The American Library Association, which knows a lot about borrowing, has taken a page from other great causes and declared this “Banned Books Week.”

That’s welcome news, because any hint of censorship should always be taken seriously. Civilization hangs by but a thread and free speech is crucial to its survival. In his not-yet-banned post-apocalyptic novel, “The Road,” author Cormac McCarthy depicts a father and boy fighting to keep a last candle burning as their sacred duty and humanity’s last hope. I see censorship in those terms.

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You have no virtue or sanity. Don't force your perversion on underage children. Your twists to use the examples you use are weak.


Leave the sex baloney out of our children's lives it is not your place to groom our children for your better way. We recognize your sickness and perversions. Your attack with material that would make the publishers of the magazine Hustler blush are not needed nor wanted in our education system. Enemies of decency under the guise of inclusiveness is still abhorrent.


You (and your like-minded--or small-minded group) go too far. Nobody is an 'enemy of decency'. Nobody is advocating for pornography. Is To Kill A Mockingbird indecent?? Is Lady Chatterly's Lover or Catcher in the Rye too much for high school agers? They were not when I went to grade school, in an arguably MUCH more repressed time (see race riots, Vietnam, bra-burning, etc.). Everyone should be working to find the balance between protecting the underage population, and also providing them with all that the wide array of the written word can give them, most especially the variety of what the truth means to different cultures and people. That provides society with enlightened young adults, not blinder-wearing, conservatively squashed robots. Stop with the banning of books!! Truly bizarre that anyone has to argue this point in this day and age. Oh wait, I forgot--the ignorance rose and elected the orange sociopath a while back.

J Smith

Oh, Rhampton414.

You had me until the last couple of sentences.

I was all set to agree with you. You’re right about finding the balance between protecting our children’s innocence and providing them with a wide variety of reading material. Truly that is an art and not a science and should involve parents.

But then, just at the end, you lost your poise and fumbled the ball. It seems you had an attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Try to stay on point rhampton414. Try not to make everything about President Trump right now.

There will come a time to compare the results of 2020-2024 with 2016-2020.

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