The scorching summer of ‘22 may be one we never forget, as a turning point in the wheels of weather and politics.

As August closes, the cicadas still sing, but they won’t for long. Black-eyed Susan flowers have just their black eyes left. Summer’s lease is almost over.

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J Smith

Yes, Ms. Stiehm, the country has changed.

The haze is lifting on a population that has long been deceived. Sanity is beginning to rise in the east and burn off the fog of lies and obfuscation by today’s democrats.

Clarity and courage are on the rise and average citizens from across the country are taking a stand for truth.

Truth that nearly 70% of Americans want limits on abortion and that unlimited abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy is supported by less than 2% of the population but nearly 100% of elected democrats. The decision to protect life rightly belongs at the state level.

The truth that climate change is not science and there is no climate crisis. Only a rehash of fear that began in the 70’s with predictions in the Washington Post of “leading scientists” predicting a global cooling and a new ice age.

The truth that “Mother Nature” is not angry and the climate cycles. A fact that democrats love to take advantage as seen in the laughably named “Inflation Reduction Act,” more accurately named the “87,000 New IRS Auditors Act.”

Yes, rising sunlight brings clarity. Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is all about weaponizing the IRS against average citizens.

But why should we be surprised?

We see clearly now that Biden has already weaponized the DOJ and the FBI into a stasi-like police force that turns a blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s 33,000+ classified e-mails on a private unsecure server, a 4-year fraudulent Russia investigation by Brennan, Clapper, Comey and company, Hunter Biden selling access to his father to foreign agents, Eric Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese spy, BLM founder Patrice Cullors fraudulent finances and damaging riots across our nation’s cities.

We see the joke of a partisan January 6th hearing that couldn’t draw flies for viewership because eventually the truth comes out. The truth that BLM destroyed billions of dollars in property and killed 100s of people and were left utterly alone. While the only thing that was damaged on January 6th was a broken window, and the only one who died was an unarmed, female protestor, and former vet, Ashley Babbitt, shot without cause.

Yeah, we know the truth.

The truth that Biden is cognitively impaired and often disoriented.

The truth that far left democrats, taking advantage of a cognitively impaired President, have destroyed our economy, driven inflation through the roof, created food shortages, wrecked US manufacturing, forced us to beg for oil while we sit on the world’s greatest energy reserves, massively failed in Afghanistan, lacked any statesmanship to prevent Ukraine, divided us by the color of our skin, closed our schools, and can’t define what it means to be a woman.

Americans have never ever seen such malicious and gross malfeasance by one party.

Like nature, this political pendulum will cycle in a new direction this coming election.

PS – Loudoun-Times, Ms. Stiehm is so far left in the political spectrum that she is hard to keep in sight. Here’s hoping that you provide equal time in your editorial section to those on the right.


Every time Trump prevails, and you come up with your next hysterical effort. We laugh at your orange man bad and have proof that climate change is a hoax!

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