Trump and his cronies, commiting quid pro quo's, hiring people swamp creatures like Paul Manafort and all his connections, closed-door meetings etc. It's a damn shame you've been brainwashed by faux news, and right-wing media if I had the choice I would require them to put a large disclaimer stating they are entertainment not news(it's what they are registered as).




You of course are referring to LTM who are so embarrassed by their socialist positions that they are afraid to list the author to this excuse for journalism. LTM is so biased that they are afraid to put names to all the BS they publish.


Chicky, they never put a name on the papers own editorials as far as I have seen. When it doesn't have a name it means it is from them. If you think they are so bias why are you still reading it?


Really? Quid pro quo? There was a quid pro quo? CNN and MSNBC are a circus and you're proof of it. Dont forget to wash your face and to take your red nose off before you go to bed. They ought to put a disclaimer on CNN and MSNBC that they are a clown show and not serious news.


The swamp is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. You're right Loudoun i getting bluer and smarter.


Bluer and stupid you mean


work. Can't you read, bluer and smarter. Loudoun has better educated people than it did almost all residents now graduate from high school and our college educated residents make up 60% of the population. A huge jump from years ago.


workhardgetahead Really? Quid pro quo, maybe you should look up the definition. While you at it you might want to check out bribery and obstruction of Congress.


There is a lot to agree with in this editorial. Route 15 mess needs to get fixed including the surrounding under maintained roads which would allow locals to get off Route 15 but the conclusion that the majority of Loudoun is loyal to any party is uncorroborated as over 2/3rds of the registered voters never showed up. Although not mentioned in this editorial I am quite proud of the 4000 or so voters who made a personal choice unrelated to any party or sample ballot dictate to accept my offer to serve as Chair of the BOS. How many voters voted straight ticket would be an interesting variable to consider before making blue or red or purple conclusions. All of us should support the current elected representatives because our community depends on progress not entrenched party warfare but facts need to be upper most priorities in our media. The . tax rate in Loudoun is about 33% higher than the average of the state. The state takes hundreds of millions out of what Loudoun should get back from sales tax to support our schools. Commutation traffic is interfering with our quality of life. The current LCPS budget request amounts to $100,000 per incremental student and the $4.4 billion school construction request is still a reality that has to be addressed. Facts will rule the day not the perceived color of sample ballots.


Mr Editor, your statement is about the dumbest editorial I have ever read. The DEMOCRATS won the election, but it was no overwhelming landslide. The Democrats are to be congratulated, they ran a better campaign than the republicans who have been sitting on their backsides for years. Mr. Editor, did you take high school journalism? Spend your time editing this paper, things like grammar and spelling, teach these young kids working for you on how to write, they need a Mentor, not be shown how good a socialist thinker you think you are. My grammar and sentence parsing is so so, but i'll take mine over yours any day. By, all means, if you must write about politics, hire someone that knows something about the subject, please, please. I look forward to the day the Mayberry Monitor Takes you on as their managing editor. In the mean time try to stay away from politics, it doesn't suit you.


It was definitely an overwhelming landslide. You can go to the county website and see for yourself. You may not like it and not want to admit it but the figures don't lie.

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