Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk

Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk

It’s about time.

Leesburg Town Council finally found it in its heart this week to award Mayor Kelly Burk an official office.

Yes, you read that right. The mayor of Leesburg, the largest town in Virginia, has never had a designated office of their own.

After years of lobbying for a central location to hold business meetings, Burk was finally granted a second-floor space at Town Hall this week, though the opening date is still to be determined.

Council voted unanimously Tuesday to amend its lease with the Loudoun Museum so the Economic Development team could move out of the Town Hall offices and into the nearby town-owned log cabin, opening up a space at 25 W. Market.

“I’m very excited that the council decided to move forward on this,” Burk said. “When people need to meet with the mayor … there’s a central location now.”

We’re all for responsible spending and fiscal discipline, but this issue was one we could never quite get our heads around. Council members could never find a creative and cost-effective solution to give the town’s figurehead a place to hold meetings, meet with constituents and get down to business?

We suspect it was always more about certain council members of a different political persuasion than Burk finding any avenue they could to stick it to the current mayor. As is no secret, the political cliques and cattiness on Leesburg Town Council have long been an impediment to progress on real challenges facing the town (discredited allegations against the mayor, the ouster of a town attorney, unwarranted executive sessions all come to mind).

While this wasn’t by any means a dire situation – it was silly more than anything – we’re glad council finally got it right.

Indeed, the mayor should be out and about in the community, pounding pavement and meeting with folks at local businesses; by the looks of her social media, that’s never been a problem for Mayor Burk. We’re certain that’s not going to change.

But no one will ever convince us it isn’t reasonable to give the mayor of a 53,000-person town an office.

And Tuesday’s vote is something that will last well beyond the current mayor’s tenure.

“This is something that I think is going to [be] beneficial, particularly to me but also to the next mayors that come along, Burk said. “And that will make a difference for the role of the mayor.”

Hear, hear.

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Her office should be in museum of failed progressive policies and do nothing proclamations.

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